Ju-On (呪怨) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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Juon - A curse born of a strong grudge held by someone who died.
The place of his death gathers his grudge.
Anyone who comes into contact with this curse shall lose his life and a new curse is born.
Room# 205 Kobayashi Shunsuke Manami
-I'm home. -Welcome back.
Just a few minutes.
Baby, iiiss okkaaay foor yoou to mooove liiike thaaatt??
Itchuu ok, Papa.
What's wrong?
Is there a problem?
Are you done with visiting students' homes?
One more family to go. Their kid hasn't been coming to school.
Have you contacted his parents?
Can't you get in touch with them?
No, I can't.
Being a teacher is tough work, huh?
Yes, it is.
Father: Saeki Takeo Mother: ( Maiden Name: Kawamata) Kanako Son: Toshio
Mr. Kobayashi.
Hey, do you remember a girl from college named Kawamata?
Kawamata? Kayoko Kawamata?
-She was... -Kind of Creepy girl, wasn't she?
-What's wrong, all of a sudden? -Oh no, nothing.
-Is it all right to eat this much? -Of course, it's ok.
Anybody home?
Oh, you are home.
Mr. Koooobaaaayaaaashiiii...
I am here today, because you never go to school. Everybody has been worrying about you.
Toshio... Isn't your mother home?
I am coming in now.
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
Can I check you?
No Fever....
I know...
Toshio, Do you remember your drawing?
Here it is.
You drew the picture very well. The other teachers thought so, too.
Is you mother out shopping?
Together? Your mother went out with your father?
-Yeah. -I see.
What were you doing in the bathroom?
Sorry to bug you. I am going out for a little while, so here's a snack for when you take a break.
Thank you.
-The cat is back. -There are a lot of cats around here.
I wonder if it's the same cat that came a few days ago?
It is ok, Yuki. I will chase them away.
-Thank you. -Kanna please do your best to learn. Yuki, I leave Kanna in your hands.
Hurry up and leave!
I will be back early, so Yuki why don't you eat with us.
Thank you.
-You are so noisy! -Ok. Ok.
Let's begin.
Let's begin now.
Say, is there one?
-One what? -You know, a boyfriend?
We don't have to talk about that right now.
Come on, tell me.
No way... We will study until here and then we will take a break.
Then can we talk about your boyfriend?
Promise me.
It's a promise.
Ok, tell me about him.
-What are you talking about? -You are so sly. You promised me.
-Wait a minute. -No. It's not that. Don't you hear it a little?
-What is that noise? -Darn you, you promised.
No! You can't really hear that?
Ok, I will tell you. I don't have a boyfriend now.
-Serious? -It's true.
-That's no good. -I really don't have a boyfriend.
Alright, what about your ex-boyfriend?
Wait. Be quiet.
You don't hear that sound?
What is it?
That is a strange sound.
I don't hear it.
It is just me?
It's a cat!
Knock it off!
-What? -What time is now? I have to go to school today.
-What? Go to School? -I have to feed the rabbit.
Rabbit? How can you forget something like that?
-Miiiizuuuhoooo. -Kanna!
What? What? What? What?
He's got a girlfriend.
Tsuyoshi? Have you met her yet?
-He only brought her home once. -Really. What kind of girl is she?
She is cute.
Hey! Quit talking about my girlfriend!
Take Care!
-What? -Do you have a picture of your girlfriend?
Oh, Tezuka.
Did you come with Tsuyoshi?
Huh, no I didn't. But his bike is over there.
yeah. I know.
He is probably still inside of school.
-Did you call him? Did you get a hold of him? -No. Yesterday, Mr. Nakumuea took his cell phone.
-Is that it? -Yeah, I found it over there.
I wonder if he came with someone?
Well if you wait for him, you will see him. Later.
Wait a minute. Please help me look for him.
What are you doing? I am locking up the school so hurry up and go home.
But um I am waiting for my friend.
Friend? What are you talking about?
There is nobody inside. I just checked.
But um...
But his bike is over there and uh that is also his bag.
He is probably still here.
What is your class and name?
-huh? -Your class and name?
I am in the 2nd year 4th class. My name is Tamura Mizuho.
Come to the teacher's room.
What are you doing?
Who is your teacher?
I am going to tell your teacher about this.
Hurry up.
This is an announcement. 2nd year 4th class Murakami.
2nd year 4 class Tsuyoshi Murakami.
Please come to the teacher's office.
I repeat, 2nd year 4th class Murakami.
2nd year 4th class Tsuyoshi Murakami.
Please come to the teacher's room.
Well, I check inside of the school again.
You should wait here.
If he comes here, don't go home until I get back.
-Do you understand? -Yes.
Hello.. This is Tamura.... I wonder if Tsuyoshi had come back home.
I see.
I know the number.
I understa.. huh?
Are you still there?
Doctor, you found something?
There was a dead rabbit's body mixed in the body's blood and tissues.
Yes, I saw it at the scene. Anything else?
There are no signs that anybody else had a hand in this.
The body appears to have been twisted and broken.
What is that?
It was found in the dismembered body.
A jaw?
Yes. It is a human's jaw.
It is somebody else's.
There was another person at the scene?
They didn't find the body that the jaw was from.
We have sent samples to the lab to try to match the DNA.
The body missing the jaw is gone.
What is the cause of death of this person?
Actually, I don't understand that very well.
The body is so badly broken and twisted we can't say the cause of death was heart failure.
This is my first time seeing a body like this.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
We talked to the teacher who is a witness and it appears a little after 2 pm...
...the two third year girls went to the middle school to feed the rabbits.
This is Hisae Yoshia and this is Kanna Murakami.
