Motion Moments: Preschool

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Motion Moments Preschooler shows you a few simple ways weave physical activity
into your current early care and education program
people everywhere are talking about the obesity problem in america
and the health problems associated with obesity
not only impact adults
but our children
as a caregiver you are in a special position and uniquely qualified
to help children develop healthy eating
and age-appropriate physical activity
and limited screen time viewing habits
to help them avoid childhood obesity
physical activity and movement are essential to help children gain new skills
and enhance their development
as well as their social and emotional well-being
movement and physical activity is important for preschoolers
by the time children are in preschool they're using motor skills already
and are adding new ones
they are doing more running
more jumping
more hopping
more balancing
and all of this practice helps build endurance, strength
and even flexibility
here are a few activities to help your preschoolers move
this pre-school teacher is just about to introduce a music activity
music encourages the movement
you probably have lots of songs in your music library that would work
some of your younger preschoolers or children that are already overweight
may not be able to continue moving
all the way through this activity
that's okay
short bursts
three to five minutes of moderate
to vigorous physical activity
with the children that in total accumulates the sixty minutes
recommended for preschoolers
work just fine
start with small steps
the important thing is that everyone is participating
transition times can be challenging for everyone
watch and see how this teacher gets her preschool class ready for circle time
(children singing)
everyone stand tall
and stretch your arms up high
be as tall as you can be
as tall as a tree
let's do three jumps
three, reach down and touch your toes
your knees and up to your shoulders
okay let's sit down in our circle
read your hands out in front of you
try to touch the tips of your toes
after circle time is another important transition in your preschoolers day
watch as this teacher encourages the children to move from circle time
to their center of choice
they are not just going to walk over to the center
but will get to that next destination by jumping
marching or walking lightly on tip toes
just make sure you provide many opportunities for preschoolers to learn
and practice these skills in their daily routines

you are such an important influence in children's lives
do your part to promote more physical activity with children by modeling and
sharing these ideas with others
build upon these ideas
create your own activities to help children be healthier and more
physically active
and put kids in motion everyday
how has employing movement strategies throughout the children's day changed
your role as a teacher?
it really has made the role as myself as a teacher in the classroom a lot easier
by giving the children an activity to do while they're making a transition or getting ready to move to the
next project has helped them engage a lot faster
how have these motion strategies changed the children's day?
these activities help the children follow direction
and develop more skills
are there other strategies you have used successfully to increase children's
through music
and ... through listening
to different kinds of music
uh... the children have all been involved
and it brings them all together because music really is universal
and the children love music
i find that it makes them
feel happy
they work together when music is involved
just even in transition ... it incorporates teamwork amongst them
and they don't even know that they're cleaning up or
or working together. They just... through the music they worked so well together