Aida Nikolaychuk - Rolling In The Deep (English subtitles)

Uploaded by 1natalyna1 on 25.02.2012

Transcript: the 12 of the most talented were fighting for your love and attention
but the fighting took place not only on this scene,
the same heated battles developed in the Internet for winning in X-Factor Online
As, according to the rules, the winner without any pre-castings gets into the training camp of the next season!
Well, I am ready to announce the name of the first participant of X-Factor 3.
So, the winner of X-Factor Online becomes...
Aida Nikolaychuk!
Hello to everybody! My name is Aida Nikolaychuk and I'm the winner of revolutionary X-Factor Online!
In fact, I'm a bit shocked, that this happens with me, nor with anyone else..
Usually you just observe such people and become astonished "oh, yeah.. really?.. wow.."
And now that happened to me and.. yes, I am in a state of shock.
I wish to get there, I love this, I like singing, I like singing for people, I like when people like it..
That's so pleasant... when people applaud.. these feelings are indescribable!
I would like to experience all this... live shows, studies, this energy and rhythm that presents here.. Of course.. I would like..
Oh, hi! Hi!
I congratulate you!
Thank you! I also congratulate you!
I wish you to perform well, I'm sure you will perform well..
I wish all your dreams come true in the new year, of course this is your first dream to get to the X-Factor 3.. you are already the first participant of X-Factor 3..
Thank you..
I wish you good luck, happines and, for sure, health!
Ok, bye!
Well.. that's funny.. to meet New Year on X-Factor.. That's something new in my life..
Thank you.
Aida Nikolaychuk on the X-Factor scene!
Aidochka, I congratulate you!
I am happy that we hear and see you on this scene! And I believe that in X-Factor 3 you will pass further than it was in the 2d!
What are your feelings of being the 1st participant of the 3d season?
Very unusual! I haven't expected this.. that's very pleasant!
But do the dreams come true?
Yes, it turns out that yes!
Serega, this year the category 25+ is your field so we will start from you..
What are the chances of Aida to come to this scene next year
as one of the 12 participants, chosen by the judges, by your opinion?
Aida, as far as I understood you are in our category?
25+... Ukraine do have a talent!
You know, everything was well, but you has sang with such pain,
like Santa Clause refused you, nor Igor Kondratuk, a room collider!:)"
By the way, what is this song about? As usual, the Ukranian version provides Igor Kondratuk.
Well, I got there only three words... I am rolling to the depth of our feelings, Serega!
Translate him on Russian later, behind the scenes! Aida, I wanna tell you...
Is it a dedication to Sosedov?
Will somebody at last dedicate me something today or not? I've got tired of waiting!
I devote my comment to Sosedov! Aida, well done! Because you are the record-breaker of X-Factor!
Nobody has such amount of views in Youtube as you have!
Million of views personally from the family of Kondratuk!
In brief you are well done, I congratulate you that you are in our training camp!
Thank you!
Thank you! Aida, may your dreams come true, good luck to you!.. and we'll certainly meet in the training camp!