Ogre (2008) - Full Movie {10 Subtitles}

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[bird caws distant]
[coughing and wheezing]
[bell tolls]
Lord Albert is dead.
He was first with the symptoms.
Amazing he lasted as long as he did.
We must choose a new magistrate.
Let us at least bury the man before we talk of his replacement.
We don't have the luxury of tlme.
Declslons need to be made. l for one have made mlne.
Then your lot ls cast wlth Henry Bartlett.
He is the only one who offers a solution.
Yes, but the risk is too high.
The rlsk of dolng nothlng ls worse.
We're dying ! All of us.
How do we know hls sorcery
hasn't brought the pestilence on us?
How could you think that?
All l'm saying is that it's dangerous, he's dangerous.
l'm no danger to you, Franklin.
l meant no offense, Bartlett.
But this is not rain for our crops. This is life and death.
You're our magi, Bartlett.
lf you can rid the town of the plague,
then let it be done.
He speaks for the town.
Not for all of us.
Enough of us.
We'll be dealing with the darkest of powers.
Even to invoke such an incantation--
There wlll be consequences.
Only someone wlth my mastery wlll be able to hold sway over these matters.
And in order to do this, you feel you need to be magistrate?
lf l am to act, Franklin, l must certainly have full authority to do so.
Sir Henry, sir.
You interrupt me, boy!
But, sir, it's your daughter.
What is it, my child?
[weeps] l have the spots now too.
Come with me, my child.
As l said, what higher price is there?
You must decide.
l , for one, will not sit idly by
while my daughter wastes away to nothing.
Then you will accept the consequences?
We are not complete wlthout you, Franklln.
You must speak for the rest of the town.
Then so be it.
[bell tolls]
[wind roaring]
[eerle roar]
lt is done.
( distant male voice ) No! No!
( Bartlett, off) Every year, on thls day of the wlnter solstlce,
one of us must be chosen.
[grunts and groans]
He wlll be set at the center of the town,
the stockade, bound by chalns and shackles.
The chosen one wlll wear a brand,
and he shall walt.
This will protect you from all that is evil.
The dlsease, thls plague that l wlll pull forth
from each and every dylng soul won't be cast out entlrely.
Everythlng evll, everythlng mallgnant,
and everythlng wretched about what has befallen us,
wlll rlse anew, take shape,
a hldeous beast spawned from Hell ltself.
Our fate ls now left to the mercy of that whlch must be fed.
This manifestation of our diseases,
what is this hideous beast you speak of?
The ogre.
[crunch of ice and snow]
[distant roars]
[struggling grunts]
Ah ! Ah !
[distant bird cries]
This looks like a good place to camp.
Not yet.
Well, at least we gotta let the girls catch up anyway.
We're getting close.
Close to what? Not a cell tower, that's for sure.
Would you put that away? We're roughing it.
Roughlng lt? From the guy who walks lnto a tree?
You look llke you got punched out.
That tree came out of nowhere.
Put that away! You're like a child.
A guy can't rough it and still know the score of the ballgames?
Hold up, M ike.
Does that looks like the entrance to a path to you?
Where'd you get this thing, anyway?
l bought it.
Not off the l nternet?
lt's authentic.
No, that's not a path.
You don't know, you don't even care.
Hey, l care, l care.
lt's a great story. ''A town lost in time. ''
A fun excuse to go camplng.
lt's not gonna be any fun if you don't relax.
l'm relaxed.
Jessica, does that look like a path to you?
No. Not at all.
Both you guys are no fun.
Terry, you know it's unlikely we'll actually find anything.
There was a town out here.
There were lots of towns out here in the 1 850's.
There's documented cases.
Documented cases, Jess. Oh, hey, the book.
Look. 1 94 7. Hlker flnds a vlntage musket lylng ln the woods.
Spotless, llke brand new. 1 964, two hunters are huntlng,
and they see people ln Clvll War era clothes.
And then those people simply disappear.
lt's written right there.
( Leah ) Okay, l'm done wlth the trees.
Oh God, not the stupid book again.
Why come if you don't believe this?
You know what? You guys are sucklng all the fun out of thls.
Okay, Terry, give me the map.
What? No.
Glve me the map.
No. Why?
Give me the map!
Let me see that.
You actually found it!
(Mlke ) Terry--
lf this is the path then we need to go--Ugh ! !
That was a spectacular display.
You alright?
