La Generación de Pío, película completa

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Pío’s Generation
This story is the answer to Pío´s disappearance.
Not about where he went but about why he was gone.
Pío, you are the only heir.
All the patrimony left by your parents is now yours.
This was from your father.
I thought it was a good idea to keep it apart.
With us, for the fifth year in a row,
the winner of our literature prize "novel":
Barón Glás!
I deserved it.
Do I put it with others?
Throw it away.
Throw all of them away.
It’s time to take another step.
The beginning of a new time.
Send those letters
and pack my things,
we are moving to the beach house.
Hello, nice to meet you.
Mario Nuñez.
Get to the back garden.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
Did you receive the same letter as me?
- You don’t know for how long we’re staying. Do you? - No. No idea.
It said for an indefinite period, two thousand Euros.
Two thousand Euros?
The letter said two thousand Euros.
I didn’t even notice.
Welcome to my residence hall.
Let me introduce you Flabio, our cook,
and Arsenio,
he is responsible for everything else.
I’ve invited you to this house
because I want to create,
with your cooperation,
a new generation of writers.
A generation completely devoted to literature.
I intend to emulate the generations of writers of the 20th century
with all of our joint work.
I haven’t read any of your works.
I’ve selected you because of literature prices you’ve won
and because of your age.
So don’t be wrong
because to me you are nothing until you prove your value.
Who does he think he is?
What a jerk!
Arsenio will read out the rules.
Drinking alcohol and smoking are forbidden.
No women are allowed.
No one can use computers or mobile phones.
Those who don’t write every month a quality work will be expelled.
What are you saying?
Meetings will be periodically held so that you read in public extracts of your work.
What? Are we in a summer camp?
Pío Valdés,
owner of this residence hall,
has the right to expel whomever he wants.
There is a mandatory uniform for this residence hall.
Working fixed timetables should be respected.
All those who sign the contract…
Silence, please!
You are such a tyrant!
This is what I do with your contract.
I’m not interested at all.
...will receive two thousand Euros every month besides accepting
all the terms and conditions.
Let’s say I have an emergency and I have to leave! Will I be expelled?
No questions.
No. No. Do you think this is right?
- Yes. Just try one week and we’ll see… - Neither a week nor two days.
Actually, it’s an opportunity.
This will go wrong.
What’s going on?
Sign here.
Come on!
What have I signed?
We’ll see…
Only six have stayed.
They don’t look serious.
I will make a generation out of them.
You will see.
- I hope it won’t be always like this. - It’s OK. It’s OK.
First and last time I eat this.
Lombardía makes me sick.
He is always complaining.
Just ignore him.
What a residence hall.
Look at this.
I bet Pío doesn’t eat the same.
Ask him.
Everything is OK?
Yes. Everything is fine. Thanks.
Do you eat with us?
I need more elaborated food.
I hope you settle in soon.
He’s very direct.
He’s just a spoiled rich kid!
As I can see you have no idea of who he is.
He is only 23 years old and he has already written five books,
each of which has been more awarded that the other.
And how come we haven’t heard of him?
He uses an assumed name...
Baron Glás.
Is it him?
That’s a surprise!
He is one of those once every 50 years genius.
I don’t care if he is Baron Glás or the Pope.
This is shit.
If you don’t like it, go to the bar.
Come on, eat. If it gets cold it’s even worst.
Because it’s only is the first week you don’t have to read out your work.
Just hand in what you have done so far.
What’s wrong?
Someone should go to town hall to pay outstanding payments.
Then go.
I have to do laundry, cleaning, ironing!
That’s supposed to be your work.
Do I complain about my work?
Do I ask you to write for me?
No. I don’t.
I’m sorry. I can’t go.
Where are you going?
Can I go with you?
Get inside or leave and never come back.
We’re going out this weekend.
I just wanted to invite you.
Why you don´t come with us?
Oops! Sorry!
Arsenio. Aren’t you?
