[Real 2PM] Wooyoung Men's Health making film

Uploaded by 2pm on 20.06.2012

As in the movies
Or dramas
I am from the past
Or from the future
With strong body
Which muscle are you most proud of?
I am not proud~
In the history of Men’s health
Spending the maximum cost…
People are shoveling
It is so enormous
Where did this come from,
Egypt, right next to the king
Near the entrance.
It is the sand from Egypt
We have to return them in a while.
When the time passes.
And next
People came to the past from the future are also waiting.
I became a warrior today
Warrior Jang
With enormous cost
And with enormous time spent
Many people
Made this for me.
It will be cool.
Have great expectations.
It is the shape of my mouth.
It is Pinocchio.
And next, it is the teeth
When it is tickling.
Ah, that's much better
It is so heavy
Wow, it really is.
I am sweating
Don’t you want to eat something?
I don’t have anything particular in mind?
Ah, right
I had on my birthday,
A very special chocolate
Four in one pack
With gold dust on it, with heart shape
And when I was arranging my stuff
I stacked up the gifts I got on my birthday
Now, I am opening each one
There are gifts that I already opened
I arranged them and divided as such
As soon as I open it, there was the chocolate
Then, I was
We have a place to put the food
I was going to put it there,
No, I thought that I could eat the chocolate that day
So, last night
I put it under my computer.
I must have it.
First, I will sniff the smell of it.