Diablo 3 - Super Monk Bros! - ...with special guests, the Blue Man Group! - Episode Eighteen

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Panicknife: and we're back in a completely different place because i have a
Pan1cknife: crappy mic
Eno: yes
Eno: I just let you go somewhere and i can do this
i apologize for the last episode my mic came out of a cracker jack box
and uh...
i really like and it's just your mike
yet now it's just it's that my attitude
Eno: that'l teach you
so hits
i'm really excited
about this early
noticed was doing
i don't know him all the way down
all trouble
that it is good for you
caliber tree trunks
i don't think any of the key issue you a list of the cement mountains wet
risk if the dissidents
known as given the events in which you want to know if there's an opposite me
to get my purple gear
purple here
yes in that that's about more trade
napa has been in purple she it
is not around
seven kids of
yeltsin told my god i heard
does forgive her
also get away from the do the palm of his
alleged brando here
well yeltsin blinded
uh... year although the
we could still one of these guys reportedly that
uh... there are both on
now there's another one of the year
reviewed salton
open feel in the following is a high fever
known he's justice
the u_s_ is where i thought he was on our team
may seven ultimately the seven part of the seven dot doesn't dixon doodle
decided to have sort of dragged it
uh... dodger ranch yes if you've got around to get darker
ready-made ourselves on related
give becuz all-time through it but uh... raged throughout the autumn
dashed already at all and it's
yell purple stuff for the game break here
your network for sure monster battles and that
on prior on
through so that it is tells all time coltie
on uh...
normal difficult six card a card and on that
already done there it's not really identified as rare acts
it is a tornado here
this rare acts of rare accidents
entity the bridge no
filter that off
kill me
chart i attached my deepest
phone if you think that the most released and they're ready to fight
i don't look like uh... direction houses alike at best
electrical had been in you did
but still it was not sure of the things that they expect and i had
you know we have a no hitter so weak when u being
we need dexter belittles barter
our daughters father that
that they're going to be ended
issue provide more people would be paid out of the the via her back
richard is that
yes greenville
the bianca
as we are about ref
come this way pancake
biography cake
nowhere to
on our dog
don't just in this marit
telenor active cut-up
started of about two campus will
and i will settle al underwear just yet though
limits work to do something about that
south africa cold at that level of
below it
outputs prints
this could really that
okay really badly
charlie reported
slick jackpot
artists who i got here i got inner sanctuary which is
crater rick circle that enemies cannot enter that sounds pretty cool spree
he'll do it
simply a thing
does sound like a pink seven solingen
mister kelly accepting that going to try it hopefully i like it
in the bazaar
sucks like on all over the place i'm not really sure what it is but doesn't seem
to do anything
room and i did some say the refugees did we do know
yes on too
i'm not really into it
by other refugees pose to hang with us so uh...
where we go and i don't really get a hospital dot
he'd made by presumptive year
trying to save the refugees of
i have a ghetto student fights with me
i don't really kinda get their customers running into these guys in their car
following me but i don't really know what i'm going to save them
don't know if need be
field dubai first
yes that's what we had to do that we gotta save all these people i would say
just a poet
bastards are later nikhil the guys that say they're dropping like remains on top
of the everybody
year that's not good
of support that all
so i got my bundled might help for b
well we have
no alone and i just
adjusted just load a lot of my frickin refugees man
i'd like to know them
had none
risk out of my blue
leave them late into the causeway there there are
world looted
as my guy
uh... or
yeah yeah
yet he's a very good is that like
yet with internet into the city of calgary
to get the students with reputed will not go to cleveland
when i did that guy is louis shit
a spot for a
to perform brother's arm two-year
server motors junior
all right we got to get all these guys are always here
as if there's any other kind of labor
i don't know what to do here
yeah straight keeps tickets immobility you don't care
your immediate
is mr was the name of the dude from fun you know
bohot trim
uh... it was uh...
of relations himself a balloon i heard all about that s why did watch the movie
so there's a lot of blue penis
and a whole lot
not enough to be
away god what can i drop the beltway were wants to go
desire for further tests
right this right here
with trish
emmons pop warner apple or a back up and ask for money
yes some
on blue jean
your top of the blue
psyches again this time you know one of the scilly all alone often put that
women who were did you go he's the fighting over here
the polluted though
the cleanest of the individual hers of
credentials of showers yeah
i think that's what's up
above the stuff
let's go to scan the scout over here
although it gets killed may die
nice to panel buy sell well
right down on
played well it does like the best albert bell i've ever seen
ladai got something for you
kristen bell with the fleas for all
she can get she'll robert pattinson with it
that bill
pop culture
griffith reference
of mediscare disorders are in over the figures run away from
denies it
attacked them with my
cutting and wit did mileage is probably did not believe in the cabinet open
developer modeler
the electable
goodwill owners
it's one of your settings
with a i don't know what it's called
rivals student it's uh... of crap
always that will shit
uh... more
said proliferate
somebody for
anexos a good girl
you might be worried reunited quarry
place it's kind of a androgynous
i know it's about to happen right here
our skin turn into a big piece
if that parking
dave's uh...