Yes. Please come in.
Thank you.
If we accept Pío’s conditions,
we’ll be submitted to the obsessions of a maniac
and we’ll get all of us expelled.
When we finally realize this,
there will be so few of us left that we’ll have no strength to demand what we want.
It’s a fantastic building: twenty floors,
luxury apartments, and right beside the sea, garden, swimming pool...
I don’t understand.
I’ll get straight to the point, Mr. Arsenio.
We want to buy this house to build this building just here.
My company is determined to pay very well.
But just take a look at the amount. It’s a good offer. Isn’t it?
Would you like one, sir?
I suggest we go together to talk with him.
We should display our conditions.
If he wants his generation he’ll have to listen.
It’s very easy to have ideals when you have everything you need.
If you saw where I come from,
this would look like paradise to you.
It hasn’t even been two weeks and we’re already talking about this. I think it is too much.
That’s why we should demand our rights as soon as possible.
This way everything goes all right from the very beginning.
I can’t complain.
For two thousand Euros I’ll wear a uniform, a tutu or whatever.
That’s right. Don’t exaggerate.
Are you really going to go along with him?
Are we going to trade in our freedom for a salary?
Is one stronger than ten?
Ok. Six, what are you? Cattle?
We know that a couple months ago the parents passed away.
Such a tragedy. A real tragedy.
Are you a relative?
So if this is true maybe you could tell me where the son of the late owners is.
He is...
But I’m in charge of all his business,
If you have something to tell him, I will inform him.
Make him know the offer.
I understand you
but this is not the way.
So what is the good way, sir?
To get involved with him.
Who would impose his brother what clothes to wear or a working schedule?
What the hell are you saying?
That’s a load of shit!
It’s… enough.
And if you persuade him...
we’ll certainly make up for your collaboration.
If you’ll excuse me, I should go now.
No, no, no. You don’t have to show me the way out.
Have a nice day.
What if I get him to sell the house?
If you do that,
you’ll get five hundred thousand Euros cash.
Send me the deeds of the house and find a notary.
Have a nice day.
You go down on your knees for a wad of cash.
Come on! Signing a contract means you agree with it.
Are you also a sell-out?
Let me go!
Are you crazy? Do you want to kill somebody?
Keep an eye out for me.
Throwing a party two hours before the end of your working day.
Very nice.
Very nice.
You can join us if you want.
I can see your efforts are as good as your talent.
Why don’t you wear the uniform?
Why don’t you piss off?
Come on!
Brave ones!
The time is now!
No one supports me?
I want you to leave my residence hall immediately.
Are you going to expel me, wacko?
Of course.
You’re screwed, asshole.
I’ll kill him.
Take it easy...
Who are you?
How my concealed dreams, effaced by time
came to life again through her breath...
her scent...
her presence...
She had become the righteous blast to stab the steel of shields,
the iciness of stones.
And suddenly...
Fear of the forbidden whisper.
Mercy after all.
That’s tacky!
Why don’t you waste your time somewhere else, Mario?
We can get bored even of that.
Do you get anxious in enclosed spaces?
Why are you always opening the windows?
Because I like it.
Even when it’s cold outside?
Dear Mario,
when the wind cools down our faces,
it’s not just physics,
it’s also history.
This breeze,
forever free,
once embraced Lorca, Alberti, Cernuda...
and all those we’ve loved.
I think I should start opening mine too.
I wouldn’t do it.
No one of them would have done it for you.
And why do you do it?
Because I feel I have to.
It’s the most delightful way of saying you like cold I’ve ever heard.
I have to listen to my heart.
Then be careful.
Sometimes if we misunderstand its dictates, our heart can become a tyrant.
I don’t fear tyrants as much as you do.
No kind of tyranny should be allowed in Art.
Don’t you think so?
What about Bach, the Sistine Chapel, Velazquez, the Pyramids?
Isn’t there good art made under the desires of oppressive benefactors?
