Anime Onsen - How to post an article

Uploaded by chaukar on 02.10.2010

How to post an article on Anime Onsen. Visit our website
Anime Onsen uses Wordpress, a Content Management System also known as CMS.
Log-in with your existing account or register as a new member.
This is the Dashboard, it is a control panel. Click on the posts button.
Here you can write and edit your articles. You can not modify already published posts.
You can switch between the HTML mode or the normal editing mode. I used the HTML mode in this video.
Fill in the title of your post and your story in the text fields, then choose a category.
Fill in some tags or just leave it blank.
This is for Search Engine Optimization. Fill in some keywords and short description or just leave it blank.
Do not forget to save your changes.
Let's make a banner for the post or skip this step and just submit your post without a banner.
Check out for cool fonts.
It is almost impossible to teach you Photoshop in just a few minutes, especially if it is a Dutch version.
In this video I will show you some simple techniques.
I used a lot of shortkeys in this video, so maybe it is impossible for you to follow this part of the tutorial.
I really recommend Youtube videos, if you want to learn Photoshop seriously.
Please make a beautiful banner or else we will replace it if it is too ugly.
Just play around till you are satisfied with the results.
Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about this tutorial.
You can not upload images because of security reasons, but you can use HTML to link images.
There are a lot of image sharing websites. In this tutorial I will use the famous ImageShack service.
Of course you can use many other image sharing websites.
Save the file as jpg for web and devices. Set the quality somewhere between 80 and 100%.
A high quality image is usually a larger filesize.
Upload your image to ImageShack
Add the image using simple HTML tags.
Type "ready" to let us know that you finished writing the post and we should publish it after our approval.
Save and preview your article.