Saying "I just can't lose weight" I feel ya - watch video!

Uploaded by nkellermantv on 11.11.2012

Look sister, I know how you feel. And so when I got in high school, I gained
about 30 pounds and I was absolutely lost. So what did I do? I tried every single diet
and exercise program out there. I saw a commercial for a personal training. And they said, Do
you love to be in a gym? And at that time, I was a total exercise addict at the same
time. So I saw the commercial, I call them up and schedule to appoint with the counsellor
and signed up that day. Told you I was determined. And I mean put down fifteen thousand dollars
to lose weight. I really didn't care about being a personal trainer honestly. I just
wanted to lose weight which sounds stupid. But in turn I found my passion! So what happens
is I joined the school. I lost the weight. I figured out that I was doing everything
wrong, and I started my personal training business. But I felt like a fry because at
the same time I still totally unhappy with my body. I'm still looking in the mirror and
pinch and poke and fraud. Just hate what I saw in the mirror. It was nothing good enough.
And so I got this bright idea. You know I'm curvy girl, I'm a hipster girl. And I have
this idea, If I get this boob job, then I'll be proportionate. Everything will look
great. I would really love my body. So again, stupid determined, I did it. I have this surgery
done. And about 2 months after the surgery, I was going out with a few girlfriends and
my entire closet was lying in my bed. I tried everything on, everything may be looked fat,
and I still realized that I still hated my body. Still totally unhappy. And just at that
time, I met my boyfriend. And he is a lever. I mean he is at the moment. He is living on
life and he is all about riding on the waves and having fun in every single moment. And
it wasn't really me being honest. And so he taught me how to go out and live life more.
I mean we do so much. We travel all the time. We live in Vail. I mean skiing takes 5 minutes
to get to. It's amazing. I really started going out and living life that my body naturally
came into its natural size and I found a place of complete love for my body. And who I was.
And it was amazing. And so I've been there, right. I have done it through trial and error
and trial and error and trial and error. And I had this deep calling that I had to share
this. I mean Successful Weight Loss School was not a choice. It really wasn't. There
was a loud voice that's inside me and said, Nichole, millions of women are suffering just
like you were and you have the answer. You must share this with the world.