Ezel 36 Part 4 English

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And I was a kid then...i believed it
If I wouldnt let go, they would waste us both there
Why did you tell me this story?
You're not going to lay a finger on Azad and Selma
You're going to let my grandchild go, he will go where ever he wants to
I'll try
You've tricked me uncle
Did you just notice?
You're not going to lay a finger on Ezel
He is my last son, he will stay alive
Uncle, you wont give up, you won't give in, youre not this man uncle
I'm not nephew, this time i'm not Ramiz Karaeski
I'm...not a man who is going to fight his own grandchild
Goodbye nephew
You...I didn't want you to miss youre live
And I...the last train of the last mobster
Can a human kill his own son?
Lets research it together
Lets ask
Just listen to this side to
Lets talk to people about it
Lets talk with neutral people
It doesn't matter what I say right?
You're not hear to learn the truth from me are you?
I know the truth
I heard the truth
Then why are you here?
If youre not searching for the truth then what are you searching for?
Didn't you come here to do something?
Why arent you doing it?
I'm going to do it
Don't worry
Why are you wandering around his world like a ghost?
Why are you going to Ramiz his house, office and daughter?
Why do you keep asking yourself the same question over and over again?
Actually you and me...look alike, right
I dont look like anyone else
We look alike
I was at the airport
He there explained who my mother and father was
I was so little back then
For my own safety I was sent to Italie
From that day on, I extremely hated my dad
What changed youre mind?
Whatever changed you, the same
The first time you heard Ramiz...
Didn't something inside of you say: I know?
Youre in dangerous grounds, i'm just saying
I know this man, didn't you say that (to yourself)?
I know him really well
Lets say that this man is the worst man in the world
But from the day I was born...
He is calling me, didn't you say that (to yourself)?
This man is my father
This man is my grandfather
This man's blood is my blood
This man's voice is my voice
Damn it i cant help it...
I really miss that man, didn't you say that (to yourself)?
They pulled us apart Ramiz...
That name...!
But thats youre name
He is the one talking inside of you
Didn't you notice it the first day you saw him?
You're him...
Sometimes you save up a moment for years
You will wait for years...just for one hour
They wont wait with you, you will stay alone
They wont tell the truth, you will stay incapable
Maybe next time, you'll say, you will lose again
Then that hour will come and go
But you will not know while waiting, you're faith will in a second turn upside down
The thing you thought was lost...will turn up infront of you
The thing you thought was damned...will turn upside down
When you lose youre family...
...the losing part will be youre family
How is it going partner?
He didn't come!
You where right!
You come here then!
You come back to us again uncle!
Come on
Come on, cheers
Come on take the car
Brother are we going to home or to the lady?
You've really got an appetite, dont you? Alright
Did we arrive Ramiz?
Where is this place?
Who is he?
Isn't he..?
Is it worth it for that kid Ramiz, is it worth it?
Its not only for the kid brother
The wont let you live
If they find out they will not let you live, they will skin you
They know big brother
That Hayratli ... told you didnt he?
He was it right?
He didnt
I told him and he shook his head
Ive skinned 5 more men like yourself
And for me its hopefully...
...going to be my first
Why did you kill the man Ramiz!
I didnt kill him now kid ive already killed him the other day, he just realised it now
Why did you bring me here?
You were always following me, right?
You were getting bored, you were curious about me right, kid?
I wanted to show you first who I am
Dont talk uncle dont talk
Call an ambulance
Call an ambulance!
I've said if his blood will be like mine he wouldn't do it
But look nephew
Dont talk uncle dont waste youre breath
It turns out he did it becaus his blood is like mine
Dont waste youre breath uncle there coming
No no dont let them come
If it has to end let it end here
Nothing is going to end uncle, nothing is going to end
If everything ends where it started nephew, it wil start over where it has ended
Look! look! look! look carefully
You wil see it nephew!
Look carefully, look!
40 years ago a young man came here
Look! cant you see nephew?
Cant you see it?
Cant you see nephew?
Im seeing it uncle im seeing it
40 years ago a man arrived here...
In his hand a bag
In his pocket a knife
Thats it
He was all alone
The whole world wisphered in his ears: you cant do it!
They told him: you cant come in from here!
He came in
They told him: you cant stay here!
He stayed
They told him: youre a nobody from a village, do you think you with youre situation can reach the top of this world?
You cant, they said!
He did it
Do you see it nephew?
Uncle I cant do it, I cant do it without you uncle
my hand is with you nephew
I am with you
you will do it nephew
You will do it, but...but look, look..
Dad, dad!
Where is the ambulance, where is the ambulance!