Oh, oh, l can't. lt hurts.
Are you really hurt?
Ooh !
Let me see.
ls it broken?
l can feel the edge of the bone.
Great, so what do we do now?
We are in the middle of nowhere.
So lf that's broken, you can't walk out of here,
and we're not gonna get far dragging your ass.
You're serious?
We should be smart. You guys set up camp.
l'm gonna hlke on, see lf l can flnd anythlng.
( Leah ) Llke what?
A ranger's station,
a huntlng lodge.
l'll go with you.
No, l'll be faster by myself.
Let's be safe, buddy system. We'll split up.
You two set up camp. We'll be back as soon as we can.
Okay? You guys wlll be flne. You guys wlll be okay together.
Don't do anything l wouldn't.
l don't know how to ''set up camp!''
This is great.
[bird cries out]
What the hell is this?
Maybe there is a town out here.
Do you thlnk lt's ''Ellensford''?
Absolutely. lt's also a U F O fueling station.
Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster,
they hang out here sometimes. lt's a huge party.
How do you close a town?
You don't.
M ike, it says no trespassing.
Yeah, but lt doesn't say ''please. '' You comlng?
How do you go on a camping trip and not even know how to put up a tent?
lt's an expedition.
They don't put up tents on expeditions?
What do you think l bring M ike for?
This is ridiculous. l'm freezing.
l'm sorry. Next time l'll break my ankle
next to a nice little cottage with a potbellied stove.
What's that? [birds cawing]
M ike, what if this is a ghost town?
Like l said,
we'll camp for the night and l'll hike back out in the morning.
[bell tolling]
Well, it's not a ghost town.
[dlstant volces]
M ike, wait! Shhh ! Listen, listen !
[distant voices]
( Bartlett ) . . . one llfe for all llfe. . .
. . . one llfe for all llfe. . .
U h, okay, creepy.
But it's people. They could help.
They could be creepy people.
How about we go back.
How about no.
Can you help me up?!
[sigh] Fine.
Oh, l slipped !
Looks like some kind of a trap door.
lt's underground. You're going too fast!
Stop being such a baby!
You're a baby.
l wonder why l never saw this before.
l don't know, it's freaky.
Look at that!
What do you think it is?
l don't know!
lt's creepy if you ask me. Hey, watch it!
You're leading !
J ust keep hobbling.
( Leah ) You have got to be klddlng me.
lt's the symbol, it's burnt in.
No, it's not werewolves.
Don't you watch movies? That's the symbol for a werewolf.
l n pre-Christian paganism, the five pointed star was the symbol
of the sacred feminine. Read a book!
You're such a nerd.
What are you doing?
l'm trying to open the door. What does it. . .
l'm not going in there.
This is the same symbol that is on the map.
We may have actually found something connected to Ellensford.
Worst case it's a place to get out of the cold.
And l'll stop hurting myself on branches.
Ohhh, what is that smell?
l really try to like you,
you're hot, but open yourself to somethlng other than--
[loud roar]
Ohh ! [gasps]
[piercing scream]
[loud roar]
(Jesslca ) Well, there ls a town.
lf there's a town, must be a doctor, right?
Let's go.
Let me see, let me see.
[wooden knocks]
Shhh !
( Bartlett ) Many years ago,
a plague took hold of our town.
Our young children lost the very breath of life,
our women lost their husbands,
our men, their loving wives.
What was once a town of several hundred strong
has been whittled down to those of us in this room.
We are all of who remain.
As we start today's ceremony,
l suggest it is more important today than ever before
to remember the paln and the sufferlng that we all endured then,
so that perhaps we mlght more fully understand
the pain and suffering that we must certainly endure today.
Another llfe, for another year.
So lt says ln the sacred pact.
We must ask the orb,
as we have ln so many years past ,
to glve us a name.
To tell us who is the brave heart
that we wlll offer up.
[nervous whimpers]
One life, for all life.
[townspeople, chanting] One llfe, for all llfe.
[loud hum and shrieks]
Okay, let's go.
Yeah !
Ahh !
We have declded, and the chosen one ls Stephen Chandlerl
We must stop this! This is wrong. All of you !
We must fight the beast! End the pact!
Search your hearts, you know l am right!
No, Father, no!
Let us all offer a blessing to Stephen Chandler.
May he have strength, honor and peace.
No, Father, no!
Please Father, no! Please don't!
Sorry, it's out of my hands!
