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I saw your image in the flower that is blossoming sorrowfully
I love rain, yet it felt frosty today
The season changed, the forest was colored,
The wind played a tune, memories gushed out
Gather the pieces of the moon, decorate the dream, and sleep
Even if I sprinkle the sand of time, I cannot return to the past
Those searching for the meaning of life are all travellers
I set my course on this endless journey
for the place beyond the thorny path....
The artist of life who produces miracles with his godlike scalpel skills.
The genius surgeon whom the era has yearned for.
Black Jack.
The Sixth-Magnitude Man
Originally "The Sixth-Magnitude Star" by Tezuka Osamu
It landed.
Stay still, Pinoko.
Hey, now.
What's that?
It's the festival vendor.
Festival vendor?
Sir, why are these pushcart shops here?
We're getting ready for the fall festival.
What kind of shops will there be?
There will be lots.
cotton candy,
candy apple,
chocolate banana,
and there will be fireworks too.
Oh, my goodness!
I love you.
Wake up, Pinoko!
Sharaku and dragonfly and twirl and festival vendors and there are so many!
What's that?
But takoyaki and candy apples look so good!
Calm down and talk.
A festival at the shrine and takoyaki and cotton candy and chocolate banana,
and goldfish scooping and there's toss-the-hoop as well.
I definitely want to see the fireworks too.
Oh, there's a festival?
Let's go together, Doc.
If I have time.
Even if you are busy!
The chairman at Mannaka Hospital passed away.
Who's that?
He was a major doctor at a major hospital.
I was sent to Mannaka Hospital once, but got kicked out quickly.
He only looked after the doctors he liked.
It's none of my business, but that place was full of those kind of doctors.
Doc, would you listen to my wish?
Buy it, buy it, buy it for me!
We must elect a new chairman to fill the sudden vacancy of the position.
I suggest we elect someone from our current staff.
No objections!
There are many excellent doctors at this hospital.
Yes, so let me nominate this man.
This senior staff member has been around for 20 years at this hospital,
Dr. Tokugawa!
If you go by seniority, we also have another staff member with 20 years of experience,
Dr. Shibata.
But Dr. Tokugawa has fine respectability and personal character, making him the perfect choice for chairman.
But Dr. Shibata is very well-known from his appearance on that TV health program.
But Dr. Tokugawa's Health Exercise books are best-sellers.
Dr. Shibata is well-versed in accounting too!
Dr. Tokugawa has political power too!
Dr. Shibata does too!
OK, how about this?
Shall we have an election during the next staff meeting?
That may be a good idea.
Yeah, that's it.
I thought there was another doctor who has worked here more than 20 years.
Who was...
Yeah, that's him.
Oh yeah, there's Dr. Shiitake.
I totally forgot.
He always gets used like a doctor's assistant.
"Operation in progress"
Dr. Shiitake, please take care of the rest.
Dr. Shiitake, my operation is next.
Yes, I know.
See you.
Over here, Doc!
It hasn't been sold yet.
I've got to have a yukata for the festival.
This is what you want me to buy?
Don't you think it will look good on my nice body?
I want to have a nice body like those!
Why don't you make that kind of wish on a shooting star, not on me?
Shooting star?
Looks like an accident.
People are trapped!
They can't get out.
You'll be fine.
I'm a doctor.
He looks conscious.
Are you a doctor too?
Can you take care of him?
I believe he only has broken his right tibia.
Is a broken bone outside of your specialty?
Then would you?
What a pain in the neck.
My leg!
What about him?
His right arm is severely damaged.
Either way, I can't move him until the crane arrives.
Are they okay?!
We are doctors.
The pain must be severe.
He may go into shock if we don't treat him.
I'm sorry, but it will take a while longer before the rescue team gets here.
Then do you have some Xylocaine?
I'm done.
Let's let the hospital take care of the rest.
You're fast.
Here's the Xylocaine.
Turn your head to the left.
You'll feel better soon.
It's okay.
This will make the pain go away.
Let's wait for the rescue team now.
The blood transfusion comes first.
You will have to amputate his arm at the brachium.
Doctor, can you stay a little longer?
No, I'd better leave the rest to the hospital.
I'm just a passer-by.
He's gone.
What are you going to do, Doc?
Oh? Gone?
Doc, where are you?
Excuse me, but which hospital do you work for?
I work for Mannaka Hospital.
Mannaka Hospital? Where you lost the chairman?
So are you the new chairman?
Oh, no, I'm just a regular doctor.
I watched you administer that shot to the brachial nerves,
and you managed to finish in just three seconds.
An ordinary doctor wouldn't be able to do it so speedily.
Well, thank you.
I have just done other people's dirty work for years, that's all.
No way!
Why would a skilled man like you be the one doing the dirty work?
You should be in a much better position.
Doctors are no good if they are overrun by greed.
Excuse me.
Don't leave me alone!
Oh, sorry.
The yukata, right?
I'll buy you the one you like.
Can I get geta sandals, too?
May... Oh!
I want to get taller, I want to get taller,...
Pinoko, what are you doing?
You're the one who told me to wish upon a star.
Oh, that?
But the stars shoot too fast, so I can't repeat my wish 3 times.
Hey, what's that star called?
That's Vega.
What about that one?
That's the Deneb of Cygnus.
Then what about that little tiny one?
I don't know.
Nobody would notice if the small one went away.
The darkest star that we can recognize with the naked eye is called six-magnitude star.
A star that's 100 times brighter than that is a first-magnitude star.
That big star is of first-magnitude.
