Pat Buchanan on 'The Toyota Republicans' (+ ironic ad)

Uploaded by karlhafer on 15.12.2008

and president bush is my new best friend this week
he called the republican senators and said: "If you
let this go down the republican party will be remembered
as the party of Herbert Hoover forever" and he's right.
We now know that this (clique?) of southern Senators
with foreign auto plants in their states are protecting
their constituentcy.... [Monica Crowley] Wait a minute...
Buchannan: Let me reinforce what Elenor said. These are the
Toyota Republicans. You go down to Alabama and those places; Toyota,
Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, BMW - All those plants are down
there - these free-trade fanatics and 'Toyota Republicans' have sunk
the Republican party with middle America, working America, they've
driven the Reagan Democrats out of the party for the last 20 years
and they've finally succeeded.
Maglauchlin: What has come into you, what kind of heresy are you spouting here today?
Buchannan: John - don't you understand - manufacturing; there are four
ways you produce things: mining, manufacturing, farms, factories
those are the ways you do it-and they are giving up manufacturing in America.
Maglauchlin: You want to corprotize the state!
Buchannan: I do not! I want to save the manufacturing base of our
country which they've sacrificed on the alter of Davos
Maglauchlin: We'll be right back with predictions.