Proposal Fallout - Ep: 40

Uploaded by LizzieBennet on 23.08.2012

Lizzie (as her mother): Oh hello there everyone, I just wanted
to step in for a moment and
apologize for my middle daughter, Elizabeth.
Her lack of manners, her poor judgment.
Her personal habits.
I'd like to apologize for everything about her.
But mostly for turning down a very
lucrative proposal from young Mr. Collins.
But never mind. Since she has shown herself
incapable of speaking rationally, I'll be speaking for her
from now on. And for my husband too.
He does not understand the gravity of the situation
at all.
My name is Mrs. Bennet,
and ya'll just run along now!
Lizzie: Okay, obviously my mother still
doesn't know I have a video blog.
But if she did
I'm sure she'd show up here too.
She's been trying to speak for me in every other aspect of
my life.
She actually tried to tell Ricky
I didn't mean it when
I said I wouldn't take his horrible
high paying partnership!
Grown adult here!
Fully capable of making my own decisions!
But when I try to tell her that...
Lizzie (As her mother): Well if you're such a grownup,
perhaps you should be living on your own.
Of course, for that you'd need some form of income.
Had any offers of employment lately?
Lizzie: Since when are you so hot on me
getting a job?
I'm merely pointing out that
If you were settled in an occupation
you might be able to afford
your own apartment.
And that can only help in your
pursuit of a husband!
Lizzie: But I'm not pursuing a husband!
Lizzie (As her mother): And that is the whole problem!
I swear Lizzie, I don't know
what you do with your time.
I do plenty.
But is it good enough for my mother?
I thought she was shoving me at Ricky before
But now the entire force of her convoluted
plan making brain, is pushing us together
at every opportunity.
Thank god for Charlotte!
She is a total hero!
Running interference, making conversation
to fill awkward pauses.
I.E. All the time.
She's out with Ricky right now.
In fact to help him pack up the last of his
mom's stuff for the movers.
Charlotte, you really are my bestest friend!
I mean it!
Jane: You're going to hurt my feelings
one of these days!
Lizzie: Oh please! What have you done for me lately?
A truly considerate sister would at least have a spat
with Bing to distract mom for five minutes!
Jane: But that would make our carpool so awkward!
Lizzie: For the last time you and Bing
do not have a carpool!
Jane: Yes we do! For the last week.
And it's been going great!
Lizzie: He picks you up.
Drives you to work.
And does whatever, for the day
Then takes you home again!
That's not a carpool!
That's a chauffeur!
Jane: But we can use the carpool lane.
Ergo. Carpool.
Lizzie: We don't have any carpool lanes
around here. Jane: But if we did...
Lizzie: Fine.
I'll give you your carpool.
Jane: Mmhm.
Lizzie: But if you're not going to do anything to distract
mom, then...Charlotte’s going to remain my bestest friend
for the time being.
Jane: ...Mom's still freaking out?
Lizzie: *sigh* She answers the phone
"Bennet residence. I apologize for my daughter Lizzie
who just turned down a very lucrative proposal.
Jane: She does not say that.
Lizzie: Buu...en, it's implied.
Thanks for the sympathy, btdub.
Jane: I'm sorry.
How about I go downstairs and
ask mom to help me bake cookies for Bing and I's one week
Lizzie: You'd do that for me?
Jane: Mmhm!
What are sisters for?
Oh! And while she's doing that
you and dodge go grab a pizza for dinner.
She won't want to invite Ricky over if
he can't compliment her cooking!
Lizzie: You're the best!
Jane leaves and hums
Lizzie: Yeah, okay. Fine.
Even with mom being nuts and embarrassing me
And Ricky moping around...
I'm still a pretty lucky girl.
Oh! And Charlotte, still the bestest friend ever!