Vocal Warm Up Exercises - Vocal Warmups For Men And Women

Uploaded by HowToSingDotCom on 03.10.2011

Hi. Aaron here from HowtoSing.com and I want to talk to you about vocal warm-up exercises.
First of all, what is a vocal warm-up exercise? A vocal warm-up exercise is an exercise that
basically the purpose of it isn't to expand your range or to try to help you sing vibrato.
It's nothing crazy like that.
The vocal warm-up exercise is just simply to help kind of wake your voice up, kind of
connect your breath to your singing and just give your voice a chance to it's almost like
warming up a car on a cold day on a cold, snowy day. It needs some time to just kind
of warm up. Voice is the same way. If you just try and step on the gas and do 60 right
off the bat, it's going to be too much strain for the engine.
So the voice is kind of the same way. You don't want to just kind of blast into your
head voice and do higher notes without having done vocal warm-up exercises.
So it basically protects your voice. It warms it up and protects it from any type of strain
or harm for when you actually do some more heavy lifting type of singing where you're
singing louder and higher notes with more weight and stuff. So there's a difference.
So there's the vocal warm-up exercises and then there's strengthening exercises and those
are more to do with all those other things to help you develop a mix, like a mixed, blended
voice, to help you expand your range, to help you those kinds of things.
So let me give you an example of a vocal warm-up exercise. The one that I think is good that
I think is best is kind of a closed mouth exercise. So this one is just simply [demonstrates
closed mouth exercise], just going about mid range, going [demonstrates closed mouth exercise]
and just kind of feeling that voice wake up a bit after you've done that a few times.
Maybe even go [demonstrates closed mouth exercise]. Start working a little bit in your upper range
but when you close your mouth and you just kind of hum, it's very, very little if any
stress on the vocal chords which is good, which is kind of the purpose of vocal warm-up
exercises, like I said, just to get the voice going.
Important thing about warm-up exercises and really vocal exercises in general is that
it's something that you really should do daily. If you're serious about singing, vocal exercises
are important to do everyday just to kind of keep your voice strong and keep it healthy.
As far as learning how to sing, vocal exercises obviously are really important and then the
other part is there's a knowledge part. There are two facets of learning how to sing. There's
the knowledge part and then there's the exercise part. So definitely you exercise everyday
but there are a lot of like tips and tricks and a lot of knowledge about the voice that
once you know certain things, you can apply them immediately, which helps you become a
better singer faster. So those two aspects will be good for you.
So let me give you one more vocal warm-up exercise and then I will let you go here.
This one is Zs, Zs, so I'm going to go like on a one, two, three, two, one kind of scale.
So [demonstrates vocal warm-up exercise] and I will raise the first note [demonstrates
vocal warm-up exercise]. Then you can keep raising and go up a little higher, a little
higher. Don't strain your voice. Don't stress it out in the morning but that Hmm is a good
starting one and the Zs is maybe a good one after that.
Like I said, I'm at HowtoSing.com. So come check me out there if you like. I got tons
of tips and tricks and I put up a video about actually how to like a 10-minute good content
video of some of my favorite tips and tricks about how to sing high notes but sing high
notes without strain. So HowtoSing.com, you can click the link below or just go type that
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