Receta para película del fin del mundo (eng subs)

Uploaded by drifter130780 on 26.10.2010

"Humor por Horas" presents...
Recipe for an end of the world movie
Estimated cooking time
One and a half to two hours
For some million viewers
1. An apocaliptical natural disaster
Totally unavoidable
If lacking it, you can use an alien invasion
which gives a science fiction flavor
2. A brilliant scientist
Preferably American
3. A disfunctional American family
It's better if you have a divorced couple with children
But a young daughter mad at her father can do well too
4. A character willing to sacrifice himself to save mankind
5. A worldwide known building
6. A president of the USA
7. A non-American supporting character
He MUST speak English, even if he's a non-qualified worker lost in the Tibet
8. A red numbered countdown
9. A black man
10. A dog
Fry the disfunctional family in a pan
Boil the first signs of the natural disaster
Mix with the scientist, together with a big dosis of government skepticism
Put in the pot the rest of the natural disaster
In bigger amounts
Mix the family, keeping it close to the disaster (to get its flavour)
But don't let them directly touch each other
Add the worlwide known building
Cutting it into pieces
Mix the USA president, seasoned with an epic speech
Mix the family father with the characters willing to sacrifice
And the foreigner who speaks English
Cook over a low flame
Put the black man and the dog in the fire
Mix them with the countdown
Careful, this is important:
Remove the dog just before it gets cooked
Remove the family too, with an emotional moment
We recommend serving with a big amount of people from all over the world looing at the sky
On a sunny dawn, if possible
At all time leave the dog at sight
Recommended drink: final instructive speech about human being
With a drop of politicaly correct message
Edited by: "Humor por Horas"