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Healthy happy kids – brought to you by The Co-operative.
Here at The Co-operative we’re committed to investing over £30 million to inspire
young people to lead a happier healthier lifestyle.
Physical exercise does children no end of good. Statistics show an increase of just
15 minutes physical activity a day can reduce the likelihood of obesity in young people
by 50%. And there are plenty of ways to stay active – even just walking to school helps.
That’s where The Co-operative’s walking buses are helping to play a part.
Walking to school is a great way to keep your kids healthy and help the planet at the same
time. We’ve currently got over 400 co-operative walking buses all over the UK. And we can
offer health and advice on setting up a walking bus for your school as well as a free kit
with reflective bibs and goodies for your school. So visit our website for some tips
on setting up a walking bus.
These days most kids know their way round a supermarket. But they may not be quite as
familiar with where the food they buy there actually comes from. Helping them understand
the journey from farm to fork is a great way to connect them with where their food comes
from, and it can encourage healthy eating too. That’s where The Co-operative Farms
come in.
To date over 40,000 children have been to a Co-operative Farm and learnt how to prepare
food with fresh, healthy ingredients. And over half of parents report a lasting improvement
to their children’s attitude to food as a result.
Also, 90% of teachers are reporting improvements in classroom learning through the visits too.
So it’s got educational benefits as well as health benefits.
For more information about our Green Schools Revolution project and how to get your school
involved visit