Michael Ian Black Talks His Book With Meghan McCain + More!

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it's sts
on the phone it is a pleasure welcome back to struggle you know i just uh...
did some ah... research uh... and in which basically involve me searching my
own side and uh... it's been your
since we've had michael ian black on the show
more mature my life
and now
and now uh... i would um... i would uh... would uh... would see www in
person i would see u uh...
you know giving interviews and i just think like why why are you torturing
michael this way
with bulimia quite bare kurkure kurkure moment
we're sitting by the program out period ero eventually started paying maybe
proper call
there's a long list of people you waiting for a two year from now to ryan
not he'll he just
well i feel u
hi i well i'll tell you what i was doing
i was waiting it didn't happen i was waiting for your for you to put out
three books
in a two-month period instead of that just to before i had it on the program
paperwork regarding temper
sam i can only do so much you had no way i'll get you have you're not doing it
which he asked
the book came out like winning uh... like march i guess right
right beginning of march beginning in march
and then you came out with another book like three months later with um...
with uh...
leatherworking the estimated mccain
help that way for stuff
first off
what your both weight you how did you end up writing a book with megan mccain
and then second off by would you have that book about three months later
d_-day did u publicists say
it we got a good don't do that
i would have preferred that he came out later but it we want it it up before the
election we have been about
okay and uh... without writing a book with megan mccain
i treated her repertoire to put together she critter
you told me that the other is a serious serious
white that white pepper partly because people communicate on the twenty percent
beget on twitter between each other degradate would be fun
amir curtain but robin crime and then you go i mean you're right we will give
you our book
and particular book
artistry democratic ukraine procurement t_v_ caricature
but first i thought
of of the second unit checked whether he really serious
and that while the latter because you are not without pressing of the day
helicopter part of it how was it
their trip
what do you happen were two on uh... crisostomo on saturday
i work blueprint
i really trip i'm going to go back back to mexico you gotta be kidding
what white that might repertory
with some hard to believe this is it's slightly enraging
but parent you're correct i'll tell you a card teenager together guy euan kerr
into i mean here's what i'm saying okay
like it win
ideal i'd basically leave the comedy business more or less too aren't you
going to sort of like
adding perceive it at the time i was going to the parties business but do you
know i spend all my time talking about politics now which
you know is not frankly to be honest with you has fun
as being in comedy business
chai and
so i ran into this in two thousand eight two thousand eight on their covering
uh... the democratic convention
for essentially for an america
i can't even get a decent seats in the convention hall unless i go around with
sarah silverman
yeah always like that
nine stands thanks i'd get that but it just doesn't make any sense to me
uh... architecture are gonna be job i don't think that the convention this
to doubt it
i don't love it
there is no jobs there is no tells a litmus ridicule singer but you're not
going to miss a risk
what you're forgetting you're forgetting one important factor which is that by
matching here
lyons a lawyer it all i typically hit my toe in whatever pond i spotted intending
between ballots
what is the book the role of mega mccain what is it about
it's about comic c
c_ o_ m_ i_ t_ y_ uh...
it's about strangers going on a road trip and fall in love with american with
each other
cold american sixty-page wait a second did you end up like putting up with
megan mccain
now a look at what i'd like to have a lot like a romantic item but were friend
falling in love and a quarter of the court
murray from a
we can break some news here
they would go it wouldn't that would madeline would know what
doing battle with because spawning they would not
you know i mean i i i i am is such that she's not spurs
and i looked at that she's nice it seems that people tell me which is uh... very
obey you know i get tied it you know how the emanates i get annoyed telemedia
she's of a sudden season media because she had a year
to blog
uh... needs everywhere you go it's all nepotism me you know this
doctor herbert bud
but earlier and i know is actually sort of
scratched in club their way up in the end of that got everything they've ever
uh... whitney cooper and u_s_ and we continued
what's true but i'm jewish and and and how come i'm not get it
what it only workers so many children
sexist and used up all the junior you used up all the two slots
near paris government articulate the people are and get charged jump toward
basically took your job so
we get there well
you've got a quality picture broadcast that you're doing fine that sam i A
michaela those i said you wanted to show musical
it very device honored amendment isn't really
there's a room for you to come in we dealt with that they would have to the
serb rearrange things to define the room to put a cherian
you have a great broadcast deco
with that but i thought what they want what was that we ought to have no ice
but i was reading in my car to particular cancer sailing school
you're taking your kids the sailing school is that what they're doing for
the summer
they're going to repair was at your other free
reallocate periodical crack back
work there
account rep at a at etiqa court anderson course right
what did you name your kids
you know one thing
that i wanted for it
i what i'm gonna try to think about being
yes brandon
brandon and cripple
you making eclectic brando
you named them both michael ian black the second and uh... books have been
entirely michael ian black
their first hand that by clear black
what uh... salutes do you know that's a fantasy comedy such an it's a better
it's a better life
you taking the kids out to go sailing
whatsoever the art but i want you to think of planning
well now
fico so i think uh... cabinet maker
the laughing at me now with me as though you're saying
darker didn't even though your character
u_k_ well that's the thing to do to treat me all the time
you know that you like at that age but
funny and nice
uh... uh... artwork
figured that you don't carton
anna might by mike my kids sissies semi intimate not orderly
how old
selma seven
uh... you know
lobby if you haven't you know she's never going to be right and that was the
time they recruit prime
yep i'm very tired
and uh...
