Indoor Cooking

Uploaded by OmahaSteaks on 15.11.2010

Hi, welcome to Steaks 101: Indoor Cooking. You know, outdoor grilling is tried and proven
method for cooking steaks. But there are many other ways that we can cook steaks.
Today I am going to show you how to oven-broil, pan-sauté, and sear and slow roast your steaks
to perfection. First, there’s oven broiling. This is a quick and easy method. We start
by preheating our broiler on high. Then we position the top rack so the steaks will end
up about two to three inches from the top element. Then we put the steaks in like this.
We are going to cook them for about 60 percent of the time on the first side, and then flip
them and cook them the other 40 percent on the second side. You can reference our steak
cooking chart online, or use your iPhone app for exact cooking times. Oh, now those look
Now, let’s look at pan-searing. Pan-searing is another easy way to cook a great steak.
We want to start by preheating a pan. I like to preheat them on high, and then turn the
pan down to medium or medium-high, depending on your stove. Then we are going to take our
prepared steaks, and we’re going to put them right in that pan, and we’re going
to brown them on the first side, cooking them 60 percent of the time, before flipping them
over and cooking the other 40 percent of the time. You don’t really need to add any oil
to the pan, because we’ve already oiled and salted our steaks, and the marbling will
create the fat necessary to cook these steaks. But if you want to, you can still add a little
bit of canola oil or olive oil. Ah, those are perfect. See, pan-sautéing or pan-searing
is one of my favorite ways to cook steaks because you get such nice, even searing, even
more so than grilling. Another thing you can do indoors is use a grill pan, and use the
same method with the grill pan, where you have the grates inside the pan that allow
you to get the grill marks as well. But a pan-sautéed or pan-seared steak is hard to
The next method we are going to look at is called sear and slow roast. And as you might
guess, we start by searing the steaks in the pan, and then we finish them in a 300-degree
oven. Okay, we’ve got our pan preheated here and our steaks prepped – we will go
ahead and place them in the pan and we’re going to cook them on the first side for about
two to three minutes. Alight, we have nice brown searing on the first side, now we’re
going the take the entire pan and put it in our 300-degree oven and we’re going to let
them cook. Now this method works really well for thicker cuts of steak. The benefit of
the sear and slow roast method is you get a nice, even doneness all the way through
the steak.
So as you can see, there are many great ways to cook a steak indoors. So don’t be afraid
to try one of these techniques.