[heavy breathlng]
[dlstant growl]
[dlstant growl]
[heavy footsteps]
[piercing scream]
[loud roaring]
Okay, guys, this is a big misunderstanding.
What the hell is your problem?
He is coming.
Who's coming?
[door creaks]
Good day, young travelers.
Good day for who? Are we under arrest?
That remains to be seen, you're trespassing.
l don't know if you're the mayor or something but we need your help.
lt was unwise of you to ignore our sign.
We didn't see a sign. What sign?
There ls one road ln and out of Ellensford.
Otherwise it's surrounded by forest. You saw our sign.
Did you just say this is Ellensford?
Okay, we're sorry, you know what, we saw your sign.
My frlend's hurt. He posslbly has a broken ankle. He needs help--
You know what help is?
You should've gone somewhere else.
We do not welcome outslders ln Ellensford.
We have no way of knowing what you have seen or heard.
Look, we get it. You've been hospitable but we're gonna take off.
l do not think so, young man.
Now lt's lmposslble for you to leave.
l'd llke you to take our guests to the waltlng place.
Send men out to get their friends in the woods,
and bring them to me at once.
Okay, guys. Run !
( Lawrence ) Ahh !
[M ike shouts]
Ahh !
(Jesslca ) Serlously get your hands off mel
Let go of me!
(Mlke ) Any ldea how many penal codes
you broke in the last five minutes?
Don't push me! My father's a prominent attorney.
Okay, you're not even allowed to do that.
You're not even a copl
You guys are in so much trouble!
We get a phone call, or don't you guys have phones!?
lt's in Sir Henry's hands now.
He makes the rules. l bid you good luck.
And l bid you an idiot!
M ike, how can they leave us here?
l didn't do anything wrong !
Jess, relax, okay. l'll get us out of here.
( Stephen ) Not llkely.
What'd they get you for, jaywalking?
l am the Chosen One.
That's pretty. Chosen for what?
lt doesn't matter.
You should not have come here.
Really? Because we didn't get that sense at all yet.
lt's all in Sir Henry's hands now.
The guy with the stick?
You've got to be kidding me.
This is no joke.
You people cannot be serious.
Please, don't be serious.
ls this an actor's hamlet?
This whole thing is a play?
You pretend to be from this mythical town?
l don't understand.
This is no play. No myth.
lt is our plight.
What's the Chosen One? Chosen for what?
Ah, okay. l don't believe this.
Sacrlflce? They're gonna klll us?
Offer us to the gods, that kind of thing?
Not you. Me.
One life for the prosperity of the many.
You got a bum rap.
These are very serious matters.
A powerful spell governs our land.
Oh, come on?
Come on to what?
She doesn't belleve any of thls. Nelther do l.
Whether you choose to believe it or not,
tomorrow, l will be offered as the sacrificial meal.
They're gonna eat you?!
Not them.
Okay, who is gonna eat you?
The ogre.
Hope, over the years we've all lost those we love.
l ncluding you and your father.
Yes, my mother was one of the first.
l remember it as if it was yesterday.
But at least she died of the plague.
At least she dled of natural causes.
l don't know how natural the plague was to begin with.
Never mind that. l've misspoken.
No, l've heard the rumors, Franklln. l am not deaf.
We were all there that day.
Your father did what he had to do. We all agreed.
You didn't. They forced your hand, l remember it.
That was years ago.
What's done, is done.
Why are you here now?
You know l can't save Stephen.
Some people in the town talk of ending it.
Stephen was the most outspoken of them all.
But l understand that you share his feelings. l do as well.
Not to offer sacrifice would mean the death of us all.
We're already dead !
We're the llvlng dead who each year llve ln fear of belng chosen.
Who can't leave this cursed town,
who don't age, don't marry, don't have young.
Who calls thls a llfe?
Please. l understand your concerns, but there was a pact.
lt ls not easy to change that.
The people will follow you. They trust you.
Look at me. J ust by being here l am opposing my own father.
You must speak to him.
lf not for us, then for the travelers.
l fear my father has ill intentions.
Please, Franklin. You must talk to him.
lf they've crossed the boundary, there's no following them.
What in God's name-- The doors are open.
lt'll come for us all.
We must head back and warn the others.
[loud roar]
Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
[loud roar]
( Franklln ) Slr Henry?
How can l help you, Franklin?
l've come to talk about these travelers.
What about them?
