Story Of First King's Four Gods Ep01 (6/6)

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Alright, let us go now.
But there's more!
What happened to Lord Hwanwoong's baby?
Oh, that's right.
The baby grew up to set up the capital city of Asadal,
in the great nation of Chosun...
That man was...
Oh, King Dan Goon!
That's right. That is King Dan Goon.
And what happened to Woo Sa, Woon Sa and Poong Baek?
Just tell me a little more...!
The rain had stopped, but the world was submerged in deep waters.
And the land of Joo Shin was scattered.
Because Lord Hwanwoong returned to Heaven.
Even though I came to fulfill Heaven's will to bless and prosper the people,
I have failed my task.
I will return to Heaven.
I will leave on earth the symbols of the Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Turtle Snake and Phoenix.
One day, Heaven will send a true King to the world.
That day, the symbols of four guardians will also awaken.
When the new King is born, a star will announce his birth.
And all those who await him will see.
Two thousand years passed.
The descendants of the Tiger Tribe built a temple named Abullansa over the Sacred Tree.
And those descendants are the Hwachun Clan? (Hwachun Clan - Descendants of the Tiger Tribe)
So why are they occupying Joo Shin's land?
That's what I'm saying!
This is the person we the Guh Mool people are waiting for.
The Joo Shin King!
That's right, the Joo Shin King.
But the Hwachun Clan have also been waiting for the Joo Shin King.
To steal the power of Heaven?
Lord Hwanwoong had said that when the Joo Shin King is born,
the four symbols will awaken.
And when the King finds the symbols and breaks the seal of the altar...
You said he would receive the power of Heaven.
I told you not to play with fire...!
Block the wind for me, Master.
Alright, alright.
So, the Hwachun Clan wants to find the four symbols
to claim the power of Heaven for themselves. But we the Guh Mool people...
want to find the Joo Shin King and help him find the four symbols.
For two thousand years, we have been guarding the Turtle Snake's sacred symbol...
And the Elder of that great people is you, Master?
He worries me.
Keep the oath.
Keep her in your sight, and when she turns into the Black Phoenix,
with your own two hands...
you must eliminate her for the sake of the whole world.
It has already been ten years
since the day the Joo Shin star appeared.
That was already ten years ago.
Ten Years Ago (375 A.D. 5th year of Sosurim Dynasty)
Abullansa (Temple of Hwachun)
Is that the Star of Joo Shin?
For thousands of years, it has been predicted (Dae Jang Ro - Hwachun Leader)
on the day of the birth of the Joo Shin King, the Star of Joo Shin
will shine bright and the symbols for the Guardians will awaken.
Is that day today?
On the night the Star of Joo Shin appears,
the King of Joo Shin will be born.
And when he is born,
Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Turtle Snake, Phoenix...
Their four symbols will also awaken.
The light of the symbols will reach the heavens and dive into depths.
Brothers of the Hwachun Clan who guard the four corners of the world...
Find the symbols...
Goguryeo, Baekje, Shilla, Malgal... Run to the scattered cities of Joo Shin.
We must possess the four symbols of the Heavens.
Thus this world will eternally belong to Hwachun!
The day the Star of Joo Shin appears,
it is said the King of Joo Shin will be born.
Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Turtle Snake, Phoenix...
The four symbols will awaken.
Kiha, this is your younger sister.
Whatever happens, you must take care of your sister.
You must become the King of Joo Shin. You must recover the Joo Shin nation.
Find the symbols of the four Guardians.
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