Rock & Roll, Inc. Episode 3: Barry The Bear

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>>JIMMI: Back in the day, to get on television, you wasn't just anybody. You had to have some kind of talent.
Today anybody who thinks they see ghosts or loses a ton of weight can get on!
What ever happened to the days of Johnny Carson?
Johnny wouldn't have you on just because you flipped a house or wanted a makeover.
To get on Carson you had to do something substantial.
Like that old lady who collected all those potato chips that look like the faces of U.S. Presidents.
>>ERIN: Iron Oar Incorporated, this is Ms. Blum speaking, how may I direct your call?
Booking Department, how may I help you?
>>ERIN: "Barry the Bear!" I got Jimmi back on TV, plus it's like my most favorite show of all time!
Three years straight when I was little! And recently, too.
Jimmi is going to love this!
>>JIMMI: No freakin' way.
>>ERIN: Jimmi, are you not hearing me?
Barry the Bear" is the biggest show in town! In the 1 to 3 year old demographic.
You gotta get the the kids!
>>JIMMI: They're not kids, Erin! What you're talking about are babies. They're much younger!
>>ERIN: Yes; yes they are - but what do babies have?
>>JIMMI: Poopy diapers?
>>ERIN: And parents. They have parents.
Millions of parents who watch "Barry the Bear" - see you - and then go buy your cd.
>>JIMMI: I don't have a cd.
>>ERIN: I'll look into that.
>>GRACE: There have always been a lot of bears. There's The Three Bears.
>>JIMMI: Paddington Bear.
>>GRACE: Baloo the Bear, from The Jungle Book.
>>JIMMI: Gummi Bears.
>>GRACE: The Care Bears
>>JIMMI: Bear Bryant.
>>GRACE: Bear in the Big Blue House
>>JIMMI: Chicago Bears
>>GRACE: It's a sweet show, Jimmi; you should do it.
>>JIMMI: You want me to go from "Newport Beach" to "Barry the Bear?"
That's like switching from single malt to Similac!
>>GRACE: It's for the children. It's making children happy.
There's no greater thing that you can do.
>>JIMMI: How 'bout playing The Grammys with Springsteen on guitar and McCartney on bass?
>>GRACE: So you'll do it then. Thank you, sweetheart.
Erin told me to tell you that there's one teensy-weensy little catch. They want you to change the lyrics.
>>JIMMI: Change my words?! - Because the man said so?! Oh man!
>>JIMMI: What can I tell you?
Wednesday is hump day. That's the line they want to change?
I'm not changing that for Barry or anybody.
>>GRACE: I don't know why he's making such a big deal about changing a word in the song.
I mean it is for "Barry."
>>JIMMI: You can't take the hump out of hump day!
I mean, what would I change it to anyway?
>>GRACE: "Wednesday is a fun day."
>>ERIN: I'm thinkin' "Wednesday is sun day." Nope? Okay.
>>LEO: How about "Wednesday is chump day"?
Because only a chump would compromise his art to appear on the small screen with some guy in a bear costume.
>>JIMMI: Hey, thanks guys, that's just great. Quick. Somebody call the show and tell them I'm on the way over!
>>GRACE: Smokey the Bear. Yogi Bear.
>>JIMMI: How come it's not Yogi the Bear or just Smokey Bear?
>>GRACE: That wonderful book, Little Bear.
>>JIMMI: How does The Bear Council decide who gets a the in their name and who doesn't?
>>GRACE: Oh, and of course, "Winnie the Pooh!"
>>ERIN: Jimmi, it's Winnie Poux!
>>JIMMI: What?
>>ERIN: Winnie Poux -- P-o-u-x -- She's the talent coordinator For "Barry the Bear."
>>JIMMI: Yes, Ms. Poux. Winnie. Oh yeah? Really? Really?
Yeah, that'd be great! Yes! Of course I'll change it!
>>JIMMI: Guys! Help me out here; it's almost showtime!
>>ERIN: Wednesday's a cool day.
>>JIMMI: No thank you.
>>GRACE: Wednesday's a nice day.
>>JIMMI: Not in this lifetime.
>>ERIN: Wednesday's a bear day?
>>JIMMI: Bear day? Wednesday is bear day? Are you insane?!
>>LEO: Oh! Thursday is hump day?
>>GRACE: You could say "Wednesday's a fine day."
>>ERIN: "Wednesday is bump day!" It rhymes! And a bump is just like a hump!
>>JIMMI: Bump! Yes! That's it! That's the one!
>>JIMMI: Erin! Erin! What the--! The door won't open!
I'm at the studio and the frickin' door will not open!
And the show's is supposed to start in... five minutes ago.
Debco Studios. Debco.
Zebco? Zebco With a Z?
Oh, man! I should have checked my captions!
Tell them I'm sorry! Tell Winnie the Poux I'm sorry! Tell Barry the Bear I'm sorry!
Call the freakin' zoo and tell all the animals I'm sorry!
What am I gonna do? I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do!
[Music and singing]