Crackòvia - Beauty and the Beast [English subs]

Uploaded by karasumacrow on 08.03.2011

'Mourinho's Mansion'
Hello? Is anybody there?
What are you doing here?
I don't need a cleaning lady.
I'm sorry Mou, I just wanted to talk to you . .
I'm tired of so much tension between Barça and Madrid before El Clásico,
I think we should improve our relationship.
Well, Monday you can play your second string players just like Sporting did with you.
That would considerably improve our relationship.
No, but we can talk about our common passion.
Our what?
Football! We both love this sport more than our tactical and hair differences
We want to express our love for football.
You think you speak very well. Right, philosopher?
The fans believe
that they're going to kill each other
I didn't expect this,
it's like science fiction
They've started to dance
Where did Özil and Puyol come from?
I don't know. But you know anything can happen in these musicals.
One is Catalán
The other, Portuguese
Pep is very gallant
Mou is a bastard
Beauty and the Beast
They can't see it
But it doesn't matter.
The competition brings more excitement.
It's sensational!
Certain as the goal
And Puyol's curls
There isn't a greater truth
What a great pair
Yours is a flirt
Yours is a jerk
Beauty and the Beast
If I kiss him now, he'll turn into Prince Charming
Have you eaten chorizo?
Chorizo a la sidra. Preciado sent them to me.
What are you doing?
Can't you tell? I'm the candlestick from Beauty and the Beast.
Fucking Özil