It was art,
but it was propaganda art.
It was imposed, with a malicious origin.
Who cares if it was made for money or at gunpoint?
Art is great because it’s further than the material world.
Art goes beyond the sacrifice of artists.
And have you ever thought about what would those compliant geniuses have done
if they had been entirely free?
With no one behind,
those so called compliant geniuses would have never got out of brothels and taverns.
You don’t get me.
What I mean is if that if they had been free,
we would know more about their thinking, their feelings…
But we wouldn’t know how the kings,
the heroes,
the angels… were.
I care much more about geniuses.
Don’t believe you’re so important, genius.
Just a few of us make art, but everybody understands it.
That is why what we do belongs to mankind.
Do you want to make money?
Come on!
Don’t fool me.
This isn’t you.
Don’t you ever think things over?
Are you an idiot?
Who can have such a stupid idea?
Just an idiot!
I’m sorry.
Listen. Never make me waste my time again in such a stupid way.
If I already did away with the parents I can easily do the same with you!
Hey! I was just joking!
Come here!
What the hell are you looking at!
There is no point in meeting with you.
Don’t worry. You are not going to meet with me anymore.
But you are supposed to be my girl? Aren’t you?
I’m supposed to. That’s the problem.
How do you call it?
I call it Simplism.
I like it.
I know how it feels to be lonely.
Who’s that?
I don’t know.
- What did he want? - I don’t know. He was wrong.
What are you doing here?
Me? I work here.
Strange things turn out to be suspicious.
Dammed Moisés!
Try to understand that for a lot of people this environment stimulates creativity.
this poem hurts my eyes.
you are condemned to fail.
The star of theatre!
The metre is wrong,
it’s tacky
and on top of that you are drinking alcohol!
Is this really a play?
It’s just grotesque!
You don’t have to get that upset.
What did you just say?
Moisés, Moisés.
In view of the hours you devote,
you have to be stupid to get so appalling results.
In fact,
the few works that you write stink of plagiarism.
Come on!
Come clean!
How many judges did you bribe?
What’s that!
How do you call it?
You are right,
it’s just simple-minded.
Are you making fun of us?
By the way, Mozart,
I’ve had enough of this beggar’s instrument.
That’s right. Hold him back!
It’s the first time you do something useful, nasty bloodsucker.
Band of ungrateful!
You wouldn’t put yourselves out even if your mothers asked for it.
I invite you all to leave my residence hall tomorrow.
Without exceptions.
Isn’t that guy over there Lombardía?
Why is he still here?
He is up to something.
This bastard is just asking for trouble.
What are you doing?
Are you leaving?
We’ve been expelled.
No you weren’t.
You were invited to leave.
Of course.
And we all accepted the invitation.
How can you be so haughty?
Listen. Yesterday we were insulted.
Not at all!
You don’t understand people.
What are we supposed to understand?
If I’m your guest and you insult me, I leave.
Sometimes we have to learn how to give in.
It’s like wanting to get inside a very big house
with a very small door.
You have to bend to get inside. Don’t you?
That’s such a foolish example.
Alright then...
Do you think Pío is a normal guy?
So don’t treat him as you would do with normal people.
Yesterday Pío was not himself,
he just vented his anger on us.
All of us have sometimes had a bad time.
Don’t give up!
You are right.
If he wants me to leave, he’ll have to say so.
He‘ll have to.
Still here?
I believe I was quite clear.
Go away!
We’re staying.
Come on.
Give us another opportunity!
You won’t regret it!
We can all learn from our mistakes!
I‘ve learnt one thing:
without hope we’re protected against surprises of destiny.
What have you learnt?
We’ve learnt that if you want, we can retrieve hope!
Do whatever you want!
We’ll change!
Pío! Pío! Pío!
Pío! Pío! Pío!
Excuse me Pío.
When will the rest leave?
Don’t disturb me now, Arsenio!
I’m working.
We’ll talk later.
Here it is. You can count it later.
