Medicare Plan Finder Lesson 5: Comparing Plans

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Welcome to Medicare Plan Finder Lesson 5: Comparing Plans.
There are 5 Medicare Plan Finder Lessons.
This Lesson will cover how to compare plan benefits,
drug costs, coverage, and plan ratings.
From your Plan Results page, choose up to three plans
to compare in detail and then click "Compare Plans."
The plans you have chosen to compare in detail will be shown
in a chart like this one.
The tabs at the top of the chart allow you to view different
aspects of the plans such as:
A general Overview.
Health Plan Benefits.
Drug Costs and Coverage.
And Plan Ratings.
Displaying the plan information with the four
tabs allows you to go directly to the section you want
to view first.
For your convenience, when comparing Prescription Drug
Plans and Medicare Health Plans with Prescription Drug,
the default Tab will open directly to the
Drug Costs & Coverage tab.
For this Lesson, we will look at each tab from left to right.
The Overview tab shows you a breakdown of health-related
costs, estimated annual costs, monthly premiums,
overall plan ratings, and provides a link to
the plan's website.
In addition, if a plan had a previous name,
the Overview Tab will include a pop-up link with
"Previous Plan Name" information.
Some special needs plans are designed for people with certain
chronic diseases or medical conditions,
and some are for people who have both Medicare and Medicaid,
or who live in an institution such as a nursing home.
If you want to enroll in this type of plan,
you must meet the requirements.
When comparing special needs plans,
the "Overview" tab will display any conditions required
for enrollment.
The Health Plan Benefits tab allows you to compare:
Monthly Premiums.
Out of Pocket Spending Limits.
Prescription Drug Coverage.
Choice of Doctors.
And Optional Supplemental Benefits.
At the bottom of the page, you'll find additional benefit
information including:
Doctor Office Visits.
Specialist Office Visits.
Hospital Services.
Emergency Care.
And several other benefits.
You can also view and print more detailed cost and benefit
information about the plan by clicking on the pop-up link
"View More Detailed Cost & Benefit Information."
You can create a customized report by clicking the create
custom report button on the upper right.
From the light box you can select the specific sections you
would like to print, or you can click the main section
and it will select all.
From the Print Preview page, you can click on the "Print" button
for a customized report of the plan's benefits.
Click on the Drug Costs & Coverage tab to get information
about each plan's:
Monthly Drug Premiums.
Annual Drug Deductibles.
Estimated Annual Drug Costs.
Estimated Drug Costs by Month.
Drug Coverage Information including Drug Restrictions
and Formulary Status.
And Pharmacy and Mail Order Information.
As you scroll down the Drug Costs & Coverage tab,
you will see a month-by-month breakdown of your estimated drug
costs, including information about when you will meet your
Deductible or enter the Coverage Gap.
Farther down, you'll find the Monthly Drug Costs Estimator.
Click on the image to view a graph showing an estimate
of your drug costs for the year.
You can also click on the link below the chart to get more
monthly drug cost details.
You can refer to the Drug Coverage section to find out if
the drugs on your drug list are covered by the plan and whether
there are any restrictions.
You can also click Print My Drug List or Print Comparison Report
to bring up Printer-Friendly versions of your Drug List
or Print a Customizable Comparison Report of the drug
costs and coverage information.
Pharmacy and mail order information is also
available for comparison.
On the Plan Ratings tab you can compare the quality ratings
for your selected plans.
Sample topics include:
Customer Service.
Member Complaints.
Drug Pricing and Patient Safety.
Managing Chronic Conditions.
Staying Healthy.
Health Plan Responsiveness and Care.
And many more.
If you would like to see a single plan in more detail,
click on its name to go to the Plan Details page.
Some plans offer a medication therapy management program.
Click on this link to see the program's
eligibility information.
On the Plan Details page, you can review information about
the selected plan.
You can also enroll in the plan, either by clicking on the
"Enroll" button to enroll online or by calling one of the listed
numbers to enroll over the telephone.
Keep in mind not all plans have an Enroll Online option.
If you are looking into a plan that has drug coverage,
click on the Drug Costs & Coverage tab for useful
information such as your Drug Costs by pharmacy
and mail order.
If you scroll down to the Drug Coverage Information section
you'll come across a row of buttons where you can:
Add or Edit your Drug List.
Print your Drug List.
Print a Plan Report.
Or View a Drug Benefit Summary.
Under the Pharmacy & Mail Order Information heading,
you'll find a link that tells you how many network pharmacies
are available in your zip code.
Click on it to view a list of network pharmacies along with
their locations on a map.
This concludes Lesson 5.
To begin using the Medicare Plan Finder,
please click on the Medicare Plan Finder link below.