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Hi, do you mind if I join you?
I'm sorry, I really want to apologize, for the other day, I was pushy-- No you were right.
When you're right, you're right.
How's Walter? He's good.
By the way, he's totally refused my money now.
He'll still let me help him with the meds, but when I suggested I would help with the dialysis he said no way. He was adamant.
How do you feel about that? I think it was good of him.
Made me want to have sex with him.
Did you? No.
I did later, though.
I know, I know...
You know what? I should resist.
Because I have to ween myself from this guy. And why can't you?
I want to! But then...
I don't know, it's...
You know that look on men's faces when you undress?
You know? Or when you let them undress you. That look, like they're floating on air.
They try to play it cool, but you can tell they love it. They love it. Walter looks at me like that.
That look is my drug, Blue. That's my drug.
You're funny.
Tell me you don't know the look.
I know, I know that look.
And what a look it is, ladies.
It's really the only time I ever feel wanted.
That's terrible.
I know the more I undress for a guy the more it's the rule of diminishing returns. Eventually they don't even bother undressing me, they just...
I don't know. It's amazing how a woman's body can lose all its flavor for a guy, isn't it? Like bubble gum.
Laugh away sister, laugh now, cry later.
You never tell me anything about you. Do you have someone?
No, no, not right now.
Who was your last?
I haven't had a main one, for a while.
I bet with your looks it rains offers.
Yeah, you'd be surprised. Bullshit.
Is it because you're a mom?
Maybe, you know, it's always something, right?
Can I ask you a question? It's personal.
Is it true that after you deliver a baby, things change down there? Like they get bigger, or wider?
Well I wouldn't know firsthand, Josh was a C-Section, so...
I bet some men don't like that.
Well parents have good sex, right? Sometimes?
It's just another thing, though, isn't it? Another this we have to live with.
And my friend told me that after nursing your boobs shrink back smaller than their original size.
Some reward, huh? Stop! Stop that.
Oh my god, oh my god. Blue, I totally forgot, someone was here, looking for you yesterday, at the end of the day.
Who? I apologize.
It's ok, who?
He didn't leave his name, it was just some guy, an older guy. Still a fox, though. Not bad at all for an old fart.
He said you would know who he is, and to call him. Either that or he'd just stop by again.
I don't know who that could be.
He's a tall guy, big hands. Shook my hand and, I don't know, kinda gave me a shudder.
Oh, maybe it was somebody from the Chrysalis Group, they said they were gonna stop by because they needed a signature.
Oh, could be. Hey, those guys have their pictures on the website, we could look.
Oh, no, no, no, it's ok. You know what? Yes, yes, I know who it is, I'm gonna give him a call.
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Listen, Blue, I... you're such a great listener. I just, I wanted to thank you for that.
Sure. No, no, you really are. I mean, I girl could really learn a lot from you.
Can we get a drink sometime, talk in peace, away from this hell hole?
Oh, I don't drink, but we could get a bite. Great.
Wait you, you don't drink? Nope.
Did you ever? Yes.
Are you in recovery?
No, no, I'm just taking a break.
Ok. You are so interesting.