with uh... fairy wings business
dever best to prepare words
yeah what is all white all the bad guys in the skimmer fairy wings
because they don't like fairies
i mean it's fair address that uh...
that i've gotten a reply to that
for the fifth
who don't like ferris
uh... women lose because of a story had nothin'
i got everything really
the need to read
that mister metropolis wasn't has name
warriors watchin political as well to name a few years
uh... with the polluted
call yet
wait too long a movie or dropping out
actually really opposed
yeah buddy have heard that scene and a grand iac
criticizing without having to result
everybody ever discovered that movie and left their affair of the comment
thought it was really warm and nothing happened
i wasn't uh... i was a family conflict afterwards
that's fair
are restoring the emperor
rubric work killing the lord of the flies
boredom buys
effect over here piggy
needs matt
hebrew in boulder
whatever will be better
the other one is what his arms drop to get it in
luteal elbow really misses
of the spirit
you've got spirit yet she do
why did
i've been trying to blind and probably did tell them that
it's kind of abuse i think
go back to me come back to me you know
no was i just feel myself
that you had your of god
while about
that was
tells us care of
let's cut her off
i guess revitalized slash checkpoints and keep going home and had a fight this
to the cannon
so wait which id
would do if you will with the wooded
for me it's three what packet
i can do in tune with you
for you it's three what do you mean by that
stir in history and it doesn't
i'll miss the gal i like that
bear you have that instead of uh...
settlement cakes of dessert yet
yeah he's asleep is right there with us right now
okay hold on psychiatrists i think i could do this
and ordered put it
uh... one second of sort something out that they cover i think i want something
like a faster attack
someone's too
joints rather than one those i've felt like i was running really slow and not
play there at their
man's because you too much to beat
it's possible
i'm not going to deny it
uh... i i brought
paid without myself
just wanted to know
pyro alluded to
today's stay around my calendar this day round
uh... justice for a long time
simple cheap bastard now i think this will help us in this place
i don't think so and i think you're full of shit
narrow your you might be right
i don't think you understand how the scam works
all that much is certain
but without being said also if you
her uh... donate
understated model
flakes never grown
the realistic i think it's effective
of prolonged
will realize
while will follow
the little blue fellows
fit into that sort of scared they're called with a lot
known filial on really
applauds wasted them
ages swaps about
just gives you new one pot
how do you have the seventies and abuses on the peace
is that if they like or prints you'll think
but for the options the
potentially good
and making a reasonable free float before you play
it's amazing uh... that's all i know
i don't know how to tact this guy
but fuck what's good
olga dot jump key jump jump key
figure that out
once once enough and fix it
hundred fists
all old shit here
double standing in his
that's not good
buildings dominant problem in her bed
probly of
any resident
yes at the i can
the but like that we do in that shit comes out like that
this move
yet everywhere though i can't say just moved
it was everywhere
of ensign try hard and trying to
united there are with you
so we have more to yet
hernia did events come a blue guy distance
alive you know it's working at the bowl
might help us
by help a little
uh... articleship ships yet chit-chat
what is that
please indicate living on the other hand i had a way that i
others university students it's it's it all got
you know where you are around on the other
heatedly a wickedly white and i mean it was out here
uh... make me feel much more for
kudos adults not working on my blue guy it makes me
but what you think worked and i think that there is a
no it does work because it works
uh... they did
yet that's
he's blinded
i'm thinkin
there's like uh... greens where thingy on the ground as they're like words get
attacked next
i don't think so
national letterhead is made that i wanted to disagree with it
without bias is always there might not be one
i keep i can not help the flower or
reverence and it seems to acknowledge the stand
albertville and i do it's back
of this is what your report
though my god
it hasn't really happened
watson watson what caused it and i am by fifty
but first he bunch bunch keith
well that's sheer val
and our goal
that of writer larry
before you do anything pick up everything
don't move on
that's a good idea
oh my god
would you do
click to seoul dl
you ruined it
initiative litigate eat whatever you need
ob served nuisances story about the vets with whether this myself again cuz i
don't know what's going on
we just rebel island soul style which is the big black being right there
him black was a guy before
well in oak
leah has adopted her
are you should see really grab what units to have to prove it
are you
you know you are ready for
went well with her