DVHS Race to the Top

Uploaded by corytcrowe on 21.09.2012

>>We are a High School that has about 2,900 students,
amazing student that are involved in a variety of things.
We have about 200 teachers that are passionate about education,
work really hard and diligently inside the classroom and out
to serve our students and our community.
>>Coming to school everyday is more than just a learning experience
but an opportunity to prepare for college and a career.
Classes such a Biotechnology, Criminal Justice and Mechanical Engineering
utilize innovative techniques and technologies
to prepare every student for a successful future.
>>Home to more than a 100 clubs and activities,
there is an opportunity for students of all interests to get involved in a variety of clubs
such as Engineering, Media Productions, Best Buddies, and more.
The Spirit at Desert Vista is also unprecedented,
making connections and having fun is the key to success at all high schools
and Desert Vista students do just that.
>>We have do things very deliberately
and that is to make sure that we're developing a community of students
that will contribute to the society.
It's our responsibility to partner with the community
to make sure that we're developing citizens
that understand what is necessary for our future.
>>Our couches are dedicated to making us the best students and athletes possible.
They have led us to 20 state championships,
however Desert Vista Athletics is more than winning
it prepares us for the future by instilling teamwork, humility, and dedication.
Many students, like myself, are continuing our athletic career at the collegiate level.
>>The teachers and couches here are so passionate about what they do
that it encourages us students to strive to do our best,
and it has provided me with the confidence that I need to further pursue Fine Arts in college.
>>We have defined excellence in ways that many schools struggle with.
I'm glad to be a part of Desert Vista in all the things that we've done and their many successes.