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The past can be forgotten, but it cannot be ignored. At some point, it is a part of who
you are and a part of who you will become. The past is always
right behind you. Watching,
waiting for the moment to come rushing back
when you least expect it. The uprising was
no mistake. It was planned. It was preordained.
Ready to begin whether they were ready or not.
We were not ready. We were certainly not ready for this.
Good morning Mr. Spex.
Good morning.
Your meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham has been pushed back to two. Your lunch with
Alexander Lefaux has been confirmed. There's an all firm meeting at five today, and your
wife said look in the top drawer.
Paris? Oh God, I'm so jealous. Oh you two are so cute. I hope she got the chocolate we sent.
Yes, thank you, Miss Harlow, thank you.
Oh, and the new guy starts today. Poor Tom.
So weird, his office being used again.
Yes, thank you, Miss Harlow.
Spex, meet the new guy, Tendo.
Welcome. Tendo?
Okay. Here we go, Tendo.
If not, then who is? Well maybe I'll call you later on tonight.
Good night, Mr. Spex.
Good night, Miss Harlow.
The uprising begins. Get the letters ready. We need to warn the others. No, we have no
time. We may need recruits.
SPEX: Hello? VOICE: Spex, we have your wife. WIFE: Please, please help me. God, oh God.
Help me, help me. VOICE: Shut up!