Wegmans Italian Roast Chicken

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 19.08.2011

Hi, IĞm Chef Scott. And today, IĞm making
Italian roasted chicken. First ingredient that I need
is fresh rosemary. I love these
convenient packets, the perfect amount
for this comfort classic. Alright,
anytime you roast chicken, you want to make sure you
coat it nice and evenly with oil. Today, IĞm going
to use basting oil. This serves two purposes.
ItĞs gonna ensure we have a nice golden brown crust
all over the chicken. And the second purpose
is itĞs gonna give some great flavor. It has parsley,
thyme and garlic. ItĞs gonna be
absolutely delicious. To season my chicken,
IĞm gonna use garlic-herb seasoning. ItĞs absolutely delicious.
ItĞs a blend of sea salt, rosemary, basil,
and little bit of nutmeg. It was developed by
our team of chefs, itĞs absolutely delicious.
LetĞs get to the kitchen and put this to work.
Alright, letĞs get started with our chicken.
IĞm gonna start off with one tablespoon of basting oil.
I like to give it a shake just to make sure
I get all those goodies off the bottom.
And IĞm gonna use a pastry brush.
I wanna make sure this is evenly coated on top of the chicken,
itĞs gonna ensure that itĞs nice and golden brown.
Next, IĞm gonna take our garlic-herb salt.
WeĞre looking for about a tablespoon on this
and youĞre gonna notice that IĞm shaking it from high above.
ItĞs gonna make sure that with every bite
you get a little bit of that seasoning.
Then, weĞre gonna chop our rosemary.
Now youĞre gonna notice IĞm going through
this rosemary very carefully. And the reason is,
I want to make sure that I donĞt overwork
these herbs. You know, I always say
no green board. What that means is
if youĞre overworking these herbs, youĞre leaving a lot of flavor
on the cutting board and not inside
that actual herb itself. Alright, weĞre gonna sprinkle
this rosemary, looking for two tablespoons
of rosemary. If you like more rosemary,
you can always add a little bit more,
but this is actually a nice amount for this dish.
So IĞve got my oven pre-heated to 450 degrees,
weĞre gonna pop this in the oven.
Right in the center, weĞre gonna let it go for about 15 minutes.
Then weĞre gonna drop the oven down to about 350 degrees,
then weĞre gonna let it finish roasting for about
an hour and a half. Alright, this is exactly
what IĞm looking for. WeĞre gonna take
a temperature real quick. WeĞre gonna go between
the leg and the thigh. ThatĞs the thickest part
of the chicken and weĞre looking
for 165 degrees. Perfect.
Okay, thereĞs two important steps here I want you to remember.
The first being that ovenĞs here at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.
ItĞs gonna lock in all those juices.
The second, is now at this point,
weĞre gonna let this rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
ThatĞs gonna allow all that juice to redistribute throughout the chicken
so that every bite is super moist.
Alright, to finish this dish,
weĞre gonna do a little squeeze of lemon.
ItĞs gonna really brighten this, bring all the flavors together.
Italian roasted chicken. Your familyĞs gonna love it.
I know mine does.