-Say, Kamio. -Yes.
Is it possible for a person who lost a jaw like that to still be alive? What do you think?
I am home.
Wrong address again.
Kanna! I got ice cream, do you want some?
Hello, this is Murakami. Ok, please wait a minute.
Where is Tsuyoshi?
Hello. He hasn't came back home yet.
Perhaps he is still on his way here.
Do you know his cell number?
Why don't call his cell phone?
Just a minute, it looks like he just got back.
Tsuyoshi? Are you back?
You have a phone call.
Who are you?
Yes. Yes. Yes.
No. I will be late.
That is right.
His parents still haven't came back yet. The child? He is sleeping?
Yes. Somebody came.
Yes. I will call you later. OK.
-Mother, did I do good? -Toshio! -You did good. Really good.
Mother, Where Are you going?
My teacher is here.
I see.
Teacher said that he came to meet you, Mother.
Its true. Father and I.
I am opening the door.
Toshio, were you talking to somebody?
Your parents are late, aren't they?
Today, I had eyes with Kobayashi.
My heart began to fill and beat rapidly.
Thoughts of him are inside of my head. Kobayashi today again...
And then he read manga while standing
Kobayashi didn't come to school today... Kobayashi often reads while standing
Every week ... But tomorrow, Kobayashi will certainly get better
Every night... That girl is acting too familiar with Kobayashi and is following my Kobayashi
She is always with my Kobayashi I worry about Kobayashi because has a weakness for alcohol
and he always drinks to much Kobayashi threw up along the road.
but because I am better than that woman
Because I know where Kobayashi lives
In Kobayashi's room, probably his favorites are...
I took drunk Kobayashi to his apartment. I went to his apartment many times
The two of us rode a taxi. Kobayashi drank too much sake
Sleeping Kobayashi... Painful Kobayashi...
Toshio! Toshio!
Lets not stay here.
Wait here.
Tsuyoshi, let's go!
So this is Mr Kobayashi.
I am Saeki. Tokeo Saeki.
I'm Kayako's husband.
Have you met with Kayako?
After today, please take care of Toshio.
What are you saying?
I took care of Toshio instead of you, now take your turn.
Lets take turns.
Instead of me? Take turns?
Oh, Mr Kobayashi, your baby was born.
You baby is here, it's a girl.
Hello, mother?
Yes. Yes. I understand.
-Good afternoon. -Good Afternoon. You are busy as usual.
No No. Please sit.
-I am leaving. -Okay, see you Later.
Keiko, you done with work?
How about a little bit?
-What's wrong? -Thank you, but no thank you.
Nobuyuki is probably waiting at home. You are the only one for your son.
Ok. Ok. Ok. I understand.
What was that? You said you wanted to talk?
Yea, Sis, I would like you to see one house.
-You want me to look? -Yea, just one house that is for sale.
It won't be unpleasant.
-What do you mean? -Yea, we have one house now.
The house has had a past.
A past?
Previously there was a family who live there. They died and their bodies became missing.
Well the way I look at it, it will be okay for me if somebody buys it sooner.
But nobody has bought it, yet. I think having an exorcism is a little excessive, though.
I am afraid that will scare more people off.
Sis, I want your unique opinion and insight.
My opinion. You want me to do it today?
Well just a little, it is only looking around the house.
It was a complete failure.
Well originally we got the house cheap because of the incident. It is a nice house.
It is still pretty. I don't know where people heard about the house and the incident.
There is even a rumor about the house on the Internet.
I am surprised that you are worried about that, because normally this kind of stuff doesn't affect you.
I am being a little superstitious. If we can't sell the house we will lose money.
I have to pay Shinobu alimony.
It is nice and quiet around here.
Here it is.
Hey, what's wrong?
After the deaths the police investigated, and left everything inside the house.
I hope the buyers will buy the house with everything left inside of it.
Hey, you are already feel something?
The incident that was here, you said Murashimi?
Yea. Well the father is alive.
There was only one person left? Where is he now?
According to the police statements, he is in the hospital.
-I see. -His wife and her daughter died at the same time.
That's wrong! There wasn't only two people that died here!
-What? -I don't understand this very well.
Well. Go inside.
Saeki. Who is this person?
They lived here before Murakumi did.
As I say the cheap things left here comes with trouble.
It is quiet around here, and the station is also close so I thought I could sell this place.
This house... It's too much for me.
Wait a minute!
Is there sake here now?
-Japanese Sake? -Bring it!
Is this OK?
Promise me you will do what I what I say from now. OK?
-What are you saying? -OK?!
Before somebody buys this house, make them drink this sake.
-Huh? -Promise me!
If the customer says that sake isn't any good or spits it out, never sell the house to them.
What a minute. What are you saying?
Sake reacts naturally to the presents of spirits.
During ancient times it was often used to bless everything on ceremony alters.
-OK. -A person will be able to taste a difference in sake that has been touched by spirits.
So if a person who drinks the sake and the taste is strange, the house is too dangerous for that person.
Leave the sake in this room for a long time. Promise before somebody buys this house you will make them drink this sake.
-I have to go! -Hey, Kyoko!
-Kyoko! -I am sorry. I need to leave this house as soon as possible.
What? You sold the house?
Why didn't you call me before you sold the house?
Is that so?
Did you do what I asked you to do?
Yea, the sake.
Yes, it was okay. They tried to drink it.
They were ok when they drank it.
They loved the house.
It's okay. Don't worry
Can you come to my house in a couple days?
What for?
Nobuyuki has been looking and acting strange lately.
I haven't said anything to anybody.
Can you see what is troubling him?
Yes. I will come.