BRIDESMAIDS review (no spoilers) - Kristen Wiig, Paul Feig, Melissa McCarthy

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Going to see Bridesmaids was a little uncomfortable at the ticket counter.
I mean, 2 guys buying tickets for this?
[mumbling] 2 for Bridesmaids, please?
♪ [bumper music]
A movie like this can be full of sight gags.
But the film's director, Paul Feigs, says -
"Mostly dialogue based. You'll enjoy it, I think."
"Let me know if you do."
♪ [Bumper music]
(woman #1) I'm engaged!
(woman #2) Oh my god!
(woman #1) He asked me last night.
Hmm - hah what is happening?
(woman #1) So will you be my maid of honor?
Of course I wil.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
(woman #1) You know, just whatever - throw the bachelorette party,
(woman #2) Yeah.
(woman #1)...and the shower, and...
(woman #2, to self) Oh my god!
[laughing nervously] Heh-heh, heh-heh, heh...
♪ [AC/DC - "Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap"]
♪ Dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap ♪
(Blind Film Critic) That movie was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be.
I mean, going into it thinking it was gonna be a a chick flick,
I was happy! It was a lot of fun!
Many, many laughs.
You think you've seen this movie before,
but one of the things that really makes it stand out,
is the character development.
Kristen Wiig, I thought was terrific as Annie.
She really made that part believable.
You know, she's a bit of a victim in this film for a while,
but my god she played it perfectly. It was wonderful.
Melissa McCarthy plays Dougie's sister Megan.
She is a little bit nutty, and a little bit strange,
but man, she really pulled it off.
(Megan) This is some sh...[belching]
I want to apologize.
I'm not even confident of which end that came out of.
(Blind Film Critic) The sound track in this movie really helped a lot too.
I mean, the transitional shots where great.
The music that they used was nice, so I didn't really get bored during those shots.
I was listening to the song, and it was appropriate.
♪ [Fiona Apple - "Paper Bag"]
♪ I was staring at the sky, looking for a star ♪
(Blind Film Critic) As it turns out, there were a handful of site gags in this movie.
But no worries, the story still works.
Like when Annie and Lillian are having lunch.
(Annie) He told me that we are what we are, and we're just having fun.
And I like ..
(Lillian) He told you you need dental work.
(Blind Film Critic) They're talking, and then all of the sudden,
something happens and there's laughs.
(Annie) I don' work.
[Lillian snorts]
(Blind Film Critic) Wait.
(Annie) There's nothing wrong.
(Blind Film Critic) What's funny?
(Lillian) You are so beautiful.
(Blind Film Critic) Alright, you sighted people have your fun.
Don't worry, I'll wait. [laughs]
So for Bridesmaids, I'm going 3 ½ out of 4 eyes open.
Fantastic! The writing was great, the story was great.
It works.
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I'm Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic.
So that's why girls go to the bathroom together.
[laughs out]
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