Ezel 40 English part 3

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Don't tell me what you can do Kenan, if you can show it, show me
Captain we're changing course, number 4 please
What is on number 4
And if possible can we send this when we get down?
We're still at this side of the fence
I was a member here
Me too
We became champions here with Eysan when was it...
2008, you got second Eysan's wrist got twisted
When you say it like that you know that it sounds perverted?
How can someone follow for years?
Did you see the other guys?
I did
The supporters of the this club, the rich mans club
What are we doing here Ezel like street dogs, what are we looking for?
We are looking for a shortcut to the other side of the fence
I'm not going that far
They know me there, okay we're a little short on cash but...
With a blink of an eye I'll leave everyone in thier shadows, I'm Cengiz Atay son
Does Cengiz Atay have a plan?
He does of course
First I'm going to wait for Kay to leave and then I'm going to look for information
Kenan's weakness of an opening
Dirty pleasures, you called it, for that
Good luck
You guys are sweating a lot
I'm Cengiz Atay, we were together in the fair in Amsterdam mister Semih
Oh yes yes
Mister Selcuk last summer you didn't come to our hotel the Beyaz Yunus (the White Dolphin)
I'll be going this summer
We met with lady Eysan in the club we made an agreement
She didn't tell me she probably forgot
We listened to mister Kenan's plan, they were both really excited
Is that so?
Okay mister Cengiz we were waiting for a fourth player
Of course, I'm really in top shape
Where are my supplies sweetie?
There isn't any left sir
What do you mean there is no supply left?
I'll give you this
These are the leftovers from your previous visits
Okay, okay
Its your monthly
I understood
We're going to the field but lets meet there
Lets meet there I should handle this quickly
Mister Cengiz
Look at those ****s
They use to do all kinds of tricks to get some money
Your not one of them anymore
From whom am I then?
Not from him or from them, from whom am I then?
From them
Welcome sir
Welcome mister Kenan
Hello mister
Are we the first who arrived?
Yes sir
Where did you kidnap me?
Nothing, just a weekend kidnap
Yes mister Kenan
Mister Kaya
Is our sick friend fired?
No sir, shall we?
If its not a big problem
(Full for the weekend)
Then bring him here there is someone I want him to meet
Yes sir
Who am I going to meet?
A really interesting person
You're really going to like him
How beautiful right?
Good morning chief, here you go
Your job is hard too brothers, they put a prisoner inside of the hospital
You can never know if its a civilian or a criminal, their wandering around its hard, hard
Here brother I put 4 sugar in yours, take it brother
I should take a look at those four
Admit it
There is a simple wall between us and what we want
Admit it
The real obstacle is the shell that wont break no matter how much you hit it, between you and your heart
Admit it
The things that stop you are worries, fears, masks, taboos and borders
Those things get more exciting when you think less of them
Admit it
All the things that are done to look strong
Wont bring back the person from the past
But on the writing it said it was 2 for 1 price
I'm sorry sir, its not that brand
There is no discount for this too?
Okay but I...
Okay okay forget about it
I have spare if you want it?
No thanks
Mister Cengiz take it please
Was it Neslihan?
How many months?
Whats his name?
Its Yalin, we're separated from his mother
I know her but I didn't know you had another child
My baby's name is Berk
I raise him myself
Its hard work, right?
Its hard
Its really hard work
Admit it
There is a thin line with you and every lie you tell
Continue talking, because every lie...hides a confession inside
I rented myself a little house
And I just want to get a job that will feed my child and that enough
They should live in better circumstances then us
I don't want much
Its for Yalin
So that he calls me father, so he can play with his toys, so I can come home
I don't know maybe I'll get back together with his mother
Oh no, I wouldn't want to get together with mine
Don't say that, when we were 3 of us...we were really happy
I wasn't
I run away to him because I was being hit by my father
He did worse then hitting me
I used to run away from home at you're age too
Do you know why?
I ran away from the cockroaches in the kitchen
I would run away from those glasses with cracks in their corners
Gas lamps gross, I would run away from those nylon table cover who smelled like cigar, I would ran away from poverty
My dad would find me
You're worth nothing he would say
He would show his hands to me, like pitch black like coal
Look he would say your hands are going to be like this so he would say, stay where you are he would say
You're going to be just like me he would say I would run away but he would still find me
You were running from us mister Cengiz
Yes, yes!
But they still find me again
Look I'm on the streets again
That awful man is talking again
He's showing his hands again, pitch black like coal, look your hands are going to be like this he says
But this time I'm going to run away and no one is going to find me, I'm going to run from all of them I'm going to run away from all of you!
Don't we want it Cengiz?
We all want to run away
We all want to run away
We all want to be free
Its the black car on the right, right outside the entrance
Come on please admit it...
We all want too get rid of our weights
Whats he doing?
He's doing whatever he's not supposed to be doing
He is drinking his raki now
And you're letting him?
I'm looking for ice, there isn't any in the kitchen
What kind of man are you?
Doesn't he put ice in his drink?
Why are you giving him alcohol?
Why are you giving him the courage?
What are you yelling at?
Are you blind?
Why aren't you paying attention?
Why aren't you saying anything are you afraid?
Don't you see my father's condition?
Why aren't you doing anything?
I see it sweetie