Getting Started, Step 2 - Recording and Sharing Your Family History (FamilySearch Genealogy)

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Record and Share Your Family History
What Is a Family History?
A family history tells the story of a family or several generations of a family.
There’s a wide variety of ways to prepare a family history.
Most include some kind of a chart, such as a family tree, that shows how family members are related to each other.
Many histories share facts and stories that provide insights into the family members’ triumphs and tragedies.
Many histories also include copies of photographs and important documents. These provide historical background and add credibility.
Record Keeping Options
There are three good systems for keeping family history records and each has its advantages. Choose the one that works best for you.
Paper Forms
You can record your family history information on paper forms. They are easy to use and inexpensive.
Two forms are generally used.You can use a family group record to keep information about everyone in a family in one place.
You record information about the parents of the family at the top of the form and information about the children and the bottom.
You can also use a family tree to show how you are related to your direct ancestors.
You record information about yourself at the base, then your parents, your grandparents, and your great-grandparents.
A variation on the family tree is the pedigree chart. It lists the same information as a family tree but the information is displayed horizontally.
A second option is to use family history software that helps you keep and organize your information on your computer.
You only have to enter information about your ancestors one time.
Then you can display it many different ways, including on family group records and pedigree charts.
And since your information will be digital, you can share your it with other family members who have similar software.
A third record keeping option is to enter your ancestor’s information on a family history website.
When you keep your family history information on a website,
people from all over the world will be able to see it and perhaps help you with your family history.
Another benefit is that your information is stored on the website’s computer.
This way you’ll have a copy in case something should happen to your computer.
To learn more about recording family history information, go to Step 2 of our Web site, and look in the Additional Resources section.