SMC-South Africa

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(Julian) We worked hard. And I have to tell you something. I've never felt so good about
working so hard in my life.
(Cynthia) Hi everybody. Thank you for coming. It means a lot to us.
(Jenn) I really think that global citizenship is about being a humanist. At our core,
we're all humans.
(Cynthia) So normally when people come, we just welcome them. And once you are welcome,
you are free, you're at home.
(Cynthia Voice Over) We really got a chance,
(Cynthia) to contribute to something much larger.
(Jabu) My name is Jabu. My position is coordinator, Youth With a Vision. And I also work in (inaudible)
Preservation Program and I'm also supervising construction.
(Curtis) I'm Curtis Harnish. I'm an architect whose working for Architecture for Humanity. And
I am working for Next Aid, the group out of L.A. that is building all the buildings
on site here. We've got two, Internet cafe and (inaudible) that your organization has so kindly painted.
Additionally, we are planning on building a community center, a dining hall, three children's
homes, that will house six kids each. The ultimate goal, really, is to house as many kids as
we can. Which is probably about eight homes with six kids per home.
(Jackie) I would just rather do more. I don't really want to be called a global citizen.
I just want to do something to help the kids. Something to help the families.
(Curtis Voice Over) This is earth bag construction. It's basically these long Tyvek sleeves that
you can fill full of dirt.
(Nia) The hardest work I can see out there was those wheelbarrows. I did it because we
were all working there towards a common goal and I really wanted to see us finish.
(Curtis Voice Over) You dig a trench and stack the bags. And then between each course of
bags we put scrap barbed wire, between. Just to help it anchor itself.
(Jenny) It's amazing. You're sweating and you feel like you almost want to die, like
you can still keep going if it's for other people.
(Andrew) I have learned so much about myself just by witnessing the experiences of the
people we've met here in South Africa. And I've think I've learned more in this month
than I probably would in a whole year in a classroom.
(Female) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, Youth With a Vision Zulu dancers.
(Knarik) Shovel dirt and paint walls was the least that I felt that I could do to repay
them for the amount of love they were showing us just for being there.
(Austin) Being a global citizen means thinking about myself less and thinking about others
(Cynthia) And what you've done for us and to us, may you do to other people as well, and God will
richly bless you. I say, the best thing in life is to have love and more love. And then
I believe you'll be the richest person on earth. So thank you very much for what you've
done...blessings to you.