[MBLAQ] Congratulation on Seungho's Birthday (Fancam)

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<font color="#FFEF00">[QUESTION] </font><font color="#00B0A2">SPORTS DAYS IN SCHOOL</font> Relay
I was always the last runner in relay.
You know the 4th runner, don't you?
If only Mir had run well...we would have achieved better results.
I think it'll be all right if only Mir runs well.
<font color="#FFEF00">[QUESTION] </font><font color="#00B0A2">FAVORITE VACATION SPOT</font> I like mountains rather than sea.
Because there are a lot of people at the beach... It's just having fun in the water...
But, in the fresh mountain air, I can enjoy party getting some people together with grill on outdoor barbecue.
That seems to live much more in my memory.
<font color="#FFEF00">[QUESTION] </font><font color="#00B0A2">MAKE TO SONGPYEON</font> Staff : What kind of Holidays do you think in the Fall?
In the Fall?
My birthday
That is the Holiday, of course.
I try to make 'Songpyeon'* (*'Songpyeon' is the traditional rice cake to eat specially on Chuseok, Korea's Thanksgiving Day in the fall.)
You should make 'Songpyeon' in this way to get the real flavor.
Put the chestnuts inside and seal it.
<font color="#FFEF00">[QUESTION] </font><font color="#00B0A2">FAVORITE CAROL</font>
<font color="#FFEF00">[Q01] A day </font><font color="#00B0A2">1st THING TO DO </font> The first thing after waking from my sleep is washing.
I wash myself clean.
I don't really wake up until I finish washing.
The water should touch my body (for waking up).
<font color="#FFEF00">[Q07] </font><font color="#00B0A2">At the time when complete darkness sets, I feel </font><font color="#FFAA00">scared </font><font color="#00B0A2">vs. </font><font color="#FFAA00">comfortable </font> I'm a night person, so I feel comfortable.
It's hard for me to work during the daytime.
Even though I have a good night's sleep the day before, it's tough for me in daytime.
When I sleep badly, it's hard during the daytime, but I'm full of energy when night comes.
<font color="#FFEF00">[Q12] December 31st </font><font color="#00B0A2">THE END OF YEAR & THE BEGINNING OF NEW YEAR</font><font color="#FFAA00"> I want to spend January 1st 0:00 a.m. in this way.</font> I hope I can listen to the sound of bell**. (**The most of Koreans celebrate the Happy New Year listening to the ring of 'The Watch-Night bell' .)
I haven't heard the ring of bell for 2 years since I became a singer.
I wish to hear it in this New Year.
I was doing performance in the last year.
It might spread the bell's ring in other place.
But we were hearing and singing our songs at that time.
I feel I don't greet the New Year if I don't hear the sound of bell,
because I have heard it making New Year's resolutions each year.
When we went down the stage, all of ceremonies had finished in the last year.
In this time, I wish to hear the ring of bell all together for sure.
<font color="#FFEF00">[QUESTION] </font><font color="#00B0A2">NEW YEAR'S PLAN</font> My goal in 2012 is just 'Healthiness'. The health is the best.
Although we can't sleep well and have lots of busy schedules, it's all right if we aren't sick.
But if the people sleep badly and become tired, it is natural to be sick.
The first thing is the care of healthy body.
<font color="#FFEF00">[QUESTION] </font><font color="#00B0A2">GETTING OLDER</font> I'll become more mature, but the body may not be functioning well, with age.
One knows one's own problem the best. We should show it after getting over through more efforts to others.
It seems to gain much more by getting older.
And something to lose (by getting older)....I can overcome it by my efforts.
<font color="#FFEF00">[QUESTION] </font><font color="#00B0A2">NEW YEAR'S MESSAGE TO FANS</font> As always, MBLAQ will become everlasting group.
We try to continue MBLAQ who show great performances on stage, and friendly, funny and pleasant appearances off the stage, all the time.
Thank you.