May l ask, what are your lntentlons?
My intentions?
Why are you holding them?
Well, because they have seen too much.
What are you golng to do wlth them? Sacrlflce them?
lf such a possibility exists.
The outsiders have not made this bargain.
lt's wrong to punlsh them wlth a curse we brought on ourselves.
lt's murder.
How dare you?
So lt ls your lntentlon.
My lntentlon ls, as always,
to do all that is necessary to protect this town.
Should l do this thing, then Stephen Chandler,
will have the opportunity to live another two years,
perhaps even four if we find the others.
How can you argue with that?
Are you telling me the ceremony is rigged?
That the chosen one can be changed at wlll? Your wlll?
The audacity you have to question me on these matters.
l am this town's magistrate--
Don't throw that title at me!
l was there.
But it was given to me!
lt was taken !
Get out.
A magi wanted to be magistrate.
Then suddenly a mysterious plague befalls our town,
forcing our hand to anoint the only one who has the power to stop it.
That is enough ! Be careful, Franklin !
Or what?
You'll choose me next?
You walk a very dangerous line, my friend.
There is a growing number of us who feel this should end.
We should stand up to the ogre once and for all.
Kill the ogre and stop making the sacrifice?
lt's the ridiculous dream of a child.
Every year one of us ls eaten. That ls a nlghtmare.
That ls why l was made maglstrate.
l knew none of you would have the will to do what is necessary.
And what's that? We sacrlflce for your eternal llfe?
We are all ln thls together.
Lest you forget, we don't grow in number. l too will die.
Who will be the one to chain you to the stockade?
[Mlke whlstles and slngs]
# Swlng low #
# Sweet, sweet ogre #
# Coming for To carry me home #
M ike! ! Shut up! !
# What, Jessica? #
Don't you think maybe we should do something?
l'm open to suggestions, sister.
Terry and Leah are still out there.
They're in a better position than we are.
l'm serious. M ike, what about the--
--you know--
Le ogre? You serious?
You belleve thls guy? He's a nut casel
Everybody in this town is out of their freaking mind.
[approachlng footsteps]
You shouldn't have come here.
How could l not? l am regretful for the actions of this town.
l ndeed, as we are. Please doth grant us swift exit from here
and we promlseth never to returneth--agaln-eth.
He seems to be a jester of sorts.
l find him quite amusing considering the dire circumstances.
lt's Sir Henry's intention to let young Stephen go
and offer up you as the sacrlflce lnstead.
Hope, we can't let that happen.
l'd llsten to young Stephen on thls one.
l have learned things today. An awful truth, my father. . .
What is it?
Know that even Franklin is growing more brave by the minute.
Has he spoken to your father?
Yes. There is no convincing him.
Hang on, ls your father Henry Bartlett?
Stick dude? My condolences.
[loud roar]
What the hell was that?
l must go.
Looking for something?
No. Well, yes. A book.
Something l could help you with?
A book of stories, from when l was small.
You're no longer a chlld, my dear.
What possible curiosity could such a book hold for you now?
lt used to comfort me at night when l was scared.
l want to give it to young Stephen
to comfort him as he awaits his end.
And what if young Stephen were not to be chosen this year?
Or next, isn't that what you mean?
There are two travelers in the cell with Stephen.
l thought this would make you happy.
So you dld thls for me?
To make me happy? Father, l am not happy!
None of us are! We don't know what happiness is anymore!
Use your powers and put an end to thls. That'd make me happy.
l cannot do that.
Have you even tried?
Hope, even if l could reverse such dark magic, l wouldn't do it.
Not if it meant l had to sit by and watch my daughter
waste away to nothing. l won't do that.
But these travelers were not part of that pact.
So you would prefer this happen to young Stephen?
l'd rather it be no one!
lt is not possible!
lf the ogre does not accept the intended sacrifice,
he will exact his revenge over the entire town,
a wrath only lmaglnable ln the very depths of hell ltselfl
l cannot and will not preside over such an event!
How is one death different from any other?
The men never returned. l fear the worst.
What lf the lalr has been dlsturbed?
We must send another search party.
No, it's too late for that.
Their fates have already been sealed.
But, if the beast has eaten--
perhaps we need not sacrlflce tonlght.
lt's the very act of sacrifice,
of belng chosen and submlttlng to the beast ltself
that fulfllls our end of the bargaln.
These travelers have not been chosen.
