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ALLISON HOLKER: Lindsay Lohan hosts SNL for the fourth time.
Q'Viva The Chosen is an international success.
And Kathryn McCormick steps up for an exclusive interview.
This is Just Dance for March 8, 2012.
Hey guys, I'm Allison Holker.
And I'm so excited to be back to bring you the news of
what's going in the dance world.
Lindsay Lohan returned to Saturday Night Live for her
fourth stint as host.
The monologue was a bit of a homecoming and had cameos from
Jimmy Fallon and John Hamm.
One sketch poked fun at Lindsay Lohan's legal trouble,
and put her in a 1960s gang of delinquent girls.
The girl gang's biggest crime was dancing in the street.
And it didn't end too well for Fred Armisen.
On the plus side, Fred, girl, you look great in a dress.
Jennifer Hudson's new video for
"Think Like A Man" dropped.
And it features Ne-Yo, Rick Ross, and some smooth
Plus they threw in Kevin Hart because why not?
Fatima Robinson did the choreography.
And I love when I see women dance like women, even if they
think like a man.
Now let's check in with David for his thoughts on the video.
DAVID: I watched Jennifer Hudson's new video "Think Like
A Man." Whew, let me tell you, she had all kinds of manly
thoughts running through my mind.
In the video she plays Kevin Hart's boss.
Let me tell you something, if Jennifer Hudson was my boss I
would never be late for work.
Not only does she have this big, beautiful voice, but
she's wearing all these sexy outfits, showing off those big
old beautiful eyes she has.
And on top of it, in the video she sings with Ne-Yo.
And they really sound good together.
Rick Ross even makes an appearance in the video.
And Jennifer Hudson, she sings so good she makes everybody
around her sound good.
Like Rick Ross was rapping.
I'm watching the video like, wow, Rick Ross
really sounds good.
I didn't even know he could sing.
ALLISON HOLKER: Just Dance got the exclusive official
announcement of Step Up 4 a few weeks back, but we still
have to wait until July 27 for the movie's release.
Lucky for you guys, I got an interview with Kathryn
McCormick, the star of Step Up 4.
KATHRYN MCCORMICK: There's all different
types of dance in it.
It brings different styles, like pieces of contemporary,
duet, or jazz dancing, or salsa dancing, and all
different styles of hip-hop.
And they've never had that in a Step Up.
So I think it's going to be really interesting to see and
to watch how they all combine.
And I think it's going to be really, really exciting, and
new for the Step Up franchise.
ALLISON HOLKER: No, I think that's really exciting to see
all the different styles.
And it was Jamal Sims that was over all the
choreography, correct?
ALLISON HOLKER: And I think there was also Travis Wall
doing choreography, Chris Scott, Chuck Maldonado.
KATHRYN MCCORMICK: So Step Up 4 is coming to
theaters on July 27.
So check it out.
I haven't seen it yet, so I'm super excited about it.
But check it out.
ALLISON HOLKER: Q'Viva the Chosen had its FOX premiere
this last weekend.
And it was full of Latin talent.
J.Lo, Mark Anthony, and Jamie King have their hands full
choosing their chosen.
In the first episode, J.Lo and Mark Anthony decide to divide
and conquer.
And Mark Anthony ends up inviting some beautiful Puerto
Rican twins to Vegas for the competition.
If you missed the premiere, you're probably the only one,
because 30 million people tuned in to see it.
It looks like people all around the globe are saying,
Viva Q'Viva.
Big Time Rush's new Nickelodeon movie will
premiere this Saturday March 10.
It's called Big Time Movie, which makes perfect sense.
In it, the guys go from being stars to spies.
They didn't reveal too much, but Carlos Pena did say there
will be a princess in the movie.
Sounds like we'll have to tune in to see what happens with
the princess.
What do Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Reese
Witherspoon, and Andy Samberg have in common?
Well, they're all rumored to be attached to a project
called One Hit Wonders.
The musical comedy will tell the story of two singers who
had a few big hits back in the '90s, but
then faded into obscurity.
Now those fallen stars are trying to
have their big comeback.
Glee co-creator, Ryan Murphy, is supposed to direct the
project, but Sony has been cagey
about confirming anything.
I really hope that these rumors end up being true,
because the project sounds amazing.
Last week, So You Think You Can Dance held their auditions
for season nine here in Los Angeles.
Just Dance was there to cover the auditions, and we saw some
amazing dancers there.
CAT DEELEY: We're in our last city.
We're here at the Orpheum Theater in
downtown Los Angeles.
JEFF THACKER: And we've been to Atlanta, Dallas, Salt Lake
City, and New York.
I always say that every year I'm not quite sure whether
we're going to dry up, or the well's going to dry up, but we
are not surprised in the talent that come through.
NINJA: I'm Ninja.
I'm from Los Angeles, California.
SAMANTHA: I'm Samantha Linares.
I am 18 years old, and I am from Laverne, California.
DASMIAN: My name is Dasmian.
Everybody calls me Das.
I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas.
NIGEL LYTHGOE: This isn't like the whole world
thinks it can sing.
You don't all think you can dance, so you come along to an
audition like this you've got to be able to dance.
CAT DEELEY: Don't forget to tune in to So You Think You
Can Dance season nine.
We're bringing it.
ALLISON HOLKER: The Dance Moms drama continues.
And, as always, you count on our friend Todrick Hall to let
you know just what you missed.
Check out his recap right here.
Mark Ballas, one of the resident pros on Dancing With
The Stars showed off just how much of a pro he is with a
recent video that went viral.
While rehearsing a Pepsi commercial, he put a can of
soda on his head.
Not too hard, right?
Well, when he put that can on his head, he did a full
routine complete with pirouettes, and
the can didn't move.

MARK BALLAS: And that's how you do that.
ALLISON HOLKER: Ballas has some serious balance.
The claws came out on this week's episode of Smash.
And we learned the competition between Ivy and
Karen is far from over.
This week's episode showed us that there's often more drama
off the stage than on it.
Click here to see Luan spill the tea on this week's Smash.
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