Os Barbixas - Improvável - Cenas Improváveis (Murilo Gun, Gustavo Miranda e Daniel Tauszig)

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"Improbable Scenes".
Everybody will play. Step ahead.
You wrote scene suggestions before entering the theater,
I will read those and they will have to step forward
and do whatever stuff that comes to their minds.
'What to say to get free ice cream'
Can I taste it just one more time?
I'm hyperglycemic!
I have the prize stick!
I'm hypo-icecreamic!
Hi, how are you?
'The world's worst picnic'
Honey, it's a volcanic picnic!
It's warm!
What's the problem? You said we would have apples,
so I thought the Big Apple would be a nice place!
Honey, this will be so romantic... He should be coming.
- He? - Yes.
I'd like a Big Mac and a Coke...
- She'll have... What do you want? - I want you to go fuck yourself!
'Worst things to read on a chinese fortune cookie'
It's written in chinese! I can't understand...
'You are nearsighted'
'Argentina world champion'
'Poisoned cookie'
'Ingredients: Flour, water, salt'
'Contain gluten'
I'd like an ice cream.
'What you shouldn't do in a dangerous overtake'
Look, I'm crossing a dangerous street!
It's just with cars...
No es pasillo... Solamente las coches...
Un coche... Y otro coche vem...
- Pedro! - João!
- How are you? - Cool, high five!
He was a good friend...
And Rubens Barrichello crashes once again...
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.