But still, if the lair has been disturbed,
we'll have to make a sacrifice right away
to keep it from coming after us all.
Do you see? Do you see now?
These travelers have brought undue paln onto us all.
Because of them, two more of us are dead.
lt would appear that the decision has been made for us.
The plague, it is true.
(Jess ) l hope Terry and Leah are smart enough
to realize that we need help.
Maybe they can get us out of this.
You know, l bet Terry is hopping to it right now.
M ike, l'm serious.
l'm just getting a little bit scared here. lt's not funny.
No, it's not funny! lt's ridiculous.
Stevie, this whole town of yours, you are all freakin' nuts.
You should do what normal klds do and run away.
We can't.
Why not?
l'd be so far gone right now.
That's you.
But we cannot leave this town.
And therein lies the rub.
Okay, Stevie, what happens if you leave this town?
Awful things.
[bell ringing]
N ight has fallen.
They will come for me soon.
Now l thought they were coming for me.
Ohhh !
Mlke, what ls lt? l
( Lawrence ) Shutter your wlndowsl Lock your doorsl
Shutter your wlndowsl Lock your doorsl
Shutter your windows! Lock your doors!
Shutter your wlndowsl Lock your doorsl
Shutter your wlndowsl Lock your doorsl
Shutter your wlndowsl Lock your doorsl
( Bartlett ) Young Stephen.
The eyes of good fortune look upon you this evening.
lt is my time! l am indeed the Chosen One.
Bring forth the boy.
(M ike ) Don't touch her.
Get your hands off her--oh !
Do not do this! lt is my turn ! l am chosen !
(Jess ) Please, you don't understand l
No, please,
he didn't do anything ! l didn't do anything !
My friends are still out there!
They're calllng the cops as we speakl
Your friends are dead.
Dead at the hands of the beast.
You don't know that!
You are all at the mercy of the ogre now and he shows no mercy.
Bring the boy!
M ike!
Jess, he's lying ! Jess!
M ike! !
( Giles ) Get back here! Move!
(M ike ) Let go of me! Let go!
Mlkel l
Stop lt l That's enough l
Cut lt out l Thls lsn't funny l
Stop lt l
l am warning you ! Stop this!
Mlkel l
Jess? lt's okay! Alright, it's cool.
You people are crazy.
All of you ! lf anything happens to him--
Hope? Stay inside now.
(Mlke ) Let me gol Take thls off now l
l'm warning you ! This has gone way too far!
Dude, let me go! Let me go! Let me go! !
That's enough ! Get back here!
[distant roars]
You risk everything.
Everything that is worth risking.
Oh, God, shut up. Where's M ike?
Let's go get him then, shall we?
Are you okay?
Yeah, l'm great, l'm great.
We must hurry!
[loud roars]
We must go.
This way.
Hope Bartlett!
[loud roars]
( Hope ) Wait.
From here, you must go on alone.
You're coming with us.
lf you go back,
they're gonna feed you both to the thing.
Maybe so,
but we cannot leave this place.
We cannot cross the boundary.
lf you weren't planning on coming with us, then why--?
Because it's time. You two aren't part of this.
We're a good people. We've just lost our way.
[loud roar]
( Hope ) Run l Run for your llvesl
He can't cross lt l
[shouting and screaming]
[sizzle and roaring]
Stephen !
Stephen, no!
Gol Get away from thls placel Gol
The bell hasn't rung. All is not well.
Sir Henry!
Sir Henry, are you there?
( male volce ) He's gone? l don't understand.
[lndlstlnct mumbllng]
There was no sacrifice?
How could that be? Could he have escaped?
Not wlthout help.
Franklin, maybe this was your doing.
How could you suggest that?
We must assemble the town immediately.
The prison cell is empty.
Treason ! We must set out and find them !
No! We must assemble. Now.
Where's Sir Henry? We can right this wrong.
All of you, fair to the town hall.
l n Sir Henry's absence, it is my word.
lt is my word.
(Jesslca ) Okay, l'm sorry, l know,
But dld you see that?
The way he just--pft!
l know, Jess.
Look, this is gonna turn out okay.
We're gonna make it through, believe that.
(Jess ) Oh, yeah, okay,
and what if what that guy said was true
and Terry and Leah really are dead?
l don't know, Jess.
We have to believe otherwise.
Oh my God !
[joyous laughter]
[kissing sounds]
Yes! Yes! You see!
l'm so happy!
