Wasabi Mashed Potato Recipe : Wasabi Mashed Potatoes Recipe Introduction

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.03.2008

Hi! This is Richard Buccola here in New York City and today on behalf of Expert Village,
I am going to show you how to make Wasabi Mashed Potatoes. All right today for Expert
Village we are going to be making Wasabi Mashed Potatoes. Now if you like Wasabi, you eat
sushi and you know Wasabi has that real kick. Even enough of it will clear your sinuses.
Now I used to play around with mashed potatoes. I got this recipe about a year ago and I am
have been playing it around ever since where I put a little scallion and garlic in mine
whereas the recipe that I originally had didn't call for that. But I tell you right now that
I know from my Greek friends they make the Greek mashed potatoes, they are delicious.
I make them like making my regular mashed potatoes with a little hint of scallion and
a little hint of garlic sometimes. So I am going to put all this here together today.
If you like Wasabi and you like mashed potatoes, you are going to be in heaven because this
is great. I know people been saying, I don't know Wasabi mashed potatoes. Try these mashed
potatoes. They are really good and they have a little kick. That is why I love them. I
am going to show you everything from your ingredients, your utensils, how to make it,
prep time, cooking it and of course my favorite thing is eating it so come back and we are
making Wasabi Mashed Potatoes.