WebDAV Server (Windows) - Air Navigation Pro

Uploaded by XampleAirNav on 06.02.2012

Hi guys.
I´m going to show you how to connect to the WebDAV Server with Air Navigation.
Under "Configuration" button we look for "Settings" menu.
Under "Settings" we scroll down until we get to the option "Enable Web server".
We enable it
and we will show below the address that we have to type in the browser.
Now, we go to "My PC" on the desktop (Win)
and connect to a (network) unit server.
Then you go to this last option.
Click on it and hit on "Next"
Hit on "Next" again
and you type-in the address that you show on the iPad/iPhone.
In this case it`s ".37:9090".
Hit "Next".
It might take a while to connect
And then you type-in the name you want
I`ll put "My Air NAV".
Hit "Next".
And you are finally connected.
You will show then the folders
As you can see, here is the WebDAV Server of Air Navigation
For questions remeber "www.xample.ch"