Good People in Love - Episode 2 "Drink Before Dinner"

Uploaded by GoodPeopleinLove on 02.12.2011

Just a minute.
What are you doing I could have been on the toilet.
I think we're at the point that we can see each other sit on the can and not be disgusted.
Are we?
I've seen you pee. Beth: No you haven't.
Oh I have. Beth: that's a turn on now?
You with your panties around your ankles, absolutely.
What are you doing? Anna: I am trying to get your pants off.
I went before you came in, sorry.
[knock] Beth: Somebody's in here. Sarah: Oh sorry.
We can't do this. We're going to be eating soon.
That's a new one.
It's my sister's house. How does that one work?
Yeah it's your sister's house. The same sister that turns every once of you into some woman I don't recognize.
I just don't want that to happen tonight.
Have you seen it down there? She made Italian.
It's a big deal for her. You know maybe after tonight we can have our own big deal.
Don't hold your breath Anna.
The sink or the shower.
Your choice.
Is it clean?
How long do you think she'll avoid me?
Not much longer. Anna went up to get her.
Any luck they're having sex in our shower. Carolyn: Ew, Maxwell don't say that.
Don't worry Carolyn, it's not all your fault.
We do things for whatever reason. We tell ourselves they're good reasons.
Maybe they are. But in the end the reasons don't really matter
because it's how we feel that's always the problem isn't it?
God damn feelings.
You didn't have to come tonight. You know.
We would have understood.
Okay. I promise I won't be a complete downer. I know how you hate that.
Oh you're not playing fair.
Is going to the bathroom cheating?
It's easy to walk into someone's bedroom and imagine two people in love.
You walk in, what you do you see? The bed's
all tussled from a quickie from before the guests arrived.
Love and sex don't always share the same space.
I'm surprised I thought you'd be more of the "it doesn't work unless you love the person."
I believe in love. I'm not naive.
Well then you've never been in love. Sarah: I've been in love many times.
They just never knew it. Scott: Oh no wonder you think so highly of it.
No repercussions for your actions.
Was it the actions of repercussions that ended your marriage.
The bathroom is no longer occupied.
Amanda: Scott you had to know this is where we'd end up.
This hasn't been a marriage for months. IT's barely been a relationship at all, ow!
Sorry I thought I cleaned up all the glass.
I probably shouldn't be in your room.
Last time we did this it didn't go so well.
I just don't want you miserable.
Well there's nothing you can do about it, is there?
I trust our accomodations were satisfactory.
He's perceptive; it's one of his many charms.
Thank you.
I also know what happens when you and Carolyn get together. It's not always easy on us.
We have to have our ways keeping you two relaxed.
Great so sex is the how the both of you keep us behaved.
What's next, a long walk after dinner?
Beth we just want things to be better between you two.
You're sisters, sooner or later you need to get along.
We get along plenty.
It's just some things hurt more than others.
I promise that was not her intention.
You always see the best in her.
I just don't accept the worst.
Who's handing out the booze?
Lets get on with this shall we?