How to Use Comic Life Software : How to Add Text Bubbles With Comic Life

Uploaded by expertvillage on 28.02.2008

Hey everybody! My name is Matt. I'm speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. After
you have your panels and your pictures set up the way you want them, you can add some
lettering. Some thought, and speech bubbles to do that. All you have to do is come down
here to the bottom and select the one you want to add, drag it, and drop it wherever
you want. Then you can put in whatever text you want. I'm just going to say hello world.
When you click elsewhere, that's going to center the text. You can click and drag that
around wherever you want. I can also add some text boxes doing the same thing. You can drag
that around wherever you want. Also, if I click and drag lettering up here, it's going
to give me an additional dialogue here. You can change the font, lettering, and such things.
I'm just going to say hello world again. When I click place lettering, that's going to edit
down here and you add some cool effects this way. If you want to add some actions words
or whatever, but that's how you add text to your comic book.