How to Make Valentine's Day Gifts : How to Make Valentine's Day Relief Prints

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.02.2008

Hi, my name is Lanie Evans and behalf of Expert Village, I'm going to show you how you can
make a simple relief print for Valentine's Day. Check out some of the materials we're
going to need today. Over here, you're going to need something to print on. I'm choosing
to print on envelopes today so that when I make some interesting artwork I can mail it
to a friend and it'll be decorated or I just give it to them. You can also use bags. You're
going to need a burnishing tool for rubbing the ink. Over here, you're going to need a
clean work station, something that's protecting your surface of a table, it will get messy.
You're going to need some styrofoam or you can also use linoleum block prints as well
for this. I'm going to use a piece of paper to draw out some ideas and sketches, especially
when you're using words, you're going to want to do thsi step and I'll show you in a second.
You're going to need some ink, a plate for your ink, a brayer, and a dull pencil. The
dull pencil is important when you're using the styrofoam. Let's get started. So here,
you're noticed that I've made out some sketches. I can use what I want, I can transfer it over.
I wrote out the words here and it's important that you do that because when you go to print,
it will be backwards. If you write them out "be mine" normally, when you go to make your
print, it'll be backwards. This helps to avoid that. I'm going to start by drawing some of
the ideas that I liked from my sketches. If you're not comfortable drawing directly onto
the linoleum this really helps, or excuse me, styrofoam. And basically, this is why
you want a dull pencil. You want to be able to transfer your image without cutting the
styrofoam. So I just liked the patterns in this one, so I'm going to transfer this over.
And I think I'm going to keep this one small for my envelope. Then here is where I'm going
to trace my letters backwards. Okay, so this, the words are backwards. It's important that
you get that done, otherwise, like I tell my students all the time, you know how to
write it backwards. So you don't really see it very clearly so I'm going to go back in
and make those ridges a bit more prominent and I can directly kind of go back over it
with my dull rounded pencil. What you're doing is creating a ridge for the paint to, or so
the paint won't go into so you'll have a perfect plate for printing. And the better the ridges
and more defined they are the better print you'll have. And this step you do not want
to use a sharp pencil, it's so important. Okay, so now I'm done. I've traced my image
that I want to use onto the styrofoam. I'm ready to start rolling the ink out. You want
to put about an inch worth of ink onto your pallet. And then you're going to take the
brayer and roll it out. And you're going to roll it in different directions till you get
this noise. And that's going to let you know that you have an even coat on your brayer
and you're ready to go. You don't want to overdo the ink here. It'll cause a mess here
on your plate. So take it and you're just going to press gently and roll it out. You
see where the ink is being avoided, that's going to transfer, that's going to be the
design that we're going to have on our envelope. We're going to get a nice, even coat of ink.
Now I'm ready to take my envelope that I'd like to use today and I'm going to line it
up in an interesting way. Let's use the back. Lay it down and then rub it. If I want to
protect my plate I could always use a piece of paper to avoid getting that bit of ink
everywhere else. You're going to turn it over, take your burnishing tool, you can use this
spoon or a flat metal surface. I'm going to use the spoon for this one. So take it and
rub it. You're going to do this for a little while to ensure all the ink that you'd like
to use is going to be transferred over. You're adding, this process is done by friction.
Now I'm ready to peel it off, and do it gently. And here's your finished product. This can
be done with different envelopes, with cards and with paper and make art any kind of that.
You can do this centered, you can do this off, you can even do more prints over here
and really change it up.