Review: iPhone 5

Uploaded by mitch625 on 28.09.2012

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\f0\fs30 \cf0 Hi guys, I'm Darryl for and this is the all new iPhone 5. This is
the rollup up from the popular yet 2 year old design iPhone 4s. We've got loads of hardware
changes including a larger display, and thats a pretty important update to Apple's mobile.
Lets take a look.\ \
Visually the iPhone 5 looks like the iPhone 4s that has been run over by a car, its thinner
at 7.6 mm and\'a0its now longer that its predecessor, sporting a 4 inch screen.\'a0\
\ The basic iPhone looks is there, but now you
get a aluminium strip across the back, also the headphones jack now at the bottom which
we think is a great move.\'a0\ \
Next to that we have the new thunderbolt port. As you may notice, this is different to the
one found on previous Apple phones, this means you'll have to buy an adapter to make the
iPhone 5 work with current accessories which is fairly annoying.\
\ Now going back to the design, the first thing
you'll notice is that this is incredibly light, it only weighs 112 grams making it very comfortable
to hold in one hand despite the larger screen\ \
\b \cf0 The screen\'a0isn't\'a0any wider, but apples added pixels to the top and bottom
of the display\'a0giving\'a0the iPhone 5 a 16:9\'a0aspict ratio. This makes is great
for watching movies, but where you'd really appreciate the extra space is in apps like
twitter or when your browsing the web as you can fit more text on the screen
\b0 \
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\b0 \cf0 Apps that haven't been updated for the iPhone 5 will run with these annoying
black bars on the side, so were hoping that developers will soon pull their finger out
and get them updated.\ \
The iPhone 5 has LTE capabilities, but here over in the UK, it will only work with one
network, thats EverythingEverywhere which will be rolling out 4G in cities shortly.\
\ Now the iPhone 5 comes with iOS 5, which is
Apple's latest mobile operating system. There are some great new features such as Facebook
integration which shows you your friends birthdays in the cal lender app, you can also post to
Facebook via the notification centre.\ \
Siri has also been updated with UK business information, so you can find out movie times,
find local restaurants \'a0and find game scores. We doubt you'll be chucking out your PA anytime
soon, buts its a welcome addition.\ \
We also have a new panorama mode in the camera app. This lets you create panoramic images
without the need for any third party apps. We found it coped with light changes very
well and could hardly find where the images were joined.\
\ Unfortunatly, not everything in iOS 6 is a
winner. Apple has replaced Google maps with their own version which more feels like a
step back then a step forward. There is no street view any more, and satalite imagery
just isn't as good.\ \
The camera on the iPhone 5 has been tweaked slightly, but if you look at the comparison
shots, the iPhone 5 takes very similar photos to the iPhone 4s. On the other hand they are
a touch more colourful, but its still one of the best smartphone cameras we have used.
So this is easily an alternative to a point and shoot camera.\
\ Inside we will find a new processor which
has the name of the A6, benchmarks show that this processor is a lot mor powerful than
previous iPhone's and it certainly feels quick when using the phone. A little extra speed
is always welcome, but the iPhone 4S still feels very fast.\
\ As with every smartphone, don't expect to
go a day without charging the iPhone 5.\ \
Now when you look at everything as a whole, the iPhone 5 is more about getting things
right, rather than introducing brand new features. We love the taller screen and we so appreciate
the lightweight design.\'a0\ \
So we believe this is one of the best sartphone out today with the only downside being the
dodgy maps application, but google will be releasing their own app some time soon.\
\ Let me know what you think of the iPhone 5
in the comments, and check out for the full review\