No way.
You know Lombardía,
I was provoked.
I don’t care.
New generations!
You don’t get the taste of business!
There’s money missing!
I’ll give you the rest if you do it right.
Lombardía said he got money from a guy called Tomás.
He has to make it look like an accident.
I don’t believe him.
It was to even the score. I’m sure.
Revenge, resentment...
Who cares?
The problem is solved. Isn’t it?
Let’s celebrate it!
I resign.
Why don’t you come tomorrow with us to get some drinks!
Have a go!
We’ll meet at ten at the main entrance.
I’m not sure.
I wanted to watch “Judgement Channel”.
Do you actually watch “Judgement Channel”?
It’s the only interesting program on TV.
I can’t believe it.
we found a viewer!
What are you laughing at?
"Judgement Channel" has the key to telling a good story.
You should watch it.
Come on!
"Judgement Channel" is crap.
Come on! Come with us.
Alright… if you want.
Days like this
shed light on the best paintings.
glorious and inspiring landscape painters.
Van Gogh.
Van Gogh just copied Millet.
He is overestimated.
That’s risky!
Let me give you some advice: don’t say that in public.
People don’t like those who stand out from the crowd.
I don’t care about the public.
That’s why I’m so good.
We should bear in mind the whole book, not just the chapters.
It’s true.
Van Gogh.
The painter of the poor,
or what’s more,
one of them.
A resentful preacher,
so utterly misunderstood.
A lonely “paint eater”.
He ruined everything he tried to do.
Do you know the story about the “yellow house”?
It’s a shame.
If I didn’t know it, you would be now telling me about it.
You are not Van Gogh.
You are rich.
Rich, average, poor...
Who cares?
Art has nothing to do with classes
or money.
Van Gogh hurt his family,
but at least he had a brother to write to.
Who is richer?
We are your brothers, Pío.
Zip it up!
Oops! I went to the toilet and I forgot!
Where is Pío?
I don’t know.
What are you now, Lilliam?
Just a load of bones.
And in spite of your eternal smile,
your silence is killing me.
It’s over.
Hey boys!
I defy you.
What are you doing?
You’re going to fall down!
Let’s improvise something up here!
And when you fall down,
I won’t come back to bring you flowers.
Great! I hate flowers.
- Look out! I’ll push you! - Hey!
Give it to me!
Let’s take it seriously.
One says “We found out how to make it to the sun” and the other one says: “That’s impossible you’ll get burnt!”
and so the first on replies “No! We’ll go at night”.
What are you doing?
This is how you spend your time when you’re out?
Not only this.
We also drink a little bit more!
Instead of a residence I should have set up a circus.
How did you know we were here?
This town is not that big.
Do you want to drink something? We’ve got almost everything.
No, no. Don’t worry.
I just came to tell you that today we’ll have the day off.
Are you sure?
Take care! We will start liking you.
He says we have the day off!
We’ll come up with something later.
Pío, I’m very happy you came.
You know, today it’s five minutes, tomorrow ten and so on.
I‘ve been too much time submitted to literature.
All of my life within my own universe.
I don’t regret it
but I think it’s time to...
to set off and sail away to see if there is anything out there.
That’s right!
Let go!
I don’t see what this has got to do with setting free!
Beer is the drink of friendship.
Beer brings us together!
It’s the first step to open up your mind!
Go ahead.
Keep opening yours.
Is this also some kind of friendship ritual?
Everything brings us together, good and bad things.
Anyway, if I ever climb up a cliff, please, take me down.
see you later!
He’s softening up!
Look who are there! The geeks!
I don’t want to go.
Let’s go and see what they are doing.
And what are we going to say?
I don’t know. Come on!
That’s interesting;
crowns only have one partner throughout their entire life.
Obviously, they are all so ugly.
And how many hearts do squid have?
If you say hearts that means they have two.
Very well.
Where is Moisés?
Look over there.
He went for a swim.
Hello, boys!
