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เหนือชั้น 1000 แปลก Neua Chan Phan Plaek
Tin Chokmolkij
Jariyadee (Apple/Ple) Thammavit
Stuart Jay Raj
เหนือชั้น - Neua Chan - Extraordinary
1000 แปลก (พันธ์ แปลก) -Phan Plaek = 1000's of Weird / Amazing Things (Bizzarre Species)
'The Extraordinary, The Amazing and the Bizzarre'
Welcome back to Neua Chan Phan Plaek
It's time to go and meet Jay (Stuart Jay Raj) in our Amazing World section
- Hi Jay - Hi Everyone
So now we're going to see amazing things from around the globe
And today you're taking us to Australia
That's right - Australia
How was it?
It was the first time I'd been home in 10 years
You used to live there?
I was BORN in Australia
So it felt a little weird
- You hadn't been there for ten years? - No, I hadn't been there for ten years
There were so many changes there and I was able to do things that I'd never done there in my life
So where are you actually taking us today?
Because I know that Australia is a huge country
Right, it's enormous
It wasn't an easy feat getting to this town in particular - the town's name is Coober Pedy
- Coober Pedy - The name 'Coober Pedy' is an Aboriginal term
It means
'White Man's Hole'
'White Man's HOLE?'
White Man's Hole
Or maybe it could be White Man's Orifice
But I guess White Man's Hole probably sounds better
So how does one get to Coober Pedy?
Is it a touristy place?
Coober Pedy is an opal mining town
Right, opal mining
They say that 80% of the world's opals come from Coober Pedy
That's a lot
That's Neua Chan Phan Plaek already right?
- The entire world! - It's huge
So imagine this, it's right in the middle of the country
This is something else that's Neua Chan Phan Plaek
In Thailand we think it's hot right?
Really hot
What do you think the hottest temperature we might reach here in Thailand could be?
Around 40 degrees Celsius
- Around 40 right? - Right, that's really hot
In the Australian Summer
It's bone dry
and the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius in Coober Pedy
The people first living there thought 'How can we live in conditions like this?'
But they knew that when they were working in the mines
It's underground, so when you're in a deep hole like that
the temperature never goes over around 24 deg C.
It's cool
Really cool
It's a constant temperature
It's always 24 degrees?
They thought then, 'If it's hot up top'
'And underground it's not hot...'
'Why don't we build our town underground?'
So Coober Pedy is an 'Underground City'
Right, it's an underground city - now THAT'S Neua Chan Phan Plaek
Right now I'm in Coober Pedy
located in South Australia
And it's not that far away from the centre of Australia
Coober Pedy is famous for being the Opal Mining Capital of Australia
but there's something that's even more 'Neua Chan Phan Plaek' than that!
Let's take a look
They call Coober Pedy an 'Underground City'
What's an Underground City?
It's a city underground of course
Why did they build the city underground?
Out here it gets scorching hot - sometimes up to 50 deg C
But the miners thought 'But hey, when we're in the mine...'
'...the temperature never goes above 24 deg C'
So they decided to start digging and building their lives underground
Right up until now where we can find churches, restaurants hotels and even homes built underground
You can see that we're here at the Underground Serbian Orthodox Church
It's a Serbian Christian church that was built right here
Up top you can see a road
but just beside it, they cut down and created a face in the hill
And built a church in it
It's really Neua Chan Phan Plaek
This is the Serbian Orthodox Church
It was built around 20 years ago
It took around three years to build
The builders were just 6 ordinary miners
You can see all these statues and everything else you'd expect to see in a church
That's Mary up top there
It's really beautiful
It's beautiful
Really beautiful
They have everything
In fact, living in Australia you hear about Coober Pedy
- But you've never been there - I'd never been there
I think most Austrlians probably hadn't traveled extensively into the outback like that
Most of the Australian population lives around the edge of the country
They live in Sydney, Melbourne
They live around the edges
I'd heard before that there are people who live underground
But to see it with my own eyes now, it's truly beautiful
The church, and the hotel
The hotel that you just saw was a Sheraton Hotel
Wow, a 5-Star hotel?
A five star hotel
The rooms were beautiful
You know what, the way they've finished the rooms, they haven't plastered the walls
So you can still see the stone there in all its glory
It's as though you're really in a cave
But they did it up really nicely
You don't need to use an air conditioner
Normally when you walk into a hotel room here
As soon as you go in, you place your key in the holder and 'bang' the Air Conditioner turns on
But here, you don't get that
So how do they ventilate the place
They have ventilation holes
- From up top? - From up top.
They cut a long ventilation hole down there
Do many people live in this town?
I'm not sure of the exact population
But to my understanding, there are around 68 nationalities living there
People from 68 countries all living together in Coober Pedy
The people who work the mines are European
There are Americans, New Zealanders - so many people
I heard that some can even make over a million dollars a year
- Mining Opals? - Yes
Rich? Yes, there are rich people there
Lonely? Yup, it's pretty lonely out there.
It's really that lonely out there?
I guess you have to make a call between loneliness or wealth
- What would you prefer? - Ok, I'll take 'rich' then
Once you've made you're money you can go somewhere less lonely
You know there were some people excited that we were there
when they knew that we came from Thailand
They thought 'Wow, so you must be here to open a Massage Parlour!'
The Miners get tired bones right?
They work all day
Hey, do you want to go and start up a business there?
We can be rich like them!
Sure! Then we can build a house like this...