Obama's Budget Proposal: What could you do with $3.73 trillion?

Uploaded by CongressmanMcHenry on 17.02.2011

What could you do with three trillion, seven hundred and twenty eight billion, six hundred
and eighty six million dollars? Give each American $12,000.
Bill Gates, you could buy him 69 times over. You could buy the Yankees - love 'em or hate
'em - they're America's most expensive baseball team. You could buy them 2,331 times.
Buy every Walmart - in the world - 15 times. Or if you prefera different shopping experience,
you could own Target 68 times. You could own every team in the NFL 114 times
over. Or, you could be a quarter of the whole U.S.
economy. On Monday, President Obama ignored the warnings
of both liberal and conservative economists, his own fiscal commission, and the message
voters sent in November, and that is we have to cut spending in order to create jobs. Instead,
he sent us a budget that raises taxes and adds $13 trillion to the national debt –
only adding to the economic uncertainty facing small businesses and families across this
great country. Enough is enough. This kind of spending only
means higher taxes for you in the future. We are continuing to keep our Pledge to America
this week by cutting $100 billion in current year spending. This is a down payment on the
long term deficit reduction plan we will undertake through the budget process this year.
We’ve got to stop kicking the can down the road – our economy simply can’t afford
it. Thank you for watching.