How to Find Full Text Articles Using Get It

Uploaded by psulibs on 06.08.2012

This short video will demonstrate how to use the Get It function to find
full-text articles
here we have a search on childhood obesity done using LionSearch which we
use to demonstrate
when you find an article that you want to read
simply click on the title
at this point several different things can happen
most simply you'll be redirected to the article itself
sometimes the full text will be visible immediately html format as it is here
but other times you're going to look for the pbf button which is located at the
top of the page here on the left
clicking on the this button will
allow you to load the pdf of the article which you can then read save, or interact
with however you'd like
in other situations however you're not immediately redirected to the full text
of the article
and in this case a different page will come up
one that looks something like this
this page is a list of all of our digital holdings for specific article
in order to find the article all you need to do is click on the link over
here on the left that's the says article
and the article should load
however occasionally there is no link for article just
one that says either journal or issue
however if you look at the top of the page you can see the citation which
lists the volume issue and page number of the specific article you're looking
for so if you click on the journal or in other cases issue link what will
happen is you'll be taken to the run of the journal that's held by that specific
all you need to do then is scroll down and find you issue that you're looking
for in this case we're looking for volume twenty nine issue number four
and once you click on that you can scroll down the list of articles to you find
the article in question in this case it's right here
once again remember if you are still looking for the full text you should
always look for the pbf button
here in this case it's on the right hand side