Okay. We're okay.
What the hell are we gonna tell people?
What? The truth.
What truth? The truth about an ogre?
A town lost ln tlme, that doesn't age?
The lmaglnary llne that dlslntegrates people ln seconds?
Which one do you want to lead with?
We'll just have to take them back there.
Never thought l'd say this, but we need to find the cops.
We explain everything and then we take them there,
and then we'll prove it!
U h-huh.
Look, there's our ride.
[joyous laughter]
This is not gonna go well.
[car horn]
Where is Sir Henry?
And why was there no sacrifice?
What do we do now?
The ogre will seek revenge on us all !
Everyone, please! We must remain calm.
We must use our wits, and not be driven by fear or anger!
Where is Sir Henry, Franklin? What kind of trickery is this?
[rumbles through the crowd]
l don't know where the others are.
What l do know is the pact has been broken.
The ogre's wrath may be set upon us.
[rumbles through the crowd]
There is still time!
Henry Bartlett could not just have dlsappeared, he wouldn't do that l
l already went to his home. He was nowhere to be found.
Perhaps then Sir Henry has gone to capture the outsiders himself!
Perhaps, but we must move on without Sir Henry for now.
Where's Hope?
And Stephen?
l don't know!
Do you know anything?!
Quiet, please! !
Hope Bartlett l Hopel
What are you dolng out here, chlld? l was worrled slck.
You used to teach me the craft once, remember?
We have no time for that, Hope.
l must offer up another sacrifice before it is too late.
lf we must sacrifice, then choose me.
No. You'd never do that.
Who shall it be this time?
You don't understand.
Not Stephen. He's already dead.
The outsiders are gone. Who's next? Franklin? ls he your biggest threat?
You watch your tongue, young lady.
[roar and tinkling]
Maybe you can waive your staff and cause another plague, one worst then the last.
[nervous chatter]
We can't wait!
We must sacrifice now. lt is our only chance!
And who is to choose? You, Giles?
Or are you volunteering yourself for sacrifice?
lf the travelers made it past the border,
then we should find Stephen Chandler, as first planned.
(Matthew ) And what lf he ls never found?
Enough l Thls ls polntless, people.
Thls ls a slgn.
The travelers were not a harbinger of doom.
We need to look upon them as a beacon.
An example that exposed the llls of thls town,
that have gone on for far too long.
Henry Bartlett lled about the Chosen One.
How much further did his lies go?!
We must flnd hlm, then.
Accusations like this should not be slung in his absence.
He ls not here now. Wlthout hlm, lt ls my say.
l have found the book.
l have seen the spells!
You are a monster!
Hope, it wasn't supposed to be this way.
lt was only supposed to be one. . . Lord Albert.
The town needed a new leader.
l knew what the town needed, the town needed me.
The spell couldn't be controlled and it spread. l did all l could.
You did what you wanted.
l gave you eternal life!
All you gave us was death.
Your glft, ''Thls wlll protect you from all that ls evll. ''
Those were your words, remember?
Father--you are evil.
Evil or not, this town needs me now, more then ever.
What could you possibly do?!
What we should have done years ago.
Find a way to destroy the beast without your help.
lt can't be done! ! Don't you understand ! !
That ls the true plague of Ellensford l l
Kill the beast or not, it doesn't matter, you will all perish !
l will rejoice the day. We all will.
Hope! !
[loud roar]
( Franklln ) We need to take arms agalnst the beast.
Flght lt once and for all.
That's like signing our own death warrant!
Something is moving in the trees!
[crowd shouts]
( female volce ) Hopel
Hope, you have glven us all a horrlble scarel
Where is your father?
l do not know.
We all must listen to Franklin now.
There will be no more sacrifices.
lf the ogre is to set his wrath upon us, we must be ready.
We can't defeat the ogre.
l cannot stop the ogre, not yet. But l can buy us some time.
Hope, what are you talking about?
What is all this?
Years ago, my father passed on some of hls craft to me.
As a precaution should this day ever come.
Do you want to llve through thls nlght?
Then listen to me. Everyone grab one candle.
Take only as many as you need to last the nlght.
Franklln and l wlll come to your homes
and teach you the maglc of the candles
and how to use them agalnst the ogre.
( Glles ) Henry Bartlett ls allve, Lawrence.
H is daughter and Franklin are up to no good,
and it is up to us now to restore the order.
