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Hey what's going on ya'all this is tWitch and we've been gearing over up here at DS2DIO 360
for Justin Bieber's Believe Tour. It kicks off September 29th and you know the Believe Tour
is gonna have some crazy, crazy dancing. But you know, dancing is not about having the
biggest stage or the most back-up dancers. It's also about having a lot of fun and I
gotta hand it to the guy, he knows how to kick back and have a good time with dance. Here's
5 ways you can have fun with dance: Bieber Style. And here at #5, this clip proves you got
to be willing to learn any move even if its Double Dream Hands. "Up! Punch! Across! Crank,
crank stay down! Shoulder, chin, shoulder! And pat! Double Dream Hands!" It's all in the
smile really. Here at #4, our next moment proves you gotta be willing to be the student
as well as the teacher. "So this way and then this way. And move your head with it, yah."
And with the next moment, my #3 proves you have to be willing to take on any challenge.
Especially if it's for a good laugh. "How do we decide which one of us is more awesome? I
know just the thing. Sudden death dance-off."
Jimmy Fallon brought it. He was doing a little Bboy-esque moves with the nice pose on the
arched back. I liked that. You did your thing, but Justin kind of beat you with the en pointe
thing, man. Gotta give it to him. "Hand hug? Nice job." And with this next video here at
#2: You can dance anywhere. You don't even need fancy sneakers or even dry land.
And if you do have some friends together, why not make a dance video like these guys did?
You don't need any kind of choreography or a ton of production value. All you need
is a camera and a fake mustache.
I wanna see you and your friends having fun with dance.
Leave it as a reply below and I'll check 'em out. And we'll see you next time on DS2DIO 360.
Hey, where did that mustache go?