hCG Protocol - Supplemental Alternative: Patient Zero

Uploaded by delmem on 05.07.2012

Hi, long time no talk to. July 5th, 2012.
Kind of exciting (for me) someone on YouTube has volunteered to test a supplemental regimen
I've come up with to try to mimic the effects of hCG.
Now here's the thing - I've actually being doing blood tests on SIMEONS PROTOCOL for
better than 2 years now, and I mentioned in one of my videos over a
year ago - any of these yahoos selling you over the counter stuff, ask them
for a SERUM LEVEL that you can TEST to verify that their product is actually doing something.
And like I said, it's been over a year and I've yet to hear any of these schmuck-a-lucks
mention ANYTHING that you can test.
See, if you don't "get it" - SIMEONS VLCD is where the weight loss comes from, SIMEONS
PROTOCOL is something completely different.
And once you get THAT in your head, then you start looking through the studies out there,
and they don't make any sense at all the way they were designed. They were all
designed looking at who lost more weight, the VLCD group or the VLCD plus hCG.
And when Simeons said back in '63 in a letter to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
that hCG has no weight loss capabilities... it makes absolutely no sense that anybody
out there is trying to decide if hCG provides more weight loss. Well, freakin' hell, Simeons
SAID IT DIDN'T - so what do these studies prove? THAT SIMEONS WAS TELLING THE TRUTH.
I've got this box here, it's got seven different supplements in it, and it's got a bodyfat
monitor, because if I've designed this correctly, the weight loss they achieve should be AT
LEAST 80% fat loss. And if not, I've failed, and failed HORRIBLY.
But that's the cool thing about science, IT IS WHAT IT IS, and you DON'T have to read
into it - it's either going to succeed or it's going to
fail. And I'll tell you this - I've tested 3 different brands of over the counter crap,
and they've all failed.
Guess we'll see what we see, and within a month here I'll know how good (or bad) my
designs are. Talk to you later.