What do you suggest we do?
We've got to find Sir Henry.
But the ogre? Going into the woods now is suicide.
And to follow the plan of some impetuous young girl.
l say we find our leader.
Ahhhhhhh ! !
[loud roar]
U nclean beast.
(Mlke ) Really, thank you very much.
(Jess ) Are we really gonna do thls?
l don't know.
( male volce, lndlstlnct )
[laughing] Are you sure you got that punch line right?
Help you?
Yeah, we were hiking in the woods!
Our frlends got hurt l
--happened to our friends.
Whoa! Let's take this one at a time.
Why don't you both sit down and slow down.
Our friends are lost.
This isn't gonna be easy to explain--
Two of our friends--
We were hiking--
Hang on, you're gonna give me whiplash. You. Go.
We were on a hiking trip with two of our friends, Terry and Leah.
Terry hurt, and he probably ended up breaklng hls ankle.
So we left him to get some help--
Left him, huh?
No, we dldn't ''leave'' llke abandon.
They were okay when we left them.
''Were'' okay?
Are okay.
''Were'' or ''are''?
(both ) Are!
[indistinct mumble and chuckles]
You're not from around here, are ya?
No, we're from. . .
Listen bro, this is important--
l'm sorry. Sheriff. [clears throat]
Know that town out ln the woods?
Llke an Amlsh vlllage?
You hear that, Anderson?
They're looking for '' Ellensford. ''
We're not looking for Ellensford, we were there.
Son, l've lived here all my life. There's no town out there. That's an urban myth.
We're not crazy l We were therel
They kidnapped us and locked us in a jail cell !
Kidnapped, huh?
Do you know what an ogre is?
Ogre? What the hell are you talking about?
An ogre, okay? A beast, lives in the woods, eats people?
Sure l know what an ogre is.
Anderson, you know what an ogre is, don't you?
Yeah, sure do.
Name's Patty. Been married 1 2 years.
We're raising a little ogre too.
l am not joking around, this is serious! !
Are you guys gonna help us? We need help!
Sure we'll help ya.
l'm gonna go get the paperwork,
we'll take your statement, then we'll see about flndlng your frlends.
Okay, please hurry.
lt'll just be a moment.
[phone rings]
You two go sit over there.
[mumbling on phone]
M ike, no, no way.
They don't believe a word of it.
Would you?
No. No turning back now.
Anderson. . .
l got to go, bye!
Where'd they go?
Sherlff, l just turned away--
Son of a--
[screechlng tlres]
( Lawrence, loud whlsper) Slr Henry? Slr Henry l
You hear something?
Sir Henry?
(louder) Sir Henry!
Keep your voice down !
Why don't you set a table for the ogre before you send him to dinner?
Giles, this is foolish. We should go back.
And do what? We must find Sir Henry.
What if something else has already found Sir Henry?
[loud roar]
We're stuck.
Yeah, no kidding. l told you this thing couldn't go off road.
lt's not a freakln' S U V. Stop, stopl
Let me get out and check it.
Okay, go.
M ike! Stop!
Feel better now?
Well, they're gonna come looking for it. We wanted them out here anyways.
Yeah, but without the grand theft auto charges would have been nice.
lt's cute.
There we go.
Whoa, okay, do you know how to work that thing?
Okay, that's scary.
More shells.
You know, lf we go back ln there, we may not come out.
Yeah, l know,
but, we have to try.
l told Leah and Terry l was coming back for them.
J ust making sure we're working with all our faculties.
After everything l've seen in these woods so far,
l'm winging it. At best.
( Hope ) Pour a clrcle of salt around your house.
The clrcle wlll act as protectlon agalnst the ogre.
Thls ls our barrler, keeps us from leavlng thls town.
Once your candle ls llt, you must keep the candle burnlng.
Now repeat these words wlth us.
( Hope and Franklln ) Wlthln thls clrcle, all thlngs materlal and human,
shall be safe and untouched
from the evil within the forest
until the flame burns no more.
( all) Wlthln thls clrcle, all thlngs materlal and human ,
shall be safe and untouched
from the evll wlthln the forest untll the flame burns no more.
Don't worry, Mother. We will be safe now until Father returns.
Your father would be proud.
Don't worry, he'll return. l'm sure he's all right.
My father is dead.
lt will be okay, Franklin.
One way or another thls shall all come to an end.
lt ls tlme for all of us to face our destlny.