Hey! What’s up beautiful!
I guess strange people also come to the beach!
Our suntan gives us away!
Are you those who live in the château?
Yes, I told you. They just hang out completely drunk all the time.
Yes we are, in the flesh.
What do you want, girls?
My friend, she just wanted a dedicated poem. If you have the time.
Then come tonight to the residence hall,
if my friend agrees of course.
Yes, of course they can come.
Great! So it’s ok for you to come tonight?
No, No!
Why should they wait for so long?
Listen, to write...
I just need inspiration.
You’re joking!
Yes, I just need that.
And two beautiful ladies like you can certainly inspire me.
Kissing my ass!
Very nice Mario. Fuck off!
You made them leave!
Why did you do that?
I was just joking!
You made us look so bad!
I agree with Pío. It was too much!
Calm down. They are just two dumb girls.
How do you know that! Do you even know them?
You are always such a smartarse!
What’s going on here!
You like her?
I can’t believe it!
Hey! Stop it and let’s get something to eat!
Do as you please!
Come on Pío! Don’t get so upset!
Take it easy! Pío don’t go back to the old times!
Everything was ok now. Don’t spoil it all!
Any questions, boy?
Tomás, I guess.
I’m here to make you an offer.
I have plenty of money!
And I have plenty of a temper.
Do you prefer an accident?
Get out of my residence hall.
Why? We are so comfortable here.
Unlawful entry and coercion,
that’s at least twelve years of imprisonment.
Take it easy!
Let’s do something else.
Get out!
Let’s talk just for a minute…
Whew… So much stress!
You know spoiled brat?
You really remind me of your parents.
Oops! I’m sorry!
You remind me of your ex-parents.
They were so annoying that…
I had to get rid of them…
This room is a piece of junk!
Do you want to kill me?
What’s going on?
Where is Pío?
He is not in the house!
Who cares?
Just let me sleep…
Hey, you don’t look good!
And there’s blood on your shirt!
What happened?
Blood. Our parents composed us with blood.
What are you doing here?
I’m making an experiment.
What do you want to prove? How smart you are?
Give me the beer.
It’s full! How many beers did you drink?
Two beers? No. Two sips.
Where are your friends?
My friends?
That would be nice…
Ok. The boys with whom you were at the beach.
You were with another girl this morning.
I can see that you notice everything!
Do you pay your friend?
Why should I pay her?
Does she pay you?
Don’t you pay her?
What are you talking about?
Then they are not my friends.
They charge me! What the hell! They are not my friends at all.
You feel awful. Don’t you?
But you are my friend.
This experiment is exhausting.
Hey! No! Stop! Let’s go home.
Here you go!
Take care, Pío!
Why did you leave without letting us know?
I go where I want.
This house is mine.
You are going nuts.
What were you were doing with that slut?
Who are you calling slut?
Shut up.
Don’t forget this is my residence and here I give the orders.
I begin to wonder what I’m doing here.
You are here to live the dream of any writer.
You’re wrong.
I’m not here to live a dream.
So if you have no dreams then you’re here for the money,
- rat! - Shut up!
No. You’re not a rat.
You’re a snake.
You are a shameful snake that destroys the morale of those around you to make them as mediocre as yourself.
And then you veil your absurd and meaningless life with your nasty chatter.
- But you don’t fool me. - What are you talking about?
I’m not the bitter, self-centred loner.
Me? You’re much more selfish than me.
How do you dare say that after all you’ve got?
Are you blind?
Don’t you see that if it wasn’t for me you’d be alone in this house.
I’ve managed to preserve your dream!
I’ve had enough! Get out of my residence hall.
You are needless, quite needless.
Just get out.
I don’t want to see you anymore.
Get out.
Amazing legends of fabulous heroes,
invincible knights and…
It’s enough.
You don’t have to stay here anymore.
You can go now.
I’ll pay you not only the month you’ve been here but one year.
Thank you...
for coming.
