Improving education in Vanuatu

Uploaded by AusAIDvideo on 09.09.2010

MAN: We are so privileged enough
that government and the Australian Government
can give us that free education fund.
So a lot of children who did not have a chance to come to school,
they come to school this year.
This year, we have English in all classes from Year 1 to Year 6.
And we think this is due to free education.
It's a great opportunity for parents to send their kids to school
and without paying anything.
Free school fees should be encouraged for a long time
to help young children and young parents
to be able to find access to education.
Vocational training is very important, especially, you know,
getting people to be able to have the appropriate skills, training,
so that they can be able to participate effectively
in the economy of Vanuatu.
In the villages, trying to start little businesses.
We have a lot of people coming to the information centres
to acquire more information about further training.
We have been, you know, focusing a lot,
on improving livelihoods within the rural communities,
doing this training.
These woman are really interested to do something to earn their own money.
And this one really helps them.
They don't have skills
in order to help them to carry out small business activities.
These are some of the areas that vocational training has started.
And we have training -
fishermen, they can upgrade their skills in terms of fish handling,
and as well as they can go to the market,
where the quality of the product is in a very high standard.
They have the water, rivers, but they don't know how to use it.
But I will show them - open up their mind, eyes, thinking,
to go back and do something about it for their living.