Heaven help us.
Maybe Father has already slain the ogre,
on his way home with the good news.
Yes, l should pray so.
[loud roar]
[loud roar]
(Mlke ) Here we are.
Oh, my God.
[whimpers and gags]
lt's Terry.
Oh my God.
M ike? Where are you going?
l'm going back to that town !
You can't. lt kllled Leah and Terry.
And that thing killed them !
That guy Stephen saved your life.
And Hope saved mine. So l'm going back there.
lf there's a way to kill this thing, l'm gonna find it.
No! M ike! !
[loud roars]
[loud roar]
[sizzle and roar]
[peal of distant thunder]
Oh. A nall of the beast.
[dlstant growls, poundlng footsteps]
Shh, child. The spell will work.
See? Better now.
[poundlng footsteps and growls]
[metal clanking]
[loud roars]
lt's alright. l have it now.
[low growls]
[loud roars]
[dlstant roars and screams]
[glrl's shouts]
(Jess ) We've been walking for hours.
What if we can't find that place again.
The sheriff didn't even know it existed.
That sheriff doesn't know his own stench exists, never mind this place.
We're close, okay?
Okay, but what if we're walking in circles this whole time?
M ike--
Jess! Enough !
l'm sorry.
We're close.
How are we even going back again?
[loud rumble]
[loud roar]
M ike! !
[loud roar]
l think we're back.
[hushed mumbling]
( Franklin ) Everyone, quiet. Please.
Glve the travelers a chance to speak.
we encountered your ogre and we lived.
Shots from my gun chased lt clean through the woods.
lf lt ran, lt means lt was hurt.
lf it was hurt, it can be killed.
[crowd murmuring]
Bullets won't kill the ogre.
We need more than your gun to destroy lt.
( Hester) We need more candles, more powder from hope.
lt ls the only reason that the beast dld not take more of us last nlght.
No. William is right. We need more than a gun.
There is a chance l can undo my father's spell but it's gonna take time.
lf there was a way to kill the ogre,
why haven't we tried it before?
Where was our will before?
My father had us llvlng ln fear.
Now we have to be brave. This is our only chance.
The ogre wlll need to be dlstracted.
Distract the ogre? How do you plan on doing that?
With bait.
And just what?
Or dare l say who is going to be that bait?
( Franklln ) The traveler ls rlght.
They're the only ones that can cross the llne and come back.
That ls our advantage. Alrlght.
We need as many men as we have weapons.
Where's Glles? Where's the keeper of arms?
Matthew, where's your father?
Where is Giles, my boy?!
This is not a time for secrets!
He and Lawrence took arms from the supply
and went into the woods to find Sir Henry.
He's not returned?
You must be strong. Like your father.
How many more sons, daughters, loved ones must be sacrificed?
How many lives have we all lived confined by this curse?
The time has come to face our fear.
Defeat the ogre, no matter the consequence.
l need men.
The rest of you wlll take refuge here ln the town hall.
You'll only be safe by comblnlng what candles we have left.
Matthew, wlll there be any remalnlng arms ln the keep?
There was not many to begin with.
Then we will make with our hands what else we need.
(Mlke ) Not what you'd call an arsenal.
We'll have to do.
Do they work?
Giles polished them everyday.
He kept them ln prlme condltlon.
Rock and roll.
( Franklln ) These are too small.
How about this one?
That's the one.
[lndlstlnct male volce]
l'm back! Come get me!
Come and eat me, you beast!
[dlstant growl]
[dlstant growl]
[loud roar]
No turning back.
[low growl]
Get him !
[loud roar]
Hope! Now!
[loud roars]
Ahhh !
Ahhh !
Hope! !
Ahhhh !
Hope needs more time!
We don't have more time!
Jess, run for the line, now! !
Meet us at the line!
Come on, Jess, keep going !
Come on, run !
Come get us now.
H it him.
Hope! ! Let's go! !
[low growl]
Hope! !
[growls and thunderous sound]
The spell. . . it's broken.
Then. . . it is over.
[soft crumbling sound]
(Mlke ) Hope?
lt's time to go.
What the hell are you talking about? What's going on?
lt's okay. Don't worry.
What just happened to them?
The spell is broken. We're free.
We killed that thing. lt's done.
lt's okay. Our time came long ago.
Thls ls the only way. Thank you.
Without you, we may never have found the strength.
Hope, this--
[bird cawing distant]