Here's Johnny! - The Shining (5/5) Movie CLIP (1980) HD

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Mr. Grady...
You were the caretaker here.
I recognize you.
I saw your picture in the newspapers.
You, uh, chopped
Your wife and daughter up into little bits,
And, uh...
Then you blew your brains out.
That's strange, sir.
I don't have any recollection of that at all.
Mr. Grady...
You were the caretaker here.
I'm sorry to differ with you, sir...
But you...Are the caretaker.
You've always been the caretaker.
I should know, sir.
I've always been here.
Did you know, mr. Torrance,
That your son is attempting to bring
An outside party into this situation?
Did you know that?
He is, mr. Torrance.
A nigger.