Sixth-magnitude stars are very faint, virtually invisible.
But they look small only because they're very far away.
Far away?
The electric light is brighter when it's closer, right?
Even though they're much brighter than first-magnitude stars, only a fraction of light may actually reach the Earth.
The much brighter star is labeled just because it's further away from the Earth.
That doctor earlier is like that too.
A sixth-magnitude man?
He is skilled,
but he won't get elected chairman of Mannaka Hospital.
Why not?
Isn't his medical skill enough?
Fundraising and social skills shine brighter in places like that.
That's wrong.
It won't do any good complaining to me.
Stop it!
Dr. Tokugawa! What's this money?
You know that we're planning to purchase a new test machine.
These are the funds for that.
So, you mean, this is the hospital's money?
This is embezzlement.
Don't kid me!
A chairman should be able to adjust for this kind of money.
I want all the votes from the internal medicine department with this.
I won't lose to Shibata!
OK, then.
So, this is the hospital's budget?
Once I become chairman, we can adjust the money log for this.
With this, I can get 12 votes from the surgical and urology department.
OK, then.
Did you call for me?
Oh, Dr. Shiitake,
I heard that you rescued a man from the accident in town the other day.
Are you trying to catch some votes?
Catch votes?
Are you trying to get some popularity and become chairman?
I have no such intentions.
Then vote for me.
I will choose of my own will.
So, you're voting for Tokugawa?!
I will be thinking until the day of the election.
Why do we care about Dr. Shiitake?
Let's buy off some other more powerful doctors.
Dr. Mohri, may I?
Can I count on you at the election?
Cast your vote for me.
Vote for Tokugawa.
Vote for Shibata.
Don't worry and take it.
But just vote for me.
At Mannaka Hospital, there are many prominent doctors involved in this bribery scandal,
Doc, that hospital is on the news.
They used the hospital's money illegally to buy votes at the election.
You get arrested for your bad acts!
So, what about that six-magnitude doctor?
Probably nothing happened.
He's a dream-like doctor.
Dream, huh?
He must be shining much brighter in reality.
Most of the doctors are being arrested.
What are we supposed to do?
And what are we supposed to do for even the interim chair position?
Um, what happened to Dr. Tokugawa?
You're recovering well.
But let's continue the use of antibiotics for a little longer.
Um, what about Dr. Shibata?
I will take out your drain tube today.
Hurry, Doc!
1 pack of takoyaki.
2 packs!
And put extra mayo too!
You're such a pig!
What? You're eating lots too.
The fireworks are starting soon.
Let's go grab a spot!
Hey, Doc,
What's going on?!
The fireworks exploded on the ground!
His body is covered with burns.
He needs surgery immediately.
Mannaka Hospital is the closest from here.
That one?
Dang it!
Mannaka Hospital is running short on doctors right now.
In that case, let's take him to the other emergency center 30 minutes away.
No, Mannaka Hospital will be fine.
But the doctors there...
They will be fine.
If there aren't any, there's always me.
Why did you bring him here now?
His body is covered with burns.
He's also in shock and has a broken bone, but I've applied first aid.
But most of our doctors have been arrested, and...
Don't you have a veteran doctor?
Do we?
There's Dr. Maeda from ophthalmology.
As if an ophthalmologist could handle a burn!
Hey, could he be...
Would you happen to be Dr. Black Jack?
I am.
We heard that you're a master surgeon.
Would you handle this operation?
I can accept it,
but it will cost you 50,000,000.
It should be a cheap fee to protect the glory of this hospital.
So, what's your decision?
Will you leave it at 50,000,000 and ask me to handle the surgery?
Or will you take the patient to another hospital, and lower your reputation even more?
What is the matter?
Oh, Dr. Shiitake!
Oh, he is a veteran surgeon too.
But has he been the operating surgeon before?
Probably not.
Can we count on him?
I'm very busy.
Would you decide quickly?
Pay 50,000,000, or have Dr. Shiitake do it?
I have never been the head surgeon.
He's gonna make excuses and turn it down.
He's scared.
I will do it.
I will do it, as long as you all help me.
Now, what's the situation for the blood transfusion?
It's being prepared.
Has the family of the patient been notified?
Oh, I will check!
Continue the blood supply.
Get the tetanus toxoid.
Are the tools ready?
Yes, they are.
Get the mesh ready.
Doctor, the heart rate is...
Increase blood flow.
Get norepinephrine.
Hemostatic gauze.
Doc, I'm tired.
The people at the hospital must be having an eye opening experience,
about selecting their new chairman.
But you became a villain in the process.
You just don't get it.
You're always like that.
Always lonely, and always hated.
Let's just go home.
There's no place for me there.
I must check the broken bone in his leg too.
He said that he applied first aid.
This is more than just first aid!
The bone has already been re-set!
That's him!
A star's brightness isn't the same as it appears to be, right?
That's right.
See, Doc, that one over there, shining all lonely - that's you.
And the tiny one right next to it is me.
Are you okay with being a sixth-magnitude star?
It looks small, but it really is big, right?
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier...
I wanted to see you forever
I'm laying on the grill,
being heated up by you,
so much that I change color
I dress up with sparkly grains of decorations
I love you, darling; Please love me more and more
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier
How does it taste?
I hate my homeroom teacher, Mr. Muramasa.
You escaped?
Save me!
Come on out, Sharaku!
What happened at school?
Answer me!
I will do it if you can pay.
I won't do it if you can't.
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Pinoko's Diary...
Doctors are no good if they are overrun by greed.
Excuse me.