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Chang Ryul sshi, just like the way you cast-off me..
I wanted to do it to you too with added interest
I can't do it anymore.
I can't take it anymore
It's alright Kae In.
Don't feel apologetic for me.
You don't have to put it into heart,
Even if you have that kind of feelings from the start,
It's ok I can change you.
You don't have the capability to change me.
Kae In
Chang Ryul sshi, you don't know.
My heart...
My heart...
Which person,
That is drawn to.
Its Game Over.
What are you doing?
Just what on earth are you doing?
Didn't I allow you to draw apart with her as friends?
I wanted to do it too.
I can't make my self to do it.
From now on,this woman
Will be loved by me as a man.
Jeon jin ho
Jin ho sshi..
What is this supposed to mean?
How do you,..Jin Ho sshi..
As a Man..
Kae in sshi...
Am not "gay".
I apologize.
Confessing you this only now.
Although it's late now.
Will you forgive me?
Episode 11 - Clear Skies Beginning Today?
Do you let it end just like that?
What else can I do?
Find Kae In . then kneel and beg her!
And what can that help?
You witnessed it too.
The moment when Jin HO that he wasn't gay. Kae in's reaction
That shows it all out clearly.
I don't even have a piece of hope left.
And you give up just because of that?
Didn't you say you can't live without her?
if that is the case hold on to her.
I don't want to.
Why don't you do it?
You ask me why??
Because I love her.
I caused her so much hurt and pain.
But now, because of Jin Ho, she can laugh.
Do you think that is love?
Letting her go, Do you think that is love?
Don't be mistaken Han Chang Ryul.
That is only
giving a ineffective excuse for your weak self.
You can only drown in your sorrows on this place?
From now on, I will take action too.
Please!! Stop and consider your self Kim In Hee.
You will only be more pathetic in the end.
There is only one rule for my opinion of love.
If i can't get it,Nobody else can.
I know i have done wrong.
No, No. I deserved to die.
Please don't get mad at me.
You dont want to face me anymore?
You can't even start to realize how much confusion I fet during this period
I kept wishing your a real man.
I really feel like Im a stupid fool.
Do you know?
i didn't have the confidence.
Your feeling for chang Ryul.
I was afraid you couldn't let go of them.
Jin Ho sshi, when I realize my feelings
I feel alone and speechless
That is why i distrated my self with other things.
doing what I have never done before in seeking revenge.
I have seen the truth today finally.
When I heard you telling Chang Ryul
You can't do it anymore.
Are you a fool?
How could you realize this only now?
I impersonated as man. being friends with you.
I exhausted myself
And it all didn't matter to you.
Althoug i'm a bit foolish.
Jin Ho
To be by your side the rest of my life
even if i were to renounce myself being a woman.
I wouldn't.
I wouldn't mind it at all.
You are really a fool.
This time.
I have suffered so much hurt.
And pain too.
I am really sorry.
Please forgive me.
I won't
I will not forgive you
will not forgive you.
Park Kae-in daily Weather Broadcast..
I always wished he would stay by my side as a good friend..
But today he wishes for us to start afresh, as a couple.
And he apologize to me too
Although my heart was really moved .
After all the tears
I wont forgive him tonight.
But from tomorrow onwards, no matter the weather,
I will not be afraid anymore.
Tonight I..
don't want to see you.
Please go.
Kae in sshi..
I know you feel betrayed now.
You don't want to forgive me now.
This is my first time expressing my feeling to somebody,
I don't know how to handle this well.
Take it that I dont know anything,.
So will you forgive me?
This isn't your first time.
Jin ho sshi..
You have loved somebody too.
The other day we met her, Eun Soo.