It’s a good deal.
It was starting to get boring.
I’m staying.
Are you sure?
Doesn’t it make you sad that they’re all gone?
You have to feel something.
Why don’t you call them back?
Honestly, Lucas,
I don’t care.
What are you saying?
Are you kidding?
I can’t deny that time makes you become fond of people around you.
But for me it’s like if I had a herd of dogs and now they escaped.
Nothing else.
Don’t forget I’m the bad guy.
I’m a monster.
Then he was wrong.
Mario was wrong.
He said that all you needed was company.
Mario was a pain in the neck!
He was a stifling manipulator!
You can’t deny that.
Do you know what I think?
I think you’re trying to make me leave too.
No Lucas.
I‘m just trying to be honest.
I didn’t have that feeling the day we were at the beach with those girls.
Maybe I pretended to be angry just so that I could leave.
If you pretended then, what you are telling me now has no sense!
When my parents died,
I couldn’t cry.
I felt terrible,
I felt like a monster.
But finally I cried.
Do you know why?
I cried because I couldn’t cry!
I cried for myself!
I’m always crying for myself!
Lucas, I only feel sad for myself!
Believe me, I’ve tried to change, but...
but it’s so difficult!
You know?
You are right!
You are bad.
I’m not worse than all of you.
People you’ve met here will soon forget you, Lucas.
At least I don’t pretend to be sad at farewells.
Well! How are you?
You look much better than yesterday.
That’s for sure.
I can see you properly now.
And what’s wrong with him?
Just a hard day.
I wanted to apologize for my friend’s behaviour at the beach.
He was not very polite with you.
I mean with you and your friend.
It’s alright.
It even makes sense…
gay men don’t care too much about girls anyway.
Is Mario gay?
Who cares about that now?
You haven’t told me your name.
Hi Lucas!
Where is Pío?
I want to tell you something,
just in case you want to go on with this.
The boy you saw the other day
is my boyfriend.
That’s a surprise! You are very direct.
Maybe if you told me your rates we could save some time!
That’s sexist you nasty bastard! Who do you think you are?
Well done!
Go away!
Go back to your fake life with your real boyfriend!
You were wrong about me! Just forget me!
You are back!
It’s great to see you!
Why don’t you drink with us?
You can’t imagine what just happened to me.
toasts with no one and to no one.
How come?
It burns!
Why don’t we celebrate that we’re all in such a good mood!
That’s right!
That’s right!
That’s right!
Let’s celebrate that everything sucks.
A toast to everything
and nothing.
Ok, but...
but let’s go outside.
I’m tired of enclosed spaces.
Come on!
Now he wants to drink outside!
If only they could see you now, Pío!
Drinking comrades,
I want to confess something.
That’s right!
Own up!
I confess...
that you’ve made me change.
Two months ago
I had no courage to talk to a girl.
But today,
after driving you all out of my residence hall,
I’m done with shyness,
or even my desire to work.
Applause. Applause.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much.
Do you know Mario is homosexual?
Lorca too.
We would have been a good generation
where it not for your intolerance and your intransigence.
Come on Mario.
Don’t get upset.
A toast!
A toast to friendship!
Gosh! Emilio’s circus!
but Moisés is not here!
Today we’ll go to the circus.
I want to break free!
I’m going to lay the ghosts of my past!
Don’t go up there, you are drunk!
Shut up. Leave him alone!
Don’t spoil his party!
Get off there!
You died!
You’re dead!
- Get off there! It’s dangerous! - Leave him alone!
I’m free!
- Let me go! - We’ve got nothing to do with him!
- He’s a bastard! - Pío!
He is a… he is a…
You are crazy!
Nobody ever saw him again.
Then I learnt that
those who have no dreams are just wretches,
but those who steal dreams are murderers.
And yet another story comes to an end
before an indifferent world that keeps turning and will keep doing so,
condemned to live on the ashes of it past...
generation after generation.
Pío’s Generation