Screen Tear - Ep. 2: Portal in Minecraft and Game Fails

Uploaded by gamespot on 10.02.2012

Welcome back to Screen Tear where we look at new, weird, awesome, and sometimes terrible,
video game...videos.
We listened to your feedback and you guys obviously like Minecraft videos.
So before we get into the show look at this freakin' awesome Portal mod that was created
in Minecraft. I still can’t believe its possible.
While perusing the YouTubes we noticed there are a lot of game videos out there that are
animated. And no I'm not talking about the million different Go Animate videos.
This first video came into us from (GameSpot user) slayerS S-3
Some of you might know this YouTube channel -its egoraptor. If not go ahead and subscribe.
We’ll wait.
OK,  good?
Continuing on with some animation we have an ...
Heres a Mario cartoon that's depressing, Yet funny…because its depressing
We cant stop watching this in the office.
Like animation another common theme with game videos is the FAIL video.
Some sort of guy biting it hard or a game glitching. Game Fails on YouTube is one such
place you can find these FAILS here are some of our favorites.
This one is not for the feint hearted - well mainly its gonna hurt the men who watch it
That is one powerful fence.
Ladies and gentlemen, the underwater and amazingly breaking the laws of physics dog
This is one isn't from Game Fails, but what the hell is going on in LA Noire?
And now …  for something completely different:
Now that your head is prob full of all sorts of f'd up images we'll release you back to
the capable of hands of the internet.
Before we go. If you want to see more of any of the videos we just mentioned simply scroll
down to the show notes and click away. Also send us YOUR youtube game videos that you
made, or ones you think are awesome, and we might use em on the show. do it! tweet em
to @gamespot or tweet to me @onawa. you can also leave us links in the comments section
And with that .. here’s your bonus item.