it she's not
despite a lot of affection for you now my guess is that uh... photographed how
to both your books do
is one doing exited the woman megan came to guide you more that that had to get
you more sort of like press right i mean how did you work that out dont resposta
like not do that
kilpatrick sympatico apartheid
they met with that is
you don't change patterson
settlements sam set the son of uh... is that the is that john huntsman son
capable but popular operating much or what your here architect
a hundred look at people to talk to her all the but heller that is
i mean look at that this is this how narrow my worldview is that's why a
madman having to call you to give me a movie recommendation
art that upgrade our people i called korean peter something that uh... always
coming out your book
back-to-back more per political rapper but she'll political record angioplasty
apple tom clancy iodide i'd big awareness of uh... tom clancy
gave him if he just read a little more started a little more
traveled a lot more ataturk what
barbie actual world
your your article expected at that
it's possible to get picked up
it can't repeat so my optics bear it's true gap
we have a focused on the air people looking prettier you have to get out
uh... the idea
which i think there's some truth to the uh... myopic charge emina and you know i
can't if i go outside in the sun now for more than mike
uh... literally ninety seconds uh... i get uh... i break at nags ahmad so i had
that basically stay inside and try workout regulated system the tunnels to
get back to my apartment
apart there
their culture or too depressed right what the press room come to you
now speaking a brass ring what do you do it now in terms of besides your books
india making all these appearances on all the news programs
and desperate
now quero
you always are always make it sound like you're on the edge of not working but
the you're always working
well protocol are you know i mean the parent you everybody goes in a panic
the american way of being the state and then another
really and he must have something
psychologically movie bespoke which money or cram cultural operant david
although frederick looking
by with the other email paying you well constrained definitely seems like e_t_
he's in a position to pay
well i think he will be dedicated to cutting the leak
well why doesn't wayne put two and one of his big remove these
i got greco that question every country recorders recovered ethnic
uh... it's it's tough i'm going to these ido i don't watch these movies and i'm
like oh my god i'd know everybody in this movie
right began politics or
right and then i go and i look at uh... uh... although shows on politics i know
i know all these people what's happening
it's awfully early here
yes there could be straddle
it's probable world purchased and didn't know him exactly exactly
that's that's it's highly problematic so what is the movie do was so what is this
one that he wrote in wayne is directing our some like that
delivered wrote it
david correcting it alters producing at the pulpit came together
and uh... predictable encontrar which it's purposeful
and a particularly ronco
buncombe parity architect who is the lead at with the leaders to show walter
is a year
well any meat
and amy poehler how many times can you go to that well
what do you poke fellow lol pile of policies if like i say that your calico
all i could tell us if everybody i kat a rundown under i will say this note for
you know like
if if
if paul ride and then about
twenty other actors of that ill didn't exist
i would have had more work ten years ago
that's probably true
but uh... no might actually i think fall right is great
the hum and
on the big fan
i'd just
i mean that they have to give pollard every job
if you are fortunately
yeah it's if union at the union ruled out
every romping underneath dev
alright it yourself
doubt yourself croat union
or to look at some of their by-laws and see how
harder or interactive art because the burger fair interesting alright can
everyone thought this is sort of like a uh... a reunion for
rome uh... we call it uh...
what what american coming up but i think people are
and where where is it shooting is it gonna be like another one of those
things that we can read in another ten years about how this is a sort of like a
like uh... the uh... uh... bob bach amalia or whatever it is and then is
this going to be
some type of uh... ic you know
everytime i read in the you know every time i heard a report of what was wrong
without american summer was literally like
but free love kate
yet pruer
and that's what this will be
adri lafayette where where the where the shooting
coordinating byron
uh... right so it's not gonna be leader visited onto the woodson
analysis of that uh... the middle aged version of of what happened yet on
american soil better recruiter decrepit this in a proper movie-making experience
i do remember specifically having and i hate you know it is a conversation with
uh... wayne back at the time reside
which ran a raise money for this to shoot it on film lecture of film
that's ridiculous man just do it yourself with a video camera
i tried it i got
and i i remember thinking like man he is just going about this all
were on
and uh... it turned out and now it was like a
i was right pop art i was i was completely right about up into the word
ira uh... except nike's going about fair
all right exactly that right
he's doing this exactly as you should do it
uh... but what i should have said
at the time but uh...
and then did you see this with louis
what about
did you see if it did then we're louise sold all these tickets to his show
on on louis c c_k_ dot com like he's doing even elected for
do you know you see that
i go pee breaks ticketmaster
it really is amazing i mean they're dearest
what louis is doing is in in some ways
it very political
uh... it
i'm not talking about the comedy that he's doing talking about these sort of
this notion of basically
cutting out these uh... middlemen now not everybody can do that
o'leary uh... he's it straight away to cat ba
you are obviously very close to the uh... sailing camp like yeah you
breaking up eleven canyon
all i care art quarter but it worked
anthro each article work
they would get a little uh...
they sound all right now so well let's bills goods will take quick about this
what uh...
where we gonna do will work but movie should i see
attack at the weather summers depicting book exporting it
herbert happy it it back
uh... civil war the sexual are presented
them and
michael i came here
you completely
michael ian black everyone ella's gelman
i hope he's ok
i really i hope he's ok
well there it is uh...
i guess we're gonna have to just wait people have you back on
i mean i remember when and we were down
performing at place called rebar that is
not even remotely close to being there anymore uh... around seventeen th in
seven th
in nineteen ninety four
ninety five
and uh...
michael was in that sort of like the
so just like a slightly younger generation and may have a sort of copy
tween two generations
between sort of like marian's you know
sort of marian's generation and um... michael ian black generation
and which you know we're talking about
sixteen months i think was with separated everybody but uh... just in
terms of their perception he did a very funny bit where he served
brock all the stuff in his house and tried to sell onstage
uh... are twelve uh... would have to have to have him back
and get the uh...
the movie recommendation