Pure Rebecca & Marlene Part 23 (English subtitles)

Uploaded by SuperSturmfan on 04.11.2012

You ...
Hey! You stay here. We aren't done yet.
I'll get myself a glass of water. - Oh, that's a very good idea.
Although, we'd rather choosing champagne.
Rebecca? - Yes! I'll be right there.
Good that you're still awake.
Why? What happened?
Do you accidentally know where Marlene is? She doesn't answering her phone and ...
... she isn't also with her family.
I have no idea.
Maybe she's still in No Limits.
No, I've just spoke to josie. She's not there either.
Then ... she's probably still out with her friends.
Hey, don't worry.
Marlene's definitely okay.
I hope.
Oh man ... I'm such an idiot.
I think I'd better stay out of this.
I really don't want to bother you with our problems.
This is already the second 'couples night' I've disrupted. however, much fun with whoever.
Thank you.
Now what?
I ...
I ... don't know.
Yeah ...
Hey, Josie! Make me such a small ... you know, such ... uhm ... an espresso.
I get it already. Yeah.
Hey. - Hey.
Has Tristan found you yet, yesterday?
Uhm ... listen. I'm sorry that your date with Olli not went as you guys proposed.
No problem.
But what was this whole thing about? - No idea.
Tristan realized that he totally has overreacted - Ah ...
You're not exactly cheering about it. - No. I'm happy.
I'm happy. - But?
Christian, it ... IT happened.
You ...
... and Rebecca, you guys ...
And he has even apologized for his jealous behavior.
Well, great timing. Yeah. Oh! Josie, I need another double espresso, please.
I feel so incredibly lousy. - Well ...
You still can't tell him the truth? - yes, how?
'I Feel attracted to your sister, but ... I'm also in love with you?'
With this material, we can create a new musical.
I think I would see.
Haha ...
Yeah. I've been through it myself.
Well, and?
Do you regret the night with Rebecca?
But, that's not possible. I'm together with Tristan.
Maybe you should take a time out.
Very quietly thinking about what you want, what you don't want, or ...
... more precisely ... who you want, or ...
... who you don't want ...
Hey you two.
I ...
I have ... uhm ... to go.
A meeting with a researcher and somthing.
But we''ll see each other, yes?
Bye. - Bye.
Wow ...
She has endured the full five seconds with me. That's a new record.
You know it already? - Yeah.