Behind the scenes of GSL : Baneling - Ep 10, Part 2

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The GOMTV production is always trying to make new things.
Last time, they made this special video about MVP and this week,
we have a special video about NesTea.
Also, we’re going with the ‘Global Standard’ concept now
and also mentioned the ‘4 booths’ standard.
I remember when we had that idea and then started using 4 booths.
Everyone was like, “What? 4 booths?”
Everyone reacted like that.
Actually, it was our PD’s (Mr. Oh) idea, who is now in charge of the global broadcast.
Mr. Oh was actually the initiator of the famous show, Starcraft Backstage Talk (aired on OGN), a similar show to Baneling.
Everyone didn’t understand at first
why we should spend money on having 4 booths,
but then we did and as you know, it is very good.
And this has become a standard now and every major tournament
is now using 4 booths.
When I went to MLG, they actually told me that
they looked at what the GSL was doing and also did the 4 booths because of that.
Same with the IPL.
And now you don’t really have a tournament without 4 booths anymore.
Well, there is one tournament that doesn’t have 4, hehe.
I didn’t want to say this but…
I mean, it’s a foreign tournament… haha, well anyway.
Also the ‘ID-Call’ (announcing the players’ names at the start of a match).
The first time we did this was during the Open Seasons.
And you remember this, right?
At that time, we were facing the crowd while commentating.
So they did the ID-Call ‘Fruit Dealer!
It was so embarrassing that we hid beneath the desks until the ID-Calls were over.
In the beginning, everyone was against the ID-Call,
every single one of the staff.
"Why are you doing this childish thing?”
And what has happened now? In foreign tournaments,
the casters do the ID-Call themselves if they don’t have a voiceover for it.
When you start something and it becomes the standard,
then everyone starts doing it.
One thing I really admire is Mr. Chae’s passion for e-Sports.
Actually, every person has a selfish and calculating part to himself.
Mr. Chae and I are in different positions.
As a freelancer, you are paid proportionally to the work you’re doing, so more work means more money.
But Mr. Chae receives a fixed salary and I mean, let’s be honest here,
sometimes you would rather just rest a bit
because you would get the same amount anyway.
It's because he is rich, isn't it?
And, for example, Daejang, Gisado and also myself, had to miss broadcasts because we were sick at one point.
But Mr. Chae has never missed a broadcast.
For him, it wouldn’t even matter because he has a fixed salary.
He just doesn’t get sick, I guess?
I’m actually curious… why do I not get sick?
When I come to the office,
Chae: Don't talk about it too much. It could be edited.
It's fine, since I started now I'll say some more.
When I get to work he's already there and when I leave, he’s still there.
So I was curious about what he’s actually doing there.
He plays some StarCraft II and then does some managing work.
Managing units in StarCraft II?
Haha, no. Not SC2 managing.
And during breaks, he constantly thinks about new ideas.
So I think he’s actually a role model for many people.
I mean, of course the PDs work really hard as well,
but I especially notice Mr. Chae showing a good image.
So, as a junior in the company, I really respect that.
And keeping this up is really not easy.
But maybe it’s not only the passion, maybe it’s because he owns a lot of land at Gimpo.
He has all this land, so he can work comfortably.
Girls, please come! Why is noone coming?
If you go there and say "harvest some rice" they harvest rice.
That's how comfortable it is.
Also organic farming, which the girls really like.
Farmers are really awesome.
My uncle is also a farmer. He has so much land right by the sea.
He even became the village foreman!
If he said, “Everyone get together!”, then everyone would come.
Managing the town hall and everything… farmers are really something.
The girls don’t know that.
They don’t know how expensive organic rice farming is.
They don’t know why they should buy that.
His biggest advantage is that he leaves the house early and goes home late.
Mr. Chae is such a workaholic that he sometimes doesn’t go home at all.
And well, he is healthy now, but later that might change.
To all the women, we are looking for a heroine
to become part of this farm story with Mr. Chae.
You are welcome anytime!
Everyone, please come live in Gimpo!
Oh, you wrapped this up really well.
Yes, the rice fields and that romantic view…
don’t you want to live with a person like that?
Ahh, yes. So unfortunate that he is a guy.
I am very glad that you are a guy.
If Daejang was a girl, with that same face and really like playing games. would you be interested?
If he was a girl? With Daejang’s face?
Well I have manners, so I would be able to bear a 40 minute date.
About as much time as doing a D3 Act 1 Imprisoned Angel quest run takes.
So what if he (she) confessed that he (she) really loves you.
I would definitely reject.
Gisado, I heard you have really good news for us?
He didn’t tell us about it all this time and now he wants to let it out.
What kind of news is this, that you’re acting so secretive about it?
The first time I heard about this was about one month ago.
Actually, when I first heard about it, I couldn’t believe that it’d happen, so I told no one around me.
StarCraft I players and StarCraft II players will get a chance to play each other a little earlier than expected.
Where? At GOMTV!
What program???
The show, “StarCraft II Ready Action!” will be returning.
So after this Baneling episode airs, next week on Monday,
we’ll have our first broadcast of Ready Action!
It will be a special event and we might have Best of 1’s.
Who are the players?
The player’s identities will be secret, but from what I’ve heard,
the players will be S-class players that you all love.
Players that have gone past the Ro8 in a StarLeague and even finalists.
(PD message: Gisado himself doesn’t actually know what players will be on the show)
So, I guess Flash will be on the show!
Flash, Jaedong, Stork
And Bisu, but he didn’t win an OSL yet right?
So, when I heard this news, I felt like
“Wow, I will have the honor to cast such a meaningful event?”
And I even thought, “Will I be good enough for that?”
Then maybe you should give the spot to Daejang?
I’m good enough! I’m ready! I’m good enough!
I have prepared 2 years for this!
(Is Guhshin taking a shower with this wet tissue?)
I’m 100% prepared. Should we do it right away?
Hey Ajusshi (Korean middle aged man),
don’t wash your neck with that tissue dude!
That’s the difference between an oppa (term for older brother used